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Comment 08 Jan 2020

In fairness, Herbie got a little choked up on the broadcast of the 2015 title game win over Oregon.

My personal opinion.  He's a true Buckeye. But he's not dumb and he knows who pays his bills.  The "world wide leader" has a clear anti-Buckeye bias and it seems anyone there is being guided in a certain direction when it comes time to talk OSU football.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

I think it's very hard to argue ESPN doesn't influence the CFP bracket.  Key word, "influence" not decide.  Mullens (or whatever sitting committee chair) has to go on ESPN weekly and get grilled about the rankings.  Mullens got beat up on national TV every single time OSU was put ahead of LSU in the rankings.  Given the human nature of the committee, I have a very hard time that didn't play any part in influencing the final rankings. 

You can make the argument Herbie is "more professional" than the rest of his coworkers, who unabashedly pull for their schools and conferences, that's fine.  But Herbie goes against OSU every single time an opportunity presents itself to argue for the team.  I think where myself and other fans are frustrated is given the subjective nature of the final rankings and the impact they have (see playing Clemson vs Oklahoma) to have a guy who claims to be Buckeye through and through and one of the leading national voices but still punt on ever getting on the soap box for them in the name of "professionalism", yeah, you lose me.

As for his attacks on fans on twitter, that's a red flag.  Either the network knows they've got a problem with their leading competitor being in the OSU business, or Herbie knows he's being fake in his professionalism, being forced to break ties against OSU and it bothers him.  Either way, if Herbie and ESPN were on the up and up they wouldn't be targeting fans and essentially calling them trolls.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I'm a Bills fan.  ie the team that was also up 16-0 and lost a heartbreaker.

IMO, nothing in college football compares to winning a Super Bowl (not that I would know...) but that's the biggest spectacle in sports.  To start the season all the way back in August (does the NFL season ever really end...) and to cap it off with the Super Bowl, knowing everyone will talk about you as champs for the next year tops a CFB title.

That being said, I think the losses in college hurt WAY more.  You are basically running the whole college season without a tight rope, just one loss ends your season.  And losing a playoff game, knowing Dobbins / Young / Okudah etc will never put on the scarlet and gray again, the finality stings much worse.  The Buckeyes loss felt like a complete gut punch, our best opportunity in a long time missed.  The Bills loss (and young roster) has left me with optimism for next year.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

It will all be gone in 9 months. We aren't getting any benefit of the doubt in the CFB beauty pageant next year.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

If Notre Dame is the only chance of Clemson losing (and they are), Clemson isn't losing.  That would be the first truly big game Notre Dame would have won since, what, 1993?

MAYBE a team like Virginia / Louisville could stun Clemson, but both of those are home games and given the rest of the schedule, I don't think Clemson has big odds of sleepwalking into one of those games.  The reality is the rest of the ACC is light years behind Clemson. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

They could easily be preseason #4-5.  Probably likely will be.  Clemson is a given, Alabama likely too if Tua comes back.  If Fromm comes back, UGA will likely be above us due to #bias.  Then Florida & Auburn are returning their QBs, plus the perpetually overrated Texas A&M.

My preseason rankings:  #1 Clemson / #2 Bama / #3 UGA / #4 OSU / #5 Florida / #6 Auburn / #7 LSU / #8 Texas A&M / #9 Oklahoma / #10 Notre Dame

Final rankings:  #1 Clemson (13-0) / #2 Bama (12-1) / #3 OSU (13-0) / #4 Auburn - LSU winner (11-1)

Comment 02 Jan 2020

With the exception of 2015, when we were a lock at #1, we always get dinged lower than we should in preseason polls.  I'm thinking we'll be closer to 5.  Clemson / Bama / Georgia if Fromm comes back, that only takes 1 of LSU / Florida / Auburn / Oklahoma or even Texas A&M (perennially overrated in preseason) to slot in and put us at #5.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I should have included "if he's leaving".

If he's coming back, then I like the message of going into the heart of SEC/ACC country and saying "we'll be back".  

It was pie in the sky, but I was kinda hoping Wade would bring everyone down there, get ready to make his announcement, then Okudah and Young pop out and say "oh by the way". 

Comment 02 Jan 2020

To each their own.  But if Dobbins and Okudah announce they are leaving through carefully worded essays posted on social media while Wade drags everyone to Florida for a press conference to make his announcement, I think that's a bad look.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

As painful as it would be, I think I'd prefer Clemson to win due to a series of controversial calls.  I think the only way ESPN would admit some change needed to happen was a previous SEC team getting completely robbed.  And the only way the college football mob mentality would shift is Clemson winning 2 playoff games due to terrible officiating.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Completely agree SS.

Either we are seeing the worst officiating the sport has ever seen, or games are being rigged.  The SEC officials are notoriously horrendous, there are ample stories online about them blowing huge calls on a regular basis.  And almost every single instance it's in favor of keeping a team in the playoff hunt.  The Big 12 officials were horrendous this year as well, Oklahoma had 2 potentially game deciding plays (against Iowa St / TCU) that ended games in their favor.  Pac 12 officials in a Washington St game this year spotted the ball at the wrong ~35 yard line, a 70 yard error.

Bottom line, the playoff rules all now in college football.  And the SEC has been the most aggressive and vocal conference about getting 2 teams in while the Big 12 has been the most aggressive about making sure they have a seat at the table.  Taking shine off the B1G in the Fiesta / Rose bowls helps both of those conferences in those missions.

There is too much money at stake for these playoff / NY6 bowls to continue to allow officiating to go on in this matter.  This needs to be centralized, top individual officials identified, geographically diverse officiating teams created and all review centralized.  Automatic ejection for targeting needs to go, that's proven to be far too punitive. The fact conferences aren't standing up and saying "we blew it, we've had trouble identifying top officiating talent, we could use a hand" and are instead insisting they were correct when numerous credible sources are saying they blew it feels like a pretty clear indication of what's going on.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

The thing that frustrates me is how ESPN, other members of the CFB media, the committee comments, etc all pretend like there's a huge chasm between the Georgia / Florida / Auburns and Penn St / Wisconsin etc.  It's not like the top B1G outside of us are sending 1 guy to the NFL, while Florida is sending 15.  The draft stats are pretty close, these bowl games are pretty close, but come next August we'll again hear how Ole Miss would curb stomp Penn St and beating UGA is worth 1.5 wins. 

Comment 02 Jan 2020

The thing of it is, Miami and Michigan are still complaining about 1 call, neither of which are black and white.

I've never seen a more poorly officiated game in favor of one team at that high of a level.  And we are largely being laughed at.  Could you imagine the outcry from the world wide leader if it was Clemson who thoroughly outplayed us and we won due to ~10 terrible calls?

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Exactly.  The quiet from ESPN on the front and the conferences that have benefited the most from this horrendous officiating is troublesome.  Heck, ESPN is going so far as to argue all these calls are correct.

I'm still not convinced ESPN is pulling the strings on college football, but this bowl season has not helped matters in the slightest.  The way Herbie and others are rushing to twitter to claim "come on, we love the B1G" seems like it's been pushed out by company communications.  Almost as if ESPN overplayed their hand badly this season and they know it, especially with FOX mounting a alternative (better) product.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

I think ESPN is down the food chain in influencing these games.  ESPN doesn't set the CFP or assign the officials.  They are thrilled to be financially invested with the conferences reaping the benefits, but this is 110% the SEC / ACC offices setting these things up.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

I agree with that.  I'm torn.  I really don't want to be a sore loser.  There were plenty of plays we didn't make.  That being said, what the southeast is being allowed to do in college football is just wrong.  Too many kids work too hard for 75 year old guys from the south to influence the outcomes.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

It was unquestionably biased.  The Southeast has made a mockery of the selection process and now they've been able to influence the outcome of actual games.  What's happening with the SEC / ACC is potentially criminal, especially with gambling potentially becoming legal at a federal level.  Watch any Saturday in the fall and officials are unquestionably altering outcomes of SEC games, they affected a couple of Oklahoma games as well.  But it's no different than 8 conference games and playing FCS teams.

It's not rocket science.  Officials are conference employees.  The more conference teams in the playoffs or NY6, the more money to the conference.  It's 2019, this aspect should be taken out of the conferences hands, diverse top teams of officials found who can travel the country (NFL officials don't have a problem traveling weekly) and eliminate either inherent or explicit regional biases and review across college football should be centralized.  But the SEC would never allow it, which tells you everything you need to know.

It wasn't even 48 hours later and SEC officials had another egregious mess up in the Cal-Illinois bowl game.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

Looking at these future depth charts makes this loss sting that much more.  We'll lose 2 of the top ~5 picks, potentially the first RB off the board, 3 members of zone 6 who've meant so much to the leadership of this team and our whole secondary.  I firmly believe we were the best team in college football, to allow a southern biased committee to move us out of #1, then be subjected to southern officials, this knocks out '98 MSU, '15 not putting it together for the repeat, the '06 Florida disappointment and shoots to #1 in my lifetime.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

As much as it hurts, from a program and national perspective, this loss is about the best you can hope for in a loss.  We looked like we were flat better than Clemson for most of the game and the conversation is all about officiating.  If we had to eat a loss here, the SEC coming out of it with a black eye helps the sting a bit.

If we had another "2016" it would have been very very bad for us (and the B1G) moving forward.  At least this result we could potentially see some of the benefit of the doubt, especially with the blowback Oklahoma will likely see moving forward.