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This Was the Year for Two B1G CFP Teams...

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October 20, 2020 at 3:56pm

This year set up perfectly for two B1G teams in the CFP conversation.

1) Notre Dame was playing Wisconsin & Clemson originally.  A Wisconsin win would have eliminated Notre Dame completely while giving the B1G a prestige win.

2) Oklahoma and the Big 12 as a whole is down.  As we've already seen, everyone has two losses (except OK St).  Oklahoma was breaking in a freshman QB.

3) Alabama and UGA finally were scheduled to play during the season.  That alone dramatically increases the odds the SEC #2 team is a 2 loss team.

4) Ohio St could have eliminated the likely Pac 12 champ - Oregon, not to mention the potential for common opponent comparison games between Oregon / Wisconsin / Penn St.

5) Ohio St did not play Wisconsin in the regular season, meanwhile Penn St had a very winnable "marquee" game against Virginia Tech.

There was a very real scenario the #4 spot could have come down to 1 loss Oregon / Penn St / Wisconsin and 2 loss Georgia / Oklahoma / Notre Dame.  


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