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Bruce Feldman Joins the Athletic

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May 16, 2018 at 12:28pm

Bruce Feldman announced this morning that he's leaving SI to join The All American, the Athletic's CFB site.

I bring this up not only in case you're a fan of his work, but also because it seems to be the way the sportswriting trend is going.  The Athletic is a pay-site, and one of the very few that's actually doing a really well and scooping up as good writers as they can. 

Personally, I love the move - I'm a paying subscriber, and the complete lack of clickbait video and ads is worth the price alone.  If this trend somehow eliminates the Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smiths of the industry, I'm 1000% in favor it.

If 11W ever went full-paywall, I'd personally still pay and come here, but not everyone would.  Will be interesting to see if this becomes the widely accepted norm.

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