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Comment 13 Sep 2019

I will always contend if we flipped the Maryland and Rutgers games we would have been looked at MUCH more favorably.  If Maryland was week 2, they would have been coming off the Texas win, we would still have an interim coach and it would be completely forgotten about by the end of the season.  Meanwhile Rutgers between MSU / UM would have meant we would have closed the season with 4 straight 20+ point wins while Oklahoma was messing around letting Kansas move the ball at will and surviving games against Oklahoma St. / WVU / Texas.

Maryland was the nail in the coffin, a game we "should" have lost.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

4. Polls simply need to start at week 6. This will never happen bc of $ and internet clicks and TV discussions, but our system is basically one of A) rank the teams based solely on expectations, pedigree, and media hype then B) use this pre-season poll as the standard throughout the season to simply shift teams up / down as a weekly reaction to outcomes.


This is exactly what needs to happen.  Oklahoma is higher ranked than OSU, based up ?????, but after 2 months of seeing that before the CFP puts out their first poll, that perception is set in stone.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I don't agree.

If Notre Dame beats Georgia, they jump us.  Oklahoma is already ahead of us.  They got the benefit of the doubt over us last year.  Texas already lost a game and is just behind our premier opponent.  IMO if Clemson / Bama / Oklahoma / Notre Dame / OSU all win out, we are out due to ND having the hammer win over Georgia.  Huge ridiculous hypothetical I know, but it's tiring to have an obvious bias against us dismissed as some persecution complex.

Comment 06 Sep 2019

My hierarchy is always:

1) Do we play the team and thus give us the ability to control our destiny against them.

2) How likely are they to lose another game.

Personally, I think it's MUCH better for OSU's odds if Clemson beats A&M.  Clemson I just consider a locked spot in the CFP, even if they lose to A&M they aren't likely to lose another game.

On the other hand, an A&M win is really not good.  That would pump up the SEC, but also create a problem with A&M specifically, they face 5 top 10 teams this year, if they beat Clemson and somehow go 3-1 against Bama / UGA / LSU / Auburn, they can be sitting at home during the SEC title game with a spot on virtual lock down.

As always, the moral of the story is an undefeated OSU is getting in, but last week was bad for the SEC, they don't need to get pumped back up with A&M beating Clemson, Bama crushing all foes is much better for them in terms of not opening up a 2nd spot for an SEC team, vs somehow they only lose ~2 games in round robin between each other, have the final poll full of top 10 SEC schools and prop up their 2nd entrant.

As it stands, something drastic would have to happen for Clemson and the SEC champ to not be in the final field, the rest of the country is playing for 2 spots.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

The B1G went 7-1 in bowl games following 2017.  We've heard bowl performance "should" matter when it comes to judging conferences.  It did nothing entering 2018.  The CFP / ESPN / College Football Hive Mind spends 8 months judging, then when any evidence comes in they toss what they don't want to apply.  Rinse and repeat annually.  We are in year ~13 of the "SEC is superior to all" despite several public depantings (Bama and Georgia last bowl season).

Comment 30 Aug 2019

So according to ESPN's made up algorithm there's a direct correlation between our odds and Michigan's odds, yet somehow 9 of the 20 most likely teams are all in the SEC?

Look, I understand every fanbase in America thinks ESPN and the big bad media as a whole is out to get them.  But the network keeps underselling us compared to even Michigan, a team we've walked around on a leash for 20 years.  Notre Dame and Oklahoma can lay an egg in every CFP / BCS bowl they play in and it doesn't matter, we have a bad game one time against Florida and we have to wear it like a cone of shame for a decade until we do win a title, then any credibility is immediately washed off because we had one bad game against Clemson.  The B1G nearly runs the bowl schedule after 2017 and bowl games are meaningless exhibitions. Kentucky beats Penn St in the Citrus Bowl and it's a referendum on both conferences.  If we as fans are doing mental gymnastics it's because ESPN is setting up the apparatus every year.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

I'm calling BS on that.  It's got us with roughly the same odds as Miss St, Moorehead is barely more experienced than Day and while Stevens has some experience as a gadget player, he's never been the full time starter and doesn't have the pedigree of Fields.

Florida has roughly double the odds we do, a team that has already played a game where their offense looked putrid and has to play Georgia, LSU and likely Bama.

Is Mizzou even playoff eligible, how would they have a chance?  9 of the most likely 20 from the SEC? Give me a break, something is fishy in that formula.

Comment 30 Aug 2019


The CFP is not a computer.  They went away from that (IMO to eliminate the Group of 5, but different day) to embrace the human element.  There's simply no way the committee, comprised of people with real high profile jobs, is consuming ~100 hours of football a week.  They are watching big games but otherwise taking what they hear from media outlets into their consideration.  The loudest voice, by far, belongs to ESPN.  ESPN has a financial stake in the success of the SEC and ACC.

Herbie is clearly muted when it comes to support of OSU.  But people like Booger McFarland and Finebaum aren't when it comes to the SEC.  While there's certainly a level of professionalism involved in that, when the voices of the loudest network in the chatter continually pound the table for the SEC and Southeast as a whole, the CFP is majority made up of individuals tied to that area of the country and the Buckeye representation at the network is muted at best, there's simply no way you can tell me that doesn't matter when it comes down to the beauty pageant and things like Oklahoma vs OSU last year.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

It's pretty clear ESPN's business model is to actively troll OSU fans.  Considering there's a direct competitor now to one it's flagship programs that has our former coach on it, lets see how it works out for them.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

ESPN is in bed with both the SEC and ACC and the CFP.  Whether or not we watch here in B1G country isn't going to change anything in that regard.  We just need to win, go undefeated and if they are still talking that 1 loss Georgia gets in over us and it actually happens, then we riot.  The playoff field will be expanded to 8 teams soon, there's too much money involved, and if Day keeps it on track with Urban we'll be in every year.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

I strongly advise every NFL prospect on Clemson and Bama to shut it down for the season.  Tua, Jeudy, Etienne, Lawrence.  Just shut it down boys.

Hopefully Moses recovers and has a great NFL career.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Even if Tua misses the pass and Georgia wins, all this stuff still probably happens.  Once Hurts got benched at halftime the clock on his tenure was ticking hard.  Considering Fromm was already Georgia's QB, I don't see how any of their movement wouldn't have happened.  Fun attempt by ESPN at getting more clicks for Bama / Clemson / UGA content but I think they overrate the impact of one play.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

That was ultimately my takeaway.  He didn't care how it got there or what it meant, he was going to make sure OSU as the B1G champ had 2 losses to put Georgia in the field.

Comment 27 Aug 2019

I think I might make it down to the right Athens and check out my Bobcats at some point.

Comment 27 Aug 2019

I do find it interesting how ESPN bangs the drum about us being a tier below the "top 4" in terms of talent, but when it comes to putting players in the NFL we're at the top.

Comment 27 Aug 2019

1. Ohio State 10-2, 7-2
2. Penn State 10-2, 7-2
3. Michigan 9-3, 7-2
4. Michigan State 8-4, 5-4
5. Indiana 5-7, 2-7
6. Maryland 3-9, 2-7
7. Rutgers 2-10, 0-9