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Lawyers of 11W: FOIA/Zoom Question

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August 28, 2020 at 2:36pm

Something I've been thinking about for a few days and decided to put into writing. During the Zach Smith debacle, Urban's text messages and emails were released as part of the FOIA requests of multiple news outlets. Within those texts were non-football related messages to his wife, but were still subject to FOIA because the conversations were occurring on Urban's University issued phone. Also worth noting, the content of those texts had to be obtained from the 3rd party cell phone carrier which cooperated to the best of my knowledge.

Here is my question: All meetings between the presidents/chancellors/Kevin Warren had to have taken place remote due to Covid. And I'm guessing those meetings occurred on Zoom. If the parties involved were taking these meetings on their work issued laptops, and because Zoom keeps a record of all meetings on their servers (See here an event where people's recorded Zoom calls were leaked due to poor file naming by Zoom ). Would the recordings of those meetings be subject to FOIA request if they did in fact occur on the Presidents and Chancellors state issued laptops?

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