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Terrible Big Ten Offenses

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October 5, 2019 at 3:45pm

I just finished watching the terribly boring Iowa vs TTUN game.

Some people say it was a defensive battle, they're wrong. It was not good defense, instead it was horrendous offense from both teams.

Ttun runs the same blitz at least 10 times and Iowa makes zero effort to even try to change protection package.

Then when pressure gets to the quarterback he turns around and runs backwards. It also doesn't help the ttun dbs were holding Iowa's receivers all day.

No offensive innovation at all, run on first and second down, throw screen pass to running back on third down.

Next drive run on first down, throw an incomplete pass to the right end on second down. QB gets sacked on third down by running backwards.

Trust me ttun does not have a good defense, Iowa has a terrible offense, an inept offense

Iowa lost because they run the same offense from 20 years ago.

They always claim Kirk Ferentz does more with less. No he just so happens to every 3 years wins games so he can get another contract extension.

They credit Don Brown as some defensive genius, but when you don't let the QB throw the ball on quick crossing routes you get what you see today. 8 sacks given up.

Big ten offenses outside Ohio St and Nebraska are boring, not innovative and still living in the 70's.

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