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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Mike Doss, come up and lay the lumber on McGahee early in the 2002 NCG, looking to my Dad and saying, "Bucks came to play. Miami hasn't been hit in the mouth like that in 2 years!!!"
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Spielman, Hawk, Laurinitis
  • NFL TEAM: Lions
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Sonics (Kemp, Payton, Detlef Shrempf)
  • MLB TEAM: Tigers and Griffey era Mariners

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Comment 1 hour ago

I'm just going to turn it off and keep internet only.  I wouldn't expect any cable company to do anything that makes sense.  They offer all kinds of incentives to new customers, but absolutely nothing to customers in good standing who've never missed a bill.   I've been holding out on the whole cord cutting/streaming thing because of live sports.  I've realized without them, there's very little I watch.  

Comment 4 hours ago

Yea this is the biggest question mark to me.  Gene touted the schedule with all the bye weeks as giving them the flexibility to pause and move things around.  Great idea.  So what the hell changed in the last week?  

Comment 4 hours ago

Saw on NFL Live yesterday after the news broke.  Think it was Field Yates or one of those guys, but the thought was if there's a spring season or no season at all, you may see more trades in the near future of 1st round picks.  Thought is, to try and get a proven player, vs. drafting off of essentially unofficial 40s and Junior/Sophomore game film.  The Jamal Adams to Seattle trade was specifically mentioned, but also that the Jets could move one of their 1st round picks now for a proven player.  

Comment 4 hours ago

Don't do the Spring Season.  Try to go 100% in the fall 2021.  Take the next 12 months and actually put together a plan, vs. what just happened this week.  

Comment 4 hours ago

I don't think they'll end up playing because of the fears of liability more than the actual virus itself.  That being said, aside from the suckiness of the possibility of these other conferences playing and not the Buckeyes, it could end up being a very public litmus test on the virus itself.  If they're able to pull it off, and not have a lot of serious secondary consequences (old coaches/relatives/teachers, etc., getting sick/dying), then the fear should be significantly tampered down and more of society has to get back to normal.  

Comment 4 hours ago

I'm assuming TV contracts.  Those are signed, but there may be clauses about no games, etc., that would cause no payment this year.  

Comment 5 hours ago

Actually...I think Hancock would prefer to not play if there’s this much uncertainty considering his family health cited as the reason for not playing for his HS this season. 

Comment 20 hours ago

I know the SEC/ACC are thumping their chests saying they're going to play.  But this is going to come down to liability...just like in the Spring when this whole thing ramped up, once the NBA shut down, every other sports league followed suit within days.  No one wants to be the one who stays open and gets people sick or dead.  

Comment 21 hours ago

It’s about getting to the nfl 1 year earlier.  No season this year anyway...might as well gain that 1yr removed from HS if you aren’t playing either way.  

Comment 24 hours ago

Not sure you were aware, but Myocarditis is the Latin term for moving the goalposts.  

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Exactly...if you look at our country, social media is driving a lot of the unrest we currently see.  On the flip side, it also gave national voices to all players and coaches.  

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Just a coincidence that the MWC and the MAC are the 1st 2 group of 5 conferences to cancel/postpone and they share the same footprint as the Pac12 and B1G, who are rumored to be the 1st 2 P5 conferences to do the same?

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I understand that.  Just thinking with all of the public outcry in support of football playing, if the other sports weren't on board, it would definitely put a wrinkle in things.  

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I wonder about the other fall sports outside of football.  Because it wouldn't just be football getting cancelled.  Are there any public opinions out on the twitterverse for other sports, either wanting to play or no?  

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Same down to the local level with elementary/middle/high schools.  There's still very little information how things are proceeding as we are about 3.5 weeks out from school being scheduled to start.  

Comment 10 Aug 2020

Actually...he probably goes to the Patriots at some point, and is handed the keys to that team after Cam has 1 or 2 seasons vs. going to the Bengals...