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I love the buckeyes but live in the dirty south in god-forsaken SEC country. Help!

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Comment 28 Nov 2019

Yeah but he could recruit extremely well in state at FSU and put together teams that could beat Clemson 

Comment 28 Nov 2019

lmao. This is spot on! For all Of you who don’t use twitter, you need to go through the LSU fans comments on how they have 4 top 10 wins right now! This is them 100%! They Texas win was like beating the patriots to them when it turns out it was more like beating the browns 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

He’ll yeah, I’m from around that area, and haven’t been back in a long time but that is smart. Really smart. If I were there it would be the cleanest city ever... but it would cost a lot of money considering every time I filled it I would set it on fire!! 

_ichigan SUCKSSS!!

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Beat TTUN!!! 

Ive got a feeling a feeling we still have a little chaos left this year. I think we beat TTUN, but auburn and Bama, or TAMU over LSU, or even Clemson getting caught in the title game is a real possibility. 

Comment 22 Nov 2019

5 out of 7, until I took the bonus questions that asked if I was an SEC team in my scenario which changed the score to 7 out of 7 because of “Quality Incorrect Answers”.....

Comment 19 Nov 2019


We put a stomping on LSU, Burrow has a god game, but losses 49-21. 

Georgia beats Clemson 3-0. Both teams look like shit. 

We play UGA in the championship and Fields puts up 300 through the air and another 100 on the ground. UGA looks like whisky did and doesn’t cross midfield with their pathetic offense.  Bucks win 35-0. We finish stomping 2 SEC, crush the souls of all the UGA fans who say Fromm is better than fields, and the SEC lovers get to hear for the next 9 months how the BIG10 waxed their darlings. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

It’s funny how that bad home loss doesn’t hurt UGA at all. 

Minnesota has a better win and a better “quality” loss  but that far behind. Ughhh