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Is It Possible for a Team ( Like Rutgers 0r Maryland for Example), to Derail the BIG? Season?

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September 18, 2020 at 3:57pm

I use these two schools because they seemed to be the two least receptive to the restart-up. With the stringent policies in place to be able to play on a weekly basis, the fact there is no "wiggle room" to reschedule, and the somewhat uncertainty of the total accuracy of the test results, it just appears necessary for everyone to be 100% on board. I am NO WAY suggesting a conspiracy, just an easy way out for them if they prefer to opt-out. Sorry, but this whole fiasco has left me very cynical. I guess my question is, who in the BIG oversees the test results? The teams or some governing body? Please tell me it's not you-know-who...

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