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Comment 06 Jul 2020

Gene didn't like it but didn't come down firmly one way or the other. 

April 12:

“That one I’ve thought about a little bit,” said Smith. “I struggle with that concept. When I first heard [games without fans] I said, ‘OK, that could work.’ But if we don’t have fans in the stands, we’ve determined it’s not safe for them in a gathering environment. Why would it be safe for the players?”

Comment 06 Jul 2020

Not really relevant to FBS football.  Ivy League doesn't offer athletic scholarships.  Basically all of those kids are attending either way, so the sports are just an expense and/or risk for spreading infection.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

I agree on Sumlin.  He definitely rode Johnny Football to success and has basically never done anything without him. 

Lane Kiffin is overrated in the sense that he gets way too much publicity, but at the same time he's spent the past few years at FAU and now at Ole Miss, so it's not exactly like he's still failing upwards.  

Ferentz is overrated 50% of the time.  If it's a season where they're supposed to be good he's a lock to go 7-5.  If people don't expect anything they're going to win 9-10 games again.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

Jimbo has a ring though.  Sure he's overpaid, but he's still got a title and a Heisman to his credit, which is more than a vast majority of coaches.

EDIT: Also meant to add that last year they went 8-5, which doesn't look great until you look the schedule The five losses were to Clemson, Auburn, Bama, UGA and LSU.  Those teams finished 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9 in the final rankings, so none of them could you really consider an embarrassing loss.  When you look at this year, its the total opposite and they're basically a lock to go 6-0.  If they beat Auburn they're very likely going to be 10-0 before finishing with Bama and LSU.

Comment 06 Jul 2020

I think Tom Herman WAS overrated, but it seems like he's gotten a lot more hate in the past few seasons to where people wouldn't be shocked if he fired if they underperform again.  Ergo he's properly rated at the moment.

Comment 03 Jul 2020

That actually sounds cheap. AT&T pays like $20m per year to put their name on a stadium everyone still refers to as Jerryworld.