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What if UCF Goes Undefeated... Again?

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September 29, 2018 at 4:14pm

UCF is still undefeated coming off their self-proclaimed National Championship (This still makes me laugh out of joy as a Respect). Here is the question: If they do go undefeated this year do they deserve a shot in the playoffs?

Remember, they handled Auburn in the Bowl game last year. Auburn beat both Bama and Georgia last year who played for the championship. Two years of undefeated football in the regular season is not easy to do. Sure they don’t play in P5 conference, but they do play teams like Pitt, South Florida (who had beat both an ACC and BIG10 team), and Navy, and those teams almost always upset top25 teams every year. 

To make it harder, let’s say they do run the table and they run it soundly. Blowing out the competition for the rest of the year. Does 2 years of undefeated football get them in, especially if all the P5 conference champs have 1 loss? 

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