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I’ve Fixed CFB, the Playoffs System, SEC Bias, and How to Get Rid of Rutgers

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October 17, 2019 at 10:48pm

The current conference system, playoff system, and inequality of conference number of teams compared to their names is stupid (face it, we are the BIG14). This is something that my co-workers and I argue about religiously. They are all SEC fans, therefore they are stupid, so I will turn to my 11W friends for all your knowledge and input on my recommendation to finally fix the playoffs, SEC bias, and 1-loss conference champions buckeyes from not getting into the playoffs. 

Option 1) Get Rid of a Conference. 

It’s that simple! We’ve heard of “Super-conferences” before and for a while there were talks of the possibility of a merger, but the fact that we have 4 playoff spots and 5 conferences is beyond stupid. I personally hate hearing all the time that the BIG12 and PAC12 are bad, especially when everyone loves Clemson but they play in BY FAR the worse conference this year. I can’t stand hearing that If you don’t play in the SEC, then you are not any good, when the reality of it is that the SEC is probably one of the worse conferences top to bottom. The SEC just happens to have the best 3-4 heavyweights at the top carrying the conference each year. I’d argue that the BIG10 and PAC12 are way more balanced top to bottom and therefore a different kind of challenge to get through unscaled. 

All of this talk about other conferences devalues them in some way or another. So cut the deadweight and let’s feed everyone else.  In the Power 5 Conferences there are 64 total teams that breakdown like this:

BIG10 - 14

BIG12 - 10

SEC - 14

ACC - 14

PAC12 - 12 

64 breaks evenly into 4 conferences with each having 16 teams per conference. So now you have the 4 super conferences. Win and you are in, right?

”Not so fast my friend”

What about your group of 5 teams and the independents? UCF did recently win a national title so we can’t leave them out.  So this option isn’t as viable and easy, so...

Option 2) Create your 4 power conference from the current group of 5 and P5 conferences. In other words, let’s get some conference mating going on and see what kind of super baby conference we can get!! 

The goal with this option is to get to 80 total teams. If you take the current 64  teams, you have to add 16 more teams so that you could create your 10 team conference sub-divisions. If you take the Independents (6 FBS independents), you now only need 10 more teams to make 80. Take the 10 best G5 teams like Boise State, UCF, Cincinnati, and App-State And split them into each of the 4 Super-conferences. As for the others, I don’t really care and I really doubt anybody else does too. They can go crest an “ordinary” conference to look up to our 4 super-conferences.

With this super-conference model of 4 conference across the country, you essentially have 2 subdivisions of 10 teams who would all play round robin style each year like the BIG12 does. They do not have to worry about cross-scheduling conundrums and unequal strength of scheduling each year because each team will play to win its sub-division for home field advantage by using the higher ranked teams home field. This also eliminates adding more games to satisfy the people who want 8 teams in the playoffs. 

Also, some new rules need to be set in this model  to see big out of conference matchups and reward teams for playing tougher schedules when it comes to final conference seeding since they hit the playoffs. Since each team will play 9 conference games round robin style they will need 3 more games for a complete season. They have to schedule opponents from ONE OF EACH of the other 3 super conferences. That way we can still have an OSU vs OK or and LSU vs Texas type of game, but these games have to be played in the first 3 games of the season. Nobody gets to schedule FCS schools anymore (sorry SEC) and if you happen to lose one of those games it won’t hurt you in the long run. Once you start conference play, you only play conference teams. 

Win your DIVISION Round Robin style, then play the other conferences division champ to determine the champ just like the current system. Winner goes to the playoffs. No more talk about 2 teams from the same conference. The round robin will sort that out and I respect the hell out of the BIG12 for playing the conference the way that they do. It’s fair for everyone.

You can still have Cinderella stories in this model, you won’t get cross-division rematches like we possibly could this year with potential Wisconsin game twice, and the best group of 5 teams get to be pulled up into 4 power conferences with a re-alignment to separate some of the powers equally  so that the SEC west and BIG10 East won’t be so much better than their conference counterpart. 

Also, this is a great chance to evenly redistribute conference more regionally.  West Virginia should not be in the BIG12, PITT shouldn’t be in the ACC, and MISSOURI in the SEC is a joke. Give me WVU or PITT in the BIG10 and put Rutgers in the ACC. at least Rutgers is close to the coast! Actually, Rutgers can be kicked out of the 80 teams for a better program like Toledo (because at least Toledo has beat TTUN once)!!! Each division could be set up so that they are all equally competitive. The regular season would matter still because it can decide who gets the home game for a conference championship (neutral site is stupid) or it can also be used to decide who gets the season opener as a home game in cross-conference opening games. 

I do have more thoughts on this and I know people have tossed out similar ideas. I’m just looking for some discussion as I do believe I have solved all the problems of the universe and especially college football with this post.  Curious to hear your thoughts. As always, GO BUCKS!


PS. Seriously this would be a great opportunity to get rid of Rutgers. Toledo wouldn’t even be that far of a drive from OSU! Lol


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