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Comment 21 hours ago

Has anyone crunched the numbers on the number of Rookies of the Year that when on to make the HOF? I feel like it should be a pretty decent percentage, unless your draft class was just total garbage.

Comment 04 Dec 2020

I mean that doesn't qualify as a warm take.  CBB's most watched regular season game is usually UNC-Duke, which gets around 2m viewers.  That's fewer than watched Oregon play Oregon State in football this past weekend.

Comment 04 Dec 2020

We're not really a top 10 basketball school though, so that sounds like an unreasonable expectation. When Holtmann gets everything rolling I think it would be fair to expect a Sweet 16 most years.  Some years we'll fall short and some years we'll make a deeper run.  But we're never going to be a consistent top-2 seed.

Comment 04 Dec 2020

In terms of prestige and success, we have a top 3 football team and a top 15ish basketball team.  Our basketball team is the football equivalent of Oklahoma State.  You're aware they're pretty good, but most of the country doesn't really care to watch them.

Comment 04 Dec 2020

I assume that the 11W powers that be have metrics around pageviews, clicks, comments, average time spent per page, etc that dictates the amount of coverage different things get.  A random article about one our linebackers almost certainly draws more interest than an article about the Morehead State game.  If you'd like that dynamic to change, feel free to create thoughtful posts about the basketball team and drive more interest towards it.

Comment 03 Dec 2020

he said that when he is on the sideline this Saturday, it will be good to look 'Justin in the eye' during the game.

Not to be a total cynic , but didn't TL hang out on the sideline during the ND game he missed?