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Comment 01 Dec 2019

slightly unrelated... ok very unrelated.

I live in Los Angeles and know a person who's an ardent and passionate Minnesota Gopher fan.  After their PSU win, he made travel arrangements to Indy to, hopefully, witness the Gophers in the B1G title game.

Well, we all know how this turned out.  If you see him, tell him I said hi.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

I know it truly doesn't matter... but, in 2016 there was an EGREGIOUS Pass Interference non-call on James Clark that would've put OSU in FG range in 2016 for either the win or the tie.  It wasn't called, and then Barrett was sacked.  I mean it really doesn't matter anymore.

of course, to be fair, in 2014 OSU had an interception that the replay did NOT overturn (weird, right?) and a FG that was snapped AFTER the play clock expired.  So, well, it works both ways :)

Comment 27 Sep 2019


We've confirmed this is a CFB first 2000 onward.  Although, not sure how to research the other 130 years of CFB history.

But, this is obviously as rare as originally thought.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

Totally forgot... But, that was only 1 surrendered score before the 67 point differential.  Eh, close enough to 70.

But, Last Saturday, the opponent had two scores before the downpour.  This has to be rare... I wish I knew how to confirm.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

What's interesting, and not in the articles, is what was Tate promised (or damn near promised) by Miami.  Did he disappoint in practice, did Jarren do the unexpected, or was there some trickery in the 'recruiting?'

I'm bummed... Miami plays on Aug 24 (a week before everyone else), and well, it's less enthralling for Buckeye fans.  All the best...

Comment 22 Jul 2019

I find all this recruiting coverage astonishing... I was at OSU from '00 (cooper's last year) thru 2005.  OSU football was, like today, bigger than an outsider could imagine... and yet, following recruiting just wasn't a thing for most of the, even diehard, fans.

The internet (like 11W) and outlets (like ESPN) have made this a 24/7 365 story...

I just wonder what recruiting will be in another 15 years.  Will we look back to 2019 and say, 'wow, recruiting coverage today is massive compared to 2019'?

Comment 29 Apr 2019

I get it... if you picked a modern day 'cut off point' for modern football like 1946 or 1951 or 1990 or whatever, records would be different.

For a comprehensive list of ALL OSU's opponent: (pg 14)

In 1892 OSU played, and mightily defeated, 'Dayton YMCA'

Back in days of College Football's wild wild west phase when players died (seriously, 19 deaths in 1905 alone) and rulebooks varied from town town to town...

Heck, in 1916, John Heisman at Georgia Tech, in a deliberate effort to run up the score, scheduled a game against a team that cancelled their football program the previous year (Cumberland) and soundly defeated their makeshift squad by, a record, 222-0.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

This is a feat so unbelievably inconceivable, I had to verify on Wikipedia myself.

Then, just for verification, verified on michigan’s actual website.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

He didn’t specify if he meant Harbaugh or Tressel… The coaching styles are more similar than different.

Ironically, this would've sufficed for an OSU spring circa 2009.

Harbaugh and Tressel both had good teams which featured a commitment to the run and a strong D that were obliterated by Urban Meyer.