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Comment 26 Jun 2019

In fairness, they've already got Lincoln Riley booked to a NFL job and Dabo for sure going to Alabama too whenever Saban retires.  If any recruit is being swayed by the garbage put out by ESPN they likely weren't considering us in the first place as going to Arkansas would be better than OSU in ESPN's eyes.

Comment 26 Jun 2019

It's all just spin from ESPN.  If OSU played in the SEC / ACC you would never hear the end of TCU cancelling their road portion of the home and home and leaving OSU in a bad spot when it comes to scheduling.  They are spinning Boston College (an ACC school who might be decent and they'll likely pump as a big Clemson game like they did last year) as being "P5 Happy", playing Kansas and Rutgers.  Last year Oklahoma's home game with Army would have been laughed at while OSU-TCU was one of if not the top non-conference games, then when November came around the TCU win was a black mark because we didn't beat them badly enough while Army was a "quality win".

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Oklahoma continually getting a free pass at the top level is what I continue to fail to understand.  All the hang ups about Notre Dame in big bowl games apply to them as well yet they always get a free pass.  They haven't won a meaningful bowl game since 2001, even their biggest bowl win in that time (over Bama in 2013) was a straight mail in by Bama after losing the "Kick Six" to cost a shot at the title.  They've been involved as the most embarrassing team in several bowl losses, the Boise St game, getting boat raced in several title / CFP games.  The loss to Georgia was an epic choke job.  It's clear they take advantage of a lame duck, offense first conference and their defense is annually no where near competition level.  Yet they get every single benefit of the doubt.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Rule 1)  Be in the SEC or ACC.  The rules don't apply if that's the case.  The TV network putting on the games is deep in bed with these two conferences and the committee is largely made up of southern good ole boys.

Rule 2)  If you aren't in the SEC / ACC suck up hard.  This is why Oklahoma got in over us.  Beamer's kid is on staff there.  The Big 12 commissioner has sucked up hard to the committee ever since 2014.

Rule 3)  OSU is in a weird in between land.  They don't have representation that is going to pound the table for their inclusion.  They got left out years they should have been in (2015, 2018 most glaring) and got in a year they probably shouldn't have (2016).

Rule 4) Non-P5 teams need not apply

Comment 23 May 2019

I think they would have boat raced us with JT at QB.  Their weakness on D was the deep ball, they admitted they didn't properly game plan for Cardale and were caught off guard by his running and the threat of Cardale to Devin Smith let us take the top off the D.  Especially if we feel behind early like we did with JT at QB I think it would have been closer to the Clemson game than what actually happened.

Comment 16 May 2019

I mean, if you are paying attention at all A LOT of big time out of conference games have been announced this offseason.  But they are well in the future, when the ADs / Coaches at both schools will be long gone and if the playoff committee doesn't change their nature they'll end up being bought out and replaced with games against Tulane and UL Monroe.

Comment 16 May 2019

I mean the network employed Trev Alberts then Mark May for over a decade.  It's not a narrative that ESPN gives air time to actively antagonizing OSU's fanbase.

Comment 16 May 2019

Here's the thing on Herbie.  He does go over the top to "prove" he's unbiased.  However, on his same airwaves, often time has his same broadcast table you have guys like Booger McFarland who are EXTREME homers for their schools and conferences.  Because of that, it comes off as Herbie unwilling to fight the same fight for his school that his colleagues will do for their own.  In a vacuum, Herbie is very professional, he doesn't exist in a vacuum, he exists at a network in bed with the SEC / ACC and catering to those fans, leaving OSU in a position where not even their alumni will stand up for them.

Comment 14 May 2019

I've thought for a while that FOX should be counter programming Gameday to cater to the B1G / Pac fans ESPN is actively antagonizing.  Would love to see them blow it out into a real game day show and places like OSU giving them prime real estate to set up for games like OSU / Mich while Gameday gets relegated to a back lot.  I can't imagine the schools actively firing shots like that, but if we want fair treatment at the ESPN Holiday Invitational tournament the conference needs to cut the nice guy act and actually punch back.

Comment 10 May 2019

Lincoln Riley for sure.

I think he's insanely overrated.  We should have beat that Oklahoma team in the Shoe if Barrett was even somewhat decent.  They choked badly against Georgia and were completely unprepared for Bama, along with classic Oklahoma let down games against Iowa St and Texas the last 2 years.  I think they are taking advantage of a complete cake conference.  Yet despite not actually winning a title in 20 years and getting blown out in more big non-conference games than anyone else in college football somehow he and Oklahoma have been appointed to the spot right behind Clemson / Bama in the national landscape.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

OSU under Tress any longer would have faded from being a national program, into a better version of Sparty.  It got to the point vs the SEC where we were all thrilled to just beat Arkansas.  Not Alabama, not even LSU or Auburn, but Arkansas.  Tress could not recruit with Urban or the SEC, I'm sure there would have been years where we made the playoffs with him, but the SEC and Clemson would curb stomp us into oblivion.  

Comment 21 Mar 2019

I'm sure he would have been a receiver, that's what he played and that's his mentality, but I've always thought his most value would have been as a pass rusher.  He's 6'8" - 285 (obviously wasn't that big then) and lightning fast.  That coming off your blindside would be scary.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Exactly.  He loses nothing by saying he would have played for OSU, the program has fully embraced him just by saying it and he gets to hang out on the sidelines whenever he wants.

But the likely reality knowing his personality, he would have picked Duke or a similar team.  That Duke team would have been nasty, they lost by 1 in the Final 4 with Redick / Deng / Sheldon Williams / Duhon, put Lebron in and they cruise to the title.

Comment 05 Mar 2019

My theories:

Tyrian is a Targ, the half brother of Jon

Jamie kills Cersei, "the mad queen" (him killing the mad king is a key start of the story)

The final scene will be revealed to be Bran the tree telling the full grown king child of Jon & Danny the entire story with most all of everyone in the whole series dead.