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Sixty-three Players Have Left UCLA Since Chip Kelly Was Hired Nearly Two Years Ago.

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October 17, 2019 at 4:52pm

"Sixty-three players who had eligibility remaining have departed since Kelly’s arrival in November 2017, complicating his rebuilding efforts and putting the Bruins at risk of possible penalties because of low Academic Progress Rate scores."

-- LA Times

Football's infatuation with Chip Kelly has always surprised me. This a guy who, for close to a decade now, has lived off of four good years at Oregon coaching the program Mike Bellotti built. Kelly went to the NFL, in large part, because he despised recruiting, and he made no secret about it. Once in the pros, he proceeded to alienate players, staff, and front office personnel through arrogance, abrasiveness, and stubbornness. He single-handedly destroyed the Philadelphia Eagles, and then took his 'my way or the highway' approach to San Francisco and bombed there too. In Kelly's last thirty-four games coached, or in his two and a half seasons between San Francisco and UCLA, he's 6-28. In his last fifty games coached, he's 12-38. 

Take Urban Meyer, Ryan Day, and their collective admiration for Kelly out of the equation for a moment... why are there so many Kelly admirers on here? Is it because Meyer and Day are Kelly fans? What has Chip Kelly done, aside from the aforementioned four years at Oregon nearly ten years ago, to earn that admiration? The Oregon accomplishments are long over, and that program was not built by Kelly anyway. The NFL experiment was not good, and that's putting it nicely, and the return to college football is failing miserably going on two years in. Sixty-three players in twenty-two months have said they would rather leave behind a free life in what is easily one of college football's three most beautiful campus environments, in America's most desirable climate, and at one of the country's truly elite public universities than to play football for Chip Kelly. That number is staggering, imo. If Ryan Day were to find himself in the position of having to hire a new OC anytime in the near future, and if Chip Kelly were available, I would not want Kelly within a million miles of the Ohio State program... the guy seems to be toxic. 

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