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I have been a Buckeyes fan since the 1960s.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Earliest favorite moments as Buckeyes fan (all from '68 season): 1) reading newspaper account of upset of #1 Purdue, 13-0 (couldn't get the game on TV or radio in NY metro area back then); 2) listening to The Game on radio: a 50-14 rout; 3)!watching the Rose Bowl on a b & w TV with my mom and dad as the #1 Buckeyes beat #2 USC (with OJ Simpson) to secure the national title. What was great back then too was that they actually showed the Script Ohio in its entirety on TV.

    Two favorite specific moments of recent years: 1) Cie Grant's blitz on 4th-and-goal at the end of the 2nd OT against Miami that resulted in the Buckeyes' first national title in 34 years--what an incredible feeling; 2) Zeke's 85-yard TD run that all but secured the win over Alabama.

    And, how can I possibly omit this: finally making a trip to the ''Shoe and seeing the band come down the ramp and perform the Script Ohio; and, of course, seeing the Buckeyes play in person.

    And the latest: seeing my first Rose Bowl—the Buckeyes’ 28-23 win over Washington.

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Comment 20 hours ago

For an old guy with health issues like me, SoCal unquestionably has far superior weather compared to NYC/CT.  Four seasons were fine in my younger days but now..,,

Comment 07 Jul 2020

My hat’s off to the entire Mod Squad. It’s unequivocally a tough job—especially in the past several months.  

Before you “only” had to deal with a bunch of assistant coaches on the site; and now you have to deal with a bunch of epidemiologists. 

Keep up the good work!

Comment 06 Jul 2020

Also, re buses vs airplanes: I suppose one possible distinction is that you could keep windows open on a bus trip and, in theory, have fresh air circulating.  

Comment 06 Jul 2020

Endless Summer: it was—and I imagine still is—something that almost takes your breath away with the stunning cinematography.  Back in the day that was very advanced in terms of its filmmaking.  And definitely something that deserves to be seen on the big screen to be fully appreciated. 

Comment 06 Jul 2020

My two favorites are Hoosiers and The Natural.  I also enjoy watching reruns of Field of Dreams, Rudy, and Remember the Titans, among others.

But I have a related question: did anyone ever hear anything about a biopic about Woody?  Or would anyone be interested in seeing such a movie?  

i think, for one thing, it would be an Oscar-nominated part for whoever played it.  He was such a fascinating person who certainly had a full range of emotions.  But I also think, if told properly, it could be a terrific story.

So, yes, please add “Woody!” to my list.

Comment 05 Jul 2020

I thought this was a joke.  So I went to the official M football twitter account and saw this tweet was legit.

Why would anyone set themselves up like that for the kind of response from Reverend Bucknut?  It makes no sense.  

Comment 03 Jul 2020

Hove: when I was in junior high, the Doors played at my local high school just several days after they appeared on “Ed Sullivan” and performed their number 1 hit, “Light My Fire.”....And I missed the damn concert!  Still one of my great regrets.  One of my 9th-grade classmates played for a local band that was one of the opening acts that night—and he had an interesting close encounter with Morrison backstage.

They were absolutely appreciated at the time for their great mix of wonderful music AND lyrics.  Thanks.

Comment 03 Jul 2020

I was a Giants fan growing up and remember that incredible Juan Marichal-Warren Spahn pitching duel.  I was at summer camp in PA and, in essence, followed baseball by reading the sports section of the NY newspaper I had a subscription to.  There was no other real contact with the outside world.   That was indeed a remarkable box score.

Comment 01 Jul 2020

I hate to admit this but I have seen this run countless times and I still don’t quite understand how JT made it all the way to the end zone.  It sure seems as if someone could have made a diving swipe tackle—similar to what Clemson did to JK—much further upfield.  

I was happily surprised JT scored when I saw it live (on TV).  

There have been some remarkable Ohio State wins I wish I could have seen in person; this was not one of them.  And that has nothing to do with my age when the game was played (early sixties).

I saw an NCAA regional soccer championship in my early 20s in conditions not much warmer than this and it was just awful.  I was only there to show support for good friends and former high school teammates who were playing.

Last, but not least, to eat a Dilly Bar in that kind of weather?!  He’s lucky his tongue didn’t get stuck to the ice cream bar.

In case, Ramzy, great stuff!


Comment 30 Jun 2020

One of my wife’s cousins did a visit to every ballpark in the country over a period of years with his son (which I thought was very cool).  I, on the other hand, have been to relatively few—but at least there were some memorable ones: Yankee Stadium (pre-74 renovation and post-74 renovation), once to Fenway, Shea Stadium (which seemed great on the first visit when it was brand new, but then you realized how bad the design is), once to CitiField (which is really well done), once to Candlestick Park (in the mid-1960s, before they enclosed it and you can only begin to imagine how many more HRs Willie Mays might have hit without that wind blowing in from the bay), and once to  Anaheim Stadium (which seems like a relatively pleasant ballpark by “modern” standards—although I think it is the third or 4th oldest now.)

My regret is not having gone to a game at Wrigley, which I did see passing by on an elevated train.  I have been inside Dodger Stadium, but not for a ballgame. 

Comment 28 Jun 2020

Why am I getting downvotes on this?  I’m just providing info on the Ohio State connection.

As far as the show itself: one of my biggest problems was that he chose to do it right in the heart of Knicks’ territory (which made it seem as if he were heading to my team).  The charity aspect was great but a lot of the kids who attended were undoubtedly disappointed when he announced his choice.

If I had been his agent at the time, I think I would have seen both pros and cons of doing it; and, if I had advised him to do it, I would have picked a more neutral location—perhaps a club right near ESPN—and obviously advised him not to use the expression re taking his talent...  But because of the negatives associated with the show, the charity component seems to have been basically forgotten at this point.

In any case, LeBron more than made up for this with his return to Cleveland and, in not only winning a title, but spearheading one of the greatest championships in any sport in American pro sports history.  That was one for the ages.  He is still welcome to join the Knicks.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Yes, I love soccer too.  If my health permitted (and when the pandemic ends), I would love to see an FA Cup at Wembley.  

I saw the 1994 World Cup semi-finals between Brazil and Sweden at the Rose Bowl and, while it was an entertaining game with Brazil creating a number of scoring chances (and winning 1-0), it was not the most intense soccer crowd I have been part of,

Comment 24 Jun 2020

Great memories indeed.  I was alive for the ‘68 edition of The Game—listened to it on the radio—and,    believe me, some of these moments you have written about felt every bit as good.  We have been very VERY fortunate in the past two decades.

Comment 23 Jun 2020

I’m way over 40 so I hear you on the Rose Bowl. A couple of edits to your list:

—TP in Rose Bowl win over Oregon.

—Stanley Jackson, while not leading the game-winning drive, contributed to the Rose Bowl win on 1/1/97.

—1961 and 1970 teams did earn a share of the Natty (although I can understand how you feel about 1970 in light of what happened at that Rose Bowl.

I was at the 2019 Rose Bowl, my first ever, and I was as excited in my mid-60s going to that as if I were back in high school and had an opportunity to see Ohio State play USC in 1968