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Comment 15 hours ago

For most players that would be true.  But he did announce he was holding a news conference in January that we all assumed was him leaving for the NFL, but he announced he was coming back instead.  So maybe the guy just likes press conferences.

Comment 20 hours ago

Having it be the last game of the season leaves no margin for error in terms of cancellations or postponements.  

This year's already going to be the exception to basically every "tradition" anyway, so put it at like Week 3 or 4.  Let both teams warm up with a preseason of Maryland and Rutgers then have it.

Comment 21 hours ago

It's definitely a meaningless title.  Coach Mick is also an Associate AD ("Assistant AD - Football Sports Performance"). We have a Senior Deputy AD, who I assume is second in command, and also a Deputy AD.  Then about 50 people with some version of Urban's title.

Comment 21 hours ago

I thought I read that UCLA and OSU are considered lateral jobs in the AD-world.  Football gets the focus, but I think Olympic sports take up a lions share of the time and the Bruins are good at those.  Of course, he could just like living in Ohio more.

Comment 21 hours ago

Lol Urban Meyer is not going to be the AD.  The same board that suspended him for his terrible choices regarding hiring/firing coaches is going to put him in charge of hiring/firing every coach at the school?  And that's before you consider the fact that he doesn't have any actual AD experience, like fundraising and supervising construction and dealing with all the nitty gritty compliance stuff that people like Gene spent 20+ years doing before he got to the big chair.

It's either going to be some associate AD we already have, or the AD at some random school that is apparently highly thought of in circles we're not aware of.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Bama-UGA is the week before we start.  The winner of that game is a lock for #1, with probably Clemson at 2, and Oklahoma a 3.  So I'd agree and put us around 4, maybe at 5 behind Bama/UGA loser.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Warren today: “The only goal we've had," Warren says, was to return to play so the student-athletes would be able to have a safe way to play sports this fall.

Warren on August 19th: "The vote by the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors (COP/C) was overwhelmingly in support of postponing fall sports and will not be revisited"

Guy can't even tell lies without exposing his own incompetence.  Resign already.