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The Harbaugh Way vs Taking Short Cuts?

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June 12, 2020 at 3:40pm

I just read an article about JH and Gattis in regards to their future with UM. The article claimed that the brass at UM really wanted to beat OSU but they wanted to do it the 'Harbaugh way' and not taking short cuts to do it.  This is not the first time I've heard this coming from up there but for the life of me I don't know what they are talking about. We know their players are not going for more difficult degrees than OSU player and with what I've read OSU had a higher APR last year so that's not it. We know UM is willing to bend the rule book a bit on camps and with donors paying for trips abroad to gain an advantage and they aren't above lying about the reason. So my question to you is, what exactly is the 'Harbaugh way' (seriously)and does anybody really think they(Harbaugh or the powers that be up there) wouldn't take a short cut (please explain what that really is) for a victory over OSU? THANKS upfront.

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