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I love the buckeyes but live in the dirty south in god-forsaken SEC country. Help!

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Comment 11 Feb 2020

No, I’m saying bc this is OSU it will be blown up all over espn, only half facts will be given, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to fire Day and fire urban again for this. They’ll say “it’s a culture issue” and that the whole team is nothin but rapist and then do everything to make OSU out as this horrible place and program and that shit like this happens all the time here. The media will paint a horrible picture of OSU, but if this were Clemson or Bama it’d barely get coverage. It’s sad, but it’s true. I don’t want to see anybody hurt and feel horrible for the victim, but bc it’s at OSU the media will try to give OSU a huge black-eye even if the results of the allegations were to show that Wint and Riep did not actually rape her (which I doubt and they are probably very guilty). 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

I hope and pray that there is a clear targeting call that they don’t call and I get to hear Day or Hafley say  “that’s funny, in our game that was a targeting” 

Maybe a catch where the receiver takes 4 steps and drops it, but this time the offense recovers it and the ball is still advanced up field. That way they can say “in our game that was just an incomplete pass!”

then I hope they point out every time clemsons o-line holds the LSU D-Line. Every. Single. Time. 

this would all be just too funny to me. 

Comment 27 Dec 2019

TTUN fans are just whiny babies that just need a spanking and a bottle shoved in their mouth. Tennessee fans are the equivalent of Desmond Howard and Mark May having a child, beating it it’s whole life with an Ohio State belt, and they grow up and figure out how to use twitter and now they spout off to every Ohio state fan they feel for some reason has caused them pain while they wobble back and fourth shaking behind their keyboard. I hate them almost as much as TTUN. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

The Wisconsin game played out like the Bama game. We went down early, used a trick play to get some momentum going. Dominated the second half! We beat clemson then I have no worries about winning the whole damn thing.