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Schiano's Incredible Start at Rutgers

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December 12, 2019 at 7:14pm

I know ol buddy gets a lot of hate for his 2018 defense but he came to OSU and was a great recruiter and the DC of fantastic defenses in 2016/17. Also after what the Tennessee fans did to him and what the national media said about him going back Rutgers I am really rooting for him. It is also time for Rutgers to be somewhat competitive in the B1G. Schiano has had a pretty incredible start though here is what he had done:

  • He pressured Rutgers into giving him the support needed to make Rutgers good, including a $7.7 million assistant salary pool
  • Retained interim-HC Nunzio Campanile who is a great recruiter, it isn't always common for the interim to stick around
  • Hired Temple's best recruiter in Fran Brown to be the secondary coach, he is making more than the Rutgers DC did last year
  • 4 commitments including two flips from Purdue and Temple, the class moved from 102 to 77 with only 13 commits, 
  • Flood of crystal balls for Jalen Burger who is the #109 rated player in the composite

There could be a real life college football team in New Jersey real soon

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