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I have been a Buckeyes fan since the 1960s.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Earliest favorite moments as Buckeyes fan (all from '68 season): 1) reading newspaper account of upset of #1 Purdue, 13-0 (couldn't get the game on TV or radio in NY metro area back then); 2) listening to The Game on radio: a 50-14 rout; 3)!watching the Rose Bowl on a b & w TV with my mom and dad as the #1 Buckeyes beat #2 USC (with OJ Simpson) to secure the national title. What was great back then too was that they actually showed the Script Ohio in its entirety on TV.

    Two favorite specific moments of recent years: 1) Cie Grant's blitz on 4th-and-goal at the end of the 2nd OT against Miami that resulted in the Buckeyes' first national title in 34 years--what an incredible feeling; 2) Zeke's 85-yard TD run that all but secured the win over Alabama.

    And, how can I possibly omit this: finally making a trip to the ''Shoe and seeing the band come down the ramp and perform the Script Ohio; and, of course, seeing the Buckeyes play in person.

    And the latest: seeing my first Rose Bowl—the Buckeyes’ 28-23 win over Washington.

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Comment 16 Sep 2020

Ramzy, I still think the only way this will ultimately work out is if the players go into a bubble and play other teams that are in bubble situation.  That will provide the greatest safety for all involved.

Comment 13 Sep 2020

Great stuff, thanks.  As someone who is a couple of years older than Jeff, I totally get the importance of wanting to play in the Rose Bowl and how that was a deciding factor in choosing Ohio State over Penn State (notwithstanding the fact that he would have had an opportunity to get more playing time earlier in his career at Penn State).

And naturally I remember that first bowl appearance outside of the Rose Bowl; the Orange Bowl was deemed a prestigious bowl—one of the big four—back then too, so that was a prized victory.

Comment 08 Sep 2020

I was at the Illinois game in 2012 when he scored a TD in the second half—and it too had an amazing      stop/start, twist/turn element to it (not as amazing as at Penn State, but still...).  The thing is, he almost made it look it easy—like the great ones do—and, while everyone was really excited seeing it live, you couldn’t fully appreciate it without seeing the replay.

Comment 07 Sep 2020

Dan, this is indeed an extremely difficult choice.  My automatic pick—and I’m not saying this just because he and my dad overlapped at Ohio State—has to be Les Horvath.  He is the only one on the list with both a Heisman and a natty.

After that, I am very conflicted.  So many great memories and so many accomplishments here.

Comment 07 Sep 2020

So if Olave should wind up as a late first-round pick, is this a perfect example for Ohio State to promote as prime evidence of the program’s ability to develop talent?  He was only a three-star recruit when Ohio State made him an offer, am I right?

Put another way, did anyone ever expect him to be in or near the first round coming out of high school?

And, has Jim Harbaugh produced any kind of success such as this?  (I figured I had to bring Harbaugh into this because I’m sure he saw Olave in his nightmares after the 2018 version of The Game.)

Comment 07 Sep 2020

Lou Brock was unquestionably one of the greats.  I heard on the radio this morning that the Lou Brock Award given annually to the leader in stolen bases was created and named for him while he was still an active player!  That says everything about how highly thought of he was even while he still playing.

On a somewhat related note (since some of you were reminiscing about growing up as a baseball fan back in the day): I was a SF Giants fan growing up in the NYC area because my dad and grandfather were NY Giants fans.  In any case, the first World Series I have some clear memories of was 1961.  I was into spelling and distinctive names, and one of the names that caught my eye at a very young age was Bob Purkey.  The Reds’ pitching staff that year also featured Joey Jay.  So I thought the Reds were a pretty cool team.

Comment 06 Sep 2020

Words to live by from Mick:

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes, well, you might find
You get what you need

Comment 03 Sep 2020

The media did not tie it together.  It was reported as a cause of death because it was, pure and simple.  

Would he have ultimately died down the road from his dementia-related issues?  In all probability, yes.  Would he have died right now if there were no COVID-19?  The answer is no.  

And I have great familiarity with the overall issue because I have underlying health conditions which, if I get the virus, make me at high risk— I could very well not be around to see The Game in 2021.   

If the virus didn’t exist, I would likely see Ryan Day go on to continue the streak for many years to come.

Comment 02 Sep 2020

“Of all the great things that have been said about him in memoriam, there's no bad way to remember him has to be near the top.”  You captured it perfectly.  

Comment 02 Sep 2020

Agree with you 100%.  And the politics are not solely about the POTUS; so much political stuff on various topics.  I would love for the Mod Squad to have a zero tolerance policy.  I am here for Ohio State football, plain and simple.



Comment 30 Aug 2020

Thanks for posting.  I’m a firm believer in what you said about possibly seeing something for the first time—and I feel that’s true of any sport.  In fact, that for me is part of the beauty of sports; you never know what might happen that could be truly special.

Comment 30 Aug 2020

“This affects way too many human beings...”

I hear you loud and clear.  When I was in college in the  first part of the 1970s, a popular student who was a year behind me (and who worked in my dorm’s   dining hall) was shot to death walking a short distance from campus in a robbery.  And then decades later a good friend and soccer teammate was murdered in his suburban jewelry store in a robbery—and he was a military vet who had a gun in an accessible place behind the counter (but he never had a chance to get to it).

I share your hopes—and thoughts for the Garrett family.  I am thankful he is in stable condition and that it sounds like he will make a full recovery.

Comment 26 Aug 2020

Is that tackle football for 7th graders?

Comment 23 Aug 2020

Happy bday!  And here’s a special song for you that was co-written by a friend of mine many years ago:

Comment 23 Aug 2020

The most amazing end-of-game sequence of plays in a huge rivalry game that I can recall took place in 1968: Harvard vs Yale.  Both teams had perfect records heading into the game; Harvard scored two touchdowns and two 2-point conversions in the final 42 seconds (including the final play of the game to rally from a 29-13 deficit).

The Harvard newspaper headline read: “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29.”  They didn’t have OT back then.  

Comment 21 Aug 2020

  I think there are various valid criticisms that can be made of the NCAA but, in this case, I don’t see them having the final say (in part because there has been no national directive).  

I am doubtful that a complete season of football will be played by any teams this fall; but, having said that, if individual schools feel they can set up some kind of bubble or other situation that their medical advisors believe is worth trying, then I think the individual schools should be permitted to proceed in trying to go ahead (regardless of whether an entire conference is on board).  If a school is satisfied that it has found, say, four like-minded schools in terms of safety protocois, etc, allow it to set up its own schedule—and see week by week how that works out.

Coming back to the national governing body: the organization I have a problem with is the CFP.  Even if somehow, there are teams that make it through a complete regular season, for the CFP to say it will crown a national champion without the B1G and the PAC participating is absurd in my opinion.  There would be no true national champion this year; just a regional champion (like in high school, where a team wins its sectional or regional title but hasn’t won the state title).

Comment 19 Aug 2020

Exactly. This is where I have been coming from (even though I am still not optimistic about the season).  But let those schools that want to continue  exploring options do just that.

Comment 18 Aug 2020

Even if there are only four teams, these four should be allowed to continue exploring their options—even if it is only a six-game schedule consisting of home-and-home matchups.