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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Mike Doss, come up and lay the lumber on McGahee early in the 2002 NCG, looking to my Dad and saying, "Bucks came to play. Miami hasn't been hit in the mouth like that in 2 years!!!"
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Spielman, Hawk, Laurinitis
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  • NBA TEAM: Sonics (Kemp, Payton, Detlef Shrempf)
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Comment 9 hours ago

150th anniversary as mentioned.  For those of you in Ohio, there will be commemerative 6pk glass bottles of Coke with Ohio State on them coming out in late August.  

Comment 17 hours ago

Biggest takeaway for me has been the talk about changing personnel to match the offense.  I honestly can't believe we saw them go the entire 2018 season without realizing that 3 LBs, one of which clearly wasn't 100% in Borland, isn't a good idea against spread offenses.  How many times does an RPO have to be run and consistently thrown to the same spot right behind the LB to think it might be time to change?  

That being said, this change is probably the biggest challenge facing defenses today when they face uptempo, no huddle, spread offenses, because they can catch a desired defensive personnel package on the field by getting 1st downs and not subbing. That means the defense can't sub without risking a penalty for too many men or getting caught out of position.  IIRC, that's why Ash instituted the walk out LB position (as a result of the Boyd/Watkins show), which was essentially a bigger Bullet position when Darron Lee played it.  It was someone who could eliminate some of the bubble screen/quick hitting plays out to the flats, but also be effective in run support.  

This same line of thinking is also why I think you're hearing the experiment with Ruckert at H and 2 TE packages.  Ruckert can act as a big 3rd WR when split out and presents matchup nightmares.  Suppose the Buckeyes go big with 2 TEs on a 3rd and 1 and get it.  Then hurry up on 1st down and split Ruckert out instead of in tight.  Assuming the D matched the big set with extra LBs, now they're caught with either a slow LB or undersized safety on Ruckert...I'll take that matchup.  

Comment 21 hours ago

1 daughter (7) and 1 son (5).  They both get the same messages no matter who it was originally directed at.  They both are competitive.  They are both smart.  And now they both love eating snakehead (it's delicious if you've never had it).  

Comment 21 Jul 2019

I'm buying as much stock in this OL as I can now...I think this OL is going to be special, for the simply fact that we will see true interior OL playing G and C.  To me, that's why there was so much struggle in the run game.  It's why there aren't traditionally 6'6" and 6'7" Guards and Centers playing.  Can't get those arms extended and into the DL to get a push. 

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Another reason why preseason polls should be completely disregarded when it comes to SOS.  That's at least 1 thing the CFP gets right...they don't have rankings until mid-season, however they are obviously based on the current major polls when they are finally released.  

Comment 21 Jul 2019

My guess is it's more complex than one thing.  Meyer was fanatical about beating UM.  Right or wrong JH values winning the entire schedule more than one game.  He's really good at beating inferior opponents, but not so much at upsetting higher ranked foes.  He doesn't want to lose games earlier in the year because he's preparing for OSU.  That's a guess

Honest question/comment that I've brought up before on this site before as it relates to JH and The Game. If you subbed JH for John Cooper in your statement, you'd have described him to a T, and what ultimately led to his downfall, even though he had more talent on some of his teams than anyone else in the country. With that being said, he was also not born into The Rivalry the way JH and UM were/are.  Hell...JH is closer to it than just about any other HC that has walked through either schools doors since he played in it, made a significant impact in it as a player, and is back again as the HC at his Alma Mater.  Why wouldn't he place more emphasis on that game?  It's almost like at least publicly...he minimizes it as just another game. The way Cooper did. I'd think he would be just as if not more fanatical about it as UM and JT both were. We're hoping RD is as well, and that book has yet to be written, however with UM still around, I don't think the importance is going to be lost on RD at all.  If JH doesn't get it done this home...against a 1st year HC with a 1st year QB...then when, and how long will fans such as yourself continue to support a coach who doesn't emphasize the most important game of the year?  

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Who's going to have the 1st pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?  He's going to that team so he gets Trevor Lawrence on a rookie pay scale.  

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Maybe that first drive he was trying to play through it.  If the opponent isn't aware he's not 100%, he's still a valuable decoy.  I just don't buy that the entire coaching staff forgot who was in the backfield, when every other game he was the focal point of that offense.  I mean...even if Warinner/Beck were idiots, Smith or Urban or any of the defensive coaches wouldn't have been screaming into the headsets that Zeke isn't getting the ball?  

Comment 10 Jul 2019

If there are 25 guys you want, and they want to sign in December, I don't know you tell any of them no without jeopardizing that relationship. Especially if any of them are Ohio kids...that's why Urban slow played those guys as much as he could, because 1) They'll typically commit sooner and 2) you risk those local relationships if you process them out of a class.  

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Didn't the best RB in America have a staph infection earlier in the week in his leg?  Why is this always glossed over when critiquing that game? Zeke was a bell cow that whole season except for that game...might have had something to do with his health.  

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Some of that I think is where the coaches have connections to.  Smith and Urban had ties to FL and the rest of the south.  Hafley has connections out west obviously.  Just something that might be playing a factor.  

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I could see him trying to get Pantoni and Mick once their contracts were up, and with Day's blessing.  It looks like Urban and Day have a good relationship and that would obviously be a below the belt type of move to blindside day with that on Day 1 of his new gig.