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I have been a Buckeyes fan since the 1960s.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Earliest favorite moments as Buckeyes fan (all from '68 season): 1) reading newspaper account of upset of #1 Purdue, 13-0 (couldn't get the game on TV or radio in NY metro area back then); 2) listening to The Game on radio: a 50-14 rout; 3)!watching the Rose Bowl on a b & w TV with my mom and dad as the #1 Buckeyes beat #2 USC (with OJ Simpson) to secure the national title. What was great back then too was that they actually showed the Script Ohio in its entirety on TV.

    Two favorite specific moments of recent years: 1) Cie Grant's blitz on 4th-and-goal at the end of the 2nd OT against Miami that resulted in the Buckeyes' first national title in 34 years--what an incredible feeling; 2) Zeke's 85-yard TD run that all but secured the win over Alabama.

    And, how can I possibly omit this: finally making a trip to the ''Shoe and seeing the band come down the ramp and perform the Script Ohio; and, of course, seeing the Buckeyes play in person.

    And the latest: seeing my first Rose Bowl—the Buckeyes’ 28-23 win over Washington.

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Comment 3 hours ago

I guess this shows my narrow-minded focus: I thought this was related to John U. Bacon. Sorry, but re the food, I’m not into bacon,

Comment 04 Dec 2020

I have read the recommendations above.  We have been to some—and, as with many choices in life, it really depends on your personal taste and preferences.

One spectacular trip I have not seen mentioned above which is not a long plane ride and that can be done on a vacation of only one week: a combo of Big Sur/Carmel/San Francisco.  From the standpoint of coastal natural beauty, Big Sur is as beautiful a spot as my wife and I have ever seen. 

And doing a 180: we lived in New York City for many years. If you enjoy the theatre and other cultural  attractions, as well as an array of superb restaurants, it is an amazing place.  And, other than your hotel costs, it does not have to be that expensive.  For example, TDF has a half-price ticket booth in Times Square.  Yes, the line for musicals can be long (and not worth your time), but they set up windows separately just for plays and that line frequently can be pretty short.

One other word of advice for people here in general: don’t wait until retirement age before you think about traveling because a) you might not live to see retirement age (as unfortunately was the case with several childhood friends) or b) you might develop serious health issues which prevent you from going on big trips (which happened to me).  Thankfully I have always been a firm believer in living life as you go along because you never know what the future holds.  And it sounds like the OP has been abiding by the same philosophy.

And one postscript here: if you are a baseball fan, Cooperstown is absolutely worth the trip, no matter what the age—and you can plan a long weekend trip there.

Comment 02 Dec 2020

I have posted on occasion about the Knicks.  And, believe me, I feel so fortunate to have been alive during their championship era.  It’s beyond mind-boggling to me that they haven’t won a title in 47 years.  Thanks.

Comment 01 Dec 2020

I admittedly don’t celebrate Christmas but, to me, It’s A Wonderful Life slots in at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5—and then everything else is competing for 6th place.

Comment 30 Nov 2020

I feel for him.  He’s the real deal and it’s a shame his season is over.  As a fan, I will miss the possibility of his torching an SEC team in a bowl game.

Comment 30 Nov 2020

You just succeeded in generating my first laugh of the day.  And, the amazing thing is, what you posted is 100% accurate.

Comment 24 Nov 2020

I’m with you 100%.  First and foremost, I hope all of these kids remain safe and healthy—and that, if they get the virus, that they have no serious or long-term effects of any kind.

As a fan, I am so grateful just to have seen any games this fall—and especially to have seen Justin play one more time for The Ohio State University before he heads off to the NFL.  His “off game” on Saturday still is miles ahead of the performances of so many other quarterbacks.  

Comment 24 Nov 2020

Was the blocked punt returned for a TD as loud as you have ever heard it in the Shoe?

Comment 24 Nov 2020

I second your emotion—and I have been following Ohio State since 1960s.  And the blocked punt returned for a TD ranks right up there as one of the most exciting plays I have ever seen.  I could watch that on an endless loop and never get tired of it.  

Comment 21 Nov 2020

Hat’s off to Indiana.  Notwithstanding whatever mistakes the Buckeyes made strategically and in execution, Indiana is the real deal—and I give them lots of credit for not folding (unlike certain players on another B1G team that also has lost a lot of games to Ohio State in recent years and whose coach has the initials JH).  

I felt a great sense of relief when the clock hit 0:0.  And, the most important thing: Indiana did not succeed in pulling off the upset.

Comment 20 Nov 2020

And I completely forgot about that fifth down play.  Amazing.  And it’s amazing they earned a share of the natty with one tie and one loss (when, in reality, they had a second loss).