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August 9, 2014 at 10:31am

ESPN has run a poll/bracket type thing allowing people to vote on the best individual college season ever, and to no surprise, Barry Sanders epic season won.  In my opinion (I'm was a huge Sanders fan, and am still a Lions fan), this shouldn't have even been close, and the poll should have been looking for the 2nd best season. I mean 2600+ yds, 37 rushing TDs, broke over 30 records that year.  Yet every time his season is brought up, the conversation now includes Montee Ball, and his 39 TD season (Sanders had 39 total TDs).  I think it was Kevin Smith who was close to topping the yardage mark, but fell off the pace in his last few games.

SANDERS PLAYED 11 GAMES!!!!  He had another 200+yds and 5 TDs in their bowl game. 


Can someone please explain to me why the NCAA will not add in these statistics retroactively, since they made the change to include conference championship game and bowl game statistics into a players season statistics?  I would think it would be a pretty simple fix, which would preserve some of the more impressive records in the history of college football. 

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