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Comment 22 Sep 2020

Of course they were.  Probably didn't want to pay yet another buyout.

I firmly believe that ownership accounts for 90+% of NFL success.  The Bengals / Browns / Lions all have terrible ownership.  You can change the faces at GM / Coach / QB but none of it matters without ownership.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Realistically I'd like to start with the Rutgers / Maryland / Illinois etc of the conference.  I don't fully believe that once those teams are sitting at 1-5 they are going to have the guys doing the right things to keep the team on the field.

My only hesitation on that, I think the committee / cfb media etc failed to recognize that we ended the season with 3 top 10 games and that's why were weren't winning 63-3 at the end.  Sadly it seemed LSU got more credit for beating Arkansas 56-20 and TAMU 50-7 than we did for beating Penn St 28-17 or Michigan 56-27.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Oklahoma has 2 games against top 25 (and that's the B1G less top 25...) on their schedule.  They play 2 extra games, but one of those is Missouri St. / Texas's extra game is Utep.

The committee was desperate to leave Oklahoma out last year, they ran out of team and Oklahoma got embarrassed.  If we have the same number in the loss column as the Big 12 champ, I don't see how we get left out for them absent a Fields injury.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Don't forget, this season "doesn't count".

So we can have a full season to completion and Cooper / Boreland / Werner / Browning etc "could" all be back.

Heck, Fields "could" play 2 more years after this...

Comment 16 Sep 2020

I want it just for the schadenfreude of the ratings tanking in a SEC blowout when everyone switches over to watch a good Penn St vs Iowa or Michigan vs Minnesota game in the 4th Q.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Everyone else is planning to be wrapped up by then, a full Friday night / Saturday slate where the B1G is the only thing to watch right before the CFP announcement sounds like a lot of fun.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Agreed.  With the Pac 12 title game on Friday night and everything so spaced out after 3/4 months of full blown Saturdays, that day always feels light.

I'd love to see FOX some top 10 B1G matchups into the SEC's unopposed 3:30 championship timeslot.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Iowa is on #TeamPlay

I want to line up all the no votes. Every week Day telling the team "Team X did not want to allow you on the field, show them why".

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Warren is not ignoring the media because the P/C made a terrible decision and he doesn't want to answer for it. He is ignoring the media because he believes he owes no explanation. The decision is final. 

This is my biggest fear.  All this speculation and we are just going to get a statement saying "I don't know what everyone is waiting for, the decision was final".

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Maybe I'm just being overly optimistic, but the Wisconsin comments strike me as allowing "no" presidents to save face in their academic / political circles.  "I just wanted to let you know, I voted no, but the conference is playing, so it's out of my hands".

If Michigan or Wisconsin actively sat out a 8 team B1G conference you may as well cancel football at those schools.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

It's a "player organized" visit.

Players and families can come to campus anytime they want.  This was a group event put on by players (Oklahoma did the same thing and to be fair I believe I saw one was being planned for OSU).  I'm sure the university followed all rules and had zero involvement (insert eye roll).

Comment 14 Sep 2020

I get the feeling this decision was made a month ago, but both Shaun and Randy have risen into leadership roles within "Buckeye Nation" and they wanted to help in the fight to get the other guys back on the field.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Wade was considered a late 1st last year.  A whole draft of players is gone from then.  That bumps him up the board.  Most all of the top talent  from the B1G already opted out and the Pac isn't playing, not to mention smaller schools all over.  He's got some great tape and if he performs at the combine, he'll be just fine.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Okudah was hurt and missed yesterday.  That may have been a factor in pushing Wade towards declaring.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

Players are much safer in a controlled environment with regular testing than living life as general college students.

That doesn't seem like a shocking revelation.  If some of these presidents truly wanted to make this into the p-word, they would use their teams as case studies for how the virus is controlled with regular testing vs not and turn that towards their agenda.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

I think there are 6 teams that would be willing to play.

Army / Navy / BYU are playing

BYU has 8 games scheduled

Army has 12 but a whole bunch against lower division schools.

Go to the Pac and see if any are available and if they wanted to play together.  I think you could get to a 8-10 game schedule.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

IMO this is much more about NIL / Player comp than the actual virus.  The conference sees the coming legal storm and changes that will occur.  Half the universities believe in amateurism, half are going to participate in the new world.  Michigan is giving up legal ground by admitting football could be "essential".  Ohio St is arguing it is essential.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

That's already happened.

The Ohio Attorney General mentioning a lawsuit didn't just randomly happen.  That was a salvo.  Auerbach and Forde's hits on Day were an answer. 

I think a section of teams are going to push very very hard for the ability to play while others don't.  I believe the lost opportunity cost to players, lost revenue to the University and studies showing players in a environment that's playing are doing better than the general college population and teams that aren't playing make pretty compelling cases.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

I think FOX would take Ohio St. almost every Saturday no question.  And it wouldn't shock me to see a much bigger deal than the portion they are getting out of the B1G.