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Did Anyone else Hear Greg McElroy’s Interview in Which He Said That College Football in Empty Stadiums Could Do Lasting Damage..

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April 16, 2020 at 10:10am

to the sport?   He was on Golic and Wingo this morning.

His take was that an important component of what makes college football so appealing, even on TV, is the atmosphere at the games.  He feels that the quality of play itself is so inferior to the NFL that just televising less-than-stellar games in empty stadiums could  be a real turnoff to a young generation of fans.

His strong preference seemed to be to wait til spring if that meant increasing the possibilities of fans being allowed to watch once again in person.

If anyone else heard the interview, I hope I have properly characterized his views.

In any case, I think he raises an interesting point about potentially postponing the season to spring if that means a greater likelihood of having fans in attendance.


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