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I have been a Buckeyes fan since the 1960s.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Earliest favorite moments as Buckeyes fan (all from '68 season): 1) reading newspaper account of upset of #1 Purdue, 13-0 (couldn't get the game on TV or radio in NY metro area back then); 2) listening to The Game on radio: a 50-14 rout; 3)!watching the Rose Bowl on a b & w TV with my mom and dad as the #1 Buckeyes beat #2 USC (with OJ Simpson) to secure the national title. What was great back then too was that they actually showed the Script Ohio in its entirety on TV.

    Two favorite specific moments of recent years: 1) Cie Grant's blitz on 4th-and-goal at the end of the 2nd OT against Miami that resulted in the Buckeyes' first national title in 34 years--what an incredible feeling; 2) Zeke's 85-yard TD run that all but secured the win over Alabama.

    And, how can I possibly omit this: finally making a trip to the ''Shoe and seeing the band come down the ramp and perform the Script Ohio; and, of course, seeing the Buckeyes play in person.

    And the latest: seeing my first Rose Bowl—the Buckeyes’ 28-23 win over Washington.

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Comment 18 Jan 2020

Not that I’m asking you to do research on this, but it makes me wonder how many times the “great” SEC has had teams with perfect records in conference play.  Maybe the Big Ten had tougher in-conference competition over the years.

But there might be another factor here for the Big Ten that I don’t think impacted the SEC.  And that is: for so many years the traditional arrangement was for the Big Ten going to the Rose Bowl where, in a number of matchups, they played USC or UCLA.  I would contend that was a home-field advantage of sorts in that USC and UCLA got to work out in their regular practice facilities, stay in their own beds, etc for a longer period of time than the Big Ten teams.  And, of course, they had more fans who lived nearby.  I know USC had some ridiculous W-L record in the Rose Bowl.  So maybe this too helped account for fewer perfect seasons by Big Ten teams.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

BeatM: I was looking at this again and I just realized that you listed 1995 and 1996 very high in your rankings, notwithstanding the fact that they suffered very tough losses to TTUN.  I was beginning to wonder whether you should change your username on this site...just kidding.   

But, losses to that team definitely impact in a major way how I view a season.  

Comment 17 Jan 2020

I hear you.  I’m not contending that, for example, they were in the same class as 2019.  But they did the only thing they could accomplish: beating everyone on the schedule and, as we have seen through the years, there have been outstanding Buckeye teams that have fallen short in that regard by losing to lower-ranked opponents.  So they will always hold a special place in my rankings.  Obviously this is all subjective, thanks.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

I’m stunned you have 2012 ranked so low.  I have been watching Ohio State since the 1960s and, in that more than half a century, the Buckeyes have had only three perfect seasons.  Only three! 

I realize there was no Bowl game that year or a B1G title game but, the bottom line: the Buckeyes beat everyone on their schedule.

And they did this right after a losing season.  There were exciting games in 2012 including a come-from-behind win against TTUN.

Last, but not least, that team featured as starting QB the player who might well be THE most exciting individual Buckeye I have ever seen.

For all those reasons, 2012 finishes right behind my top three of 1968, 2002, 2014—and I’m listing those by order of years because I have no specific preference among the Natty teams.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

TexBuc: I was the only Buckeyes fan—other than my dad, of course—in my neighborhood during my childhood in first Queens, NYC and then CT.

I never made it to Ohio until I was almost 60—and finally seeing a game in the Shoe was like a trip to hallowed ground.  

Don’t worry about age and stage: one big advantage we both have is that we saw Archie play and were fans when Woody was in charge.  

One thing I would suggest: look into whether there are any Ohio State alum viewing events during the season.  They happen all over the country and they don’t care if you are an alum or not, as long as you’re a fan.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

The 2014 B1G Title game is the closest to a perfect game I have ever seen the Buckeyes play in over 50 years of watching them. Actually, I should change that opinion: it was probably the football equivalent of Sandy Koufax at his best.  

Comment 14 Jan 2020

You are 100% right.  I meant to cut off the list at 3 or more titles (and accidentally inserted Army).  I will correct that, thanks.

USC was awarded the natty by AP in 2003 and LSU won the BCS that year as I indicated above.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I definitely feel somewhat better as well. LSU would have been a very formidable opponent, especially with Justin and JK at potentially less than 100%.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I will definitely be watching and rooting for LSU and Buckeye Joe to win (hopefully by a large margin).

I know he has a good relationship with some of his former teammates.  I wonder if he promised any of them he will avenge the Buckeyes’ loss to Clemson.