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Another Return of Good Throw Joe

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January 14, 2020 at 10:40am

I think it's time OSU christens a new 'Good Throw Joe'

Remember this article after the 2011 opener from 11W?  For some reason, Joe Burrows enticed my memory...

11W: The Return of Good Throw Joe (9/5/11)

...he dropped back to pass and calmly hit Jake Stoneburner in the flat ... We exhaled.

... He jogged with the rest of his line to the new scrimmage as the stadium acquiesced loudly, earlier than anyone expected and for the quarterback that no one had predicted.

Grown men in C-deck cupped their hands around their mouths to shout both direction and approval to the only grown man on the field in pads. "Nice throw, Joe!  Good throw, Joe!" Phrases that had not been heard in Ohio Stadium in 13 seasons.

Ohio State's placeholder for someone better had turned a broken play into a gutty, improbable touchdown without a hint panic or the slightest insinuation of freakish physical talent. The hands were cupped again. "Nice run, Joe!"

As it turned out, we only thought we knew who Bauserman was. We had no idea what he could be.

... connections between Bauserman and Stoneburner demonstrated both mastery of the playbook and the kind of precision timing throw that the previous QB incumbent had routinely struggled to capture: Bauseman did not throw the ball; he simply raised his arm and it departed from his hand - not to where Stoneburner was, but to where he would eventually be.

Yes, the article was VERY tongue in cheek... a lack of any and all sincerity.

But seeing a (former) OSU QB named Joe in the big stage reminded my of the humorous article... Hard to how dismal OSU was 8 seasons prior, wow that was a bad year.

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