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Comment 22 Mar 2020

More unsubstantiated conjecture: due to the cancellation of spring sports, there may be no MLB draft.  IF, and this point, it's just a wild guess, there's no fall sports... will there be a 2021 NFL Draft?

The sport's world (and actual world) is navigating through unprecedented waters... nobody knows.

Comment 29 Feb 2020

Since 2005 (after Tressel's '04 rebuilding year)... And not counting the Pryorless 2011 NCAA hampered season, OSU has 10 B1G losses in 14 seasons.  (10 regular season, 1 in CG)

Ultimately it's 15 losses in 15 seasons... Or 10 losses in last 14 non NCAA afflicted seasons.  Damn that's good.
It's why, IF OSU loses a B1G Game, we can remember it.

  • 2005 - Lost to PSU 17-10
    • reason: Tressel's Bollman and the inabiltiy to score points with a STACKED offense
  • 2006 - Nobody
    • Reason, they were too stacked for even Tressel/Bollman to ruin
  • 2007 - Illinois 21-28
    • Reason: Juice Williams shredded the defense (there were a few bad calls too)
  • 2008 - PSU 6-13
    • Reason: Tressel's Bollman and the inabiltiy to score points with a STACKED offense
    • Seriously... they only gave up 13 points to co-B1G champions, had Pryor/Hartline/Robiskie/Beanie and had 6 points...
  • 2009 - Purdue 18-26
    • Reason: Tressel's Bollman and the inabiltiy to score points with a STACKED offense
  • 2010 - Wisconsin
    • Reason: they were just a great team... OSU was on road at night too... FB is hard
  • 2011 - MSU - Neb - Purdue - PSU - Michigan
    • Reason: discounted tattoos (only in the NCAA realm is this not a joke)
      • OSU was bad that year... yes, we can nitpick each loss as they were by 1 score, but they were a bad team.
  • 2012: Nobody
    • Reason: Some guy named Urban
  • 2013: MSU B1G Title game (not regular season) 24-34
    • Reason: The Everett Withers "This Is So Dumb It's Gotta Work" Defensive Scheme
  • 2014: Nobody
    • Reason: STACKED
  • 2015: MSU 17-14
    • Reason: Offensive Coaches (ahem, Tim Beck) failed the team... STACKED, and, yet, had trouble moving chains against the likes of Northern Illinois and Hawai'i
    • let's not blame weather... c'mon, it wasn't just the weather
  • 2016: PSU 21-24
    • Reason: A good team with fortuitous special teams blocks
  • 2017: Iowa 24-55
    • Reason: nobody knows
  • 2018: Purdue 20-49
    • Reason: See Iowa 2017
  • 2019: Nobody
    • Reason: STACKED
Comment 19 Feb 2020

wow... I guess we can create a 'game closeness metric' by taking the team's FPI difference.

OSU (2) & PSU (5) have a difference of 4.  That should be a close game.

So, let's have fun with this and create arbitrary metrics.

--Crap Game Index of highest combined FPI score.
     --The highest score possible would be 129+130 = 259.
--Must See Index of lowest combined FPI score, lowest possible is 3.
--Blowout Index: biggest differential between FPI scores.  Highest Possible is 130-1 = 129.

Bowling Green (127) @ OSU (2) have a FPI delta of 125.  Shouldn't be close.
Although, sadly, that's only the 2nd highest of the year as Clemson (1) hosts Akron (128)… An FPI delta of 127.
Clemson, you should've scheduled UMASS (130) to satisfy my arbitrary FPI delta craze.

Akron (128) hosts UMass (130)… For a grand total of 258!  This is about as close to utter crap (on paper) one can ask for.

*MUST SEE OF THE YEAR: OSU (2) @ PSU (5) for a total of 7.
*doesn't include playoffs, which, yeah, let's hope to see Clemson again :)

Comment 16 Feb 2020

I know, weird...

The Council of the Elders: Ferentz, Fitzgerald, & Franklin

(could also call them The Three F's... but Fleck might feel left out)

Comment 11 Feb 2020

5925 days since their other victory... Astonishing...

I still remember, in 2000, a Michigan fan at the game with a sign (We Love Coop', 2-10-1).

I was a freshman then.  who would've thunk they'd go 17-2 since.  I mean... good lord!

Also... Harbaugh is a good coach, Urban was just elite and Day was his best disciple.  Let's not pretend Tressel would've equaled perfection against Jim.  (9-1 vs. Carr and RichRod, still Hall Of Fame worthy though)

Comment 22 Dec 2019

good weekend for the MAC.  Buffalo also won their first bowl, although they had won a 'postseason game' in the '08 MAC title game.

Buffalo lost their 3 previous bowl appearances... they also turned down an invitation to the 1958 Tangerine Bowl... if you donno why, consult wikipedia.  It's a great story.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

slightly unrelated... ok very unrelated.

I live in Los Angeles and know a person who's an ardent and passionate Minnesota Gopher fan.  After their PSU win, he made travel arrangements to Indy to, hopefully, witness the Gophers in the B1G title game.

Well, we all know how this turned out.  If you see him, tell him I said hi.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

I know it truly doesn't matter... but, in 2016 there was an EGREGIOUS Pass Interference non-call on James Clark that would've put OSU in FG range in 2016 for either the win or the tie.  It wasn't called, and then Barrett was sacked.  I mean it really doesn't matter anymore.

of course, to be fair, in 2014 OSU had an interception that the replay did NOT overturn (weird, right?) and a FG that was snapped AFTER the play clock expired.  So, well, it works both ways :)

Comment 27 Sep 2019


We've confirmed this is a CFB first 2000 onward.  Although, not sure how to research the other 130 years of CFB history.

But, this is obviously as rare as originally thought.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

Totally forgot... But, that was only 1 surrendered score before the 67 point differential.  Eh, close enough to 70.

But, Last Saturday, the opponent had two scores before the downpour.  This has to be rare... I wish I knew how to confirm.