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Comment 14 hours ago

He was notorious for being obnoxiously drunk and trying to start fights when at OSU. He was also allegedly an asshole at one of the Cruise For Cancer trips the former players participate in. 

Comment 17 hours ago

As ND and UGA play each other this season, it would be very unlikely for them both to get in.  ND needs to go undefeated, then 11-1 UGA would need to beat Bama in the SEC CG.  I suppose it's possible, but not worth worrying about.

Comment 17 hours ago

Bill Bradley had a Euroleague title, two NBA titles, and an Olympic Gold.  He didn't win one in college but is one of the few to be named Final Four MVP without his team winning a title (mostly by scoring 58 in the consolation game). 

Though the craziest part about his resume is that basketball was just a tiny portion.  Also served in the Air Force and served for nearly 20 years as a US Senator.

Comment 17 hours ago

Have you paid attention to recruiting the past 2-3 years?  If UGA isn't in contention something has gone terribly wrong.

Comment 19 hours ago

I would imagine it's fairly common in football - I'd have to imagine that Bama has title winning players on basically all 32 NFL teams at this point, meaning the list is only going to grow.

Basketball is probably more rare if you don't happen to be recruited to one of the few teams that actually wins every year.

Comment 17 May 2019

Abuse victims, and especially male victims, are often too embarrassed to come forward. I’d like to think it wouldn’t go on for so long today without anyone speaking up, but who knows?

Comment 17 May 2019

Reading Drakes email, it seems that the current OSU is doing all they can to handle this the right way. But it sure seems like past people in charge failed miserably. 

Comment 17 May 2019

Cliff notes version: we share gate receipts for conference games, limited to the lower of 35% or $1m, which excludes suite and premium sales. So depending on the schedule, we’re kicking in either $4 or $5m as a contribution (which will then be offset by our receiving portion of the sharing). 

So in a budget that runs into the nine figures, the $3.7m or whatever from this is largely symbolic. 

Comment 17 May 2019

Anyone looking for an example of what happens when a school gets too high an opinion of itself can look to Texas and the Big 12. I’d rather be in our current situation than theirs  

Also, while the tv contract  and bowl revenue are pooled, gate receipts and merchandise sales are not. So it’s not like our fans are giving their money to Indiana and Minnesota. 

Comment 16 May 2019

Meant to add- keep scrolling for the McGee/Shlabach interview.  Thought this was interesting:

Schlabach: I won't say that this year is do or die for Jim Harbaugh, but I also won't say that it isn't. He never beat Ohio State under Urban Meyer. Now Ryan Day is in charge. So, do things finally change for Harbaugh?

McGee: I covered the Tulane game at Ohio State, Meyer's first game back from his forced time off and it was so obvious to me that it was already Day's team. I was so impressed by that.

Schlabach: Urban says Ryan Day is the best assistant coach he has ever had, and that list includes guys like Charlie Strong, Tom Herman and Kyle Whittingham.