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Comment 30 Nov 2020

Yep I corrected above. It's just really confusing that they used the language they did. If it has to be BELOW 6 to trigger the 6 game rule, why use 6 as the example. 

Comment 30 Nov 2020

I may have misspoke a little. The rule says it has to fall BELOW 6 games. So I think the season can't end with an average of 6. I think it has to fall below (which it is currently)

Comment 30 Nov 2020

This isn't as bad for our B1G Championship implications as one may think. In a rare (very rare) show of foresight, the B1G already has a stipulation built into the rules for this. If the average games per B1G team finishes below 6.49 games per team, The 6 game rule would go out the window and the Buckeyes would be in with 4 wins (provided the likely scenario that the next 2 games will be cancelled). League average is currently at 5.14 games and seems to be falling fast. We'd have to win the B1G championship game and then we'd be at the mercy of the committee as a 5 win B1G champion. There's a least a glimmer of hope. I would love the committee to make a statement ahead of time though and let us know if 5 games isn't enough so that the draft eligible guys can make their decisions without risking injury for a meaningless game if 5 games isn't enough 

Comment 24 Nov 2020

The only thing I will tell you for absolute certain, that even if it the most glaringly obvious order in the history of college football rankings, and even if they both piss through their schedules with narrow escapes, there is no way in hell the committee will let Bama and Clemson play each other in the first round of the playoffs. You can list a billion playoff scenarios but the only one I’m telling you that won’t happen is Bama playing Clemson in the first round. They’ll bend whatever rules need to be bent to make sure of it and you can take that to the fuckin bank

Comment 16 Nov 2020

ESPN: “What’s important to remember amidst this latest round of crimes and NCAA violations against LSU is that Urban Meyer didn’t immediately fire an assistant coach that had all charges against him dropped at the time.”

Comment 15 Nov 2020

There are rumors that McCaffery is transferring because he told the staff he was sick and Harbaugh took that as Dylan being a pussy. The McCafferys apparently pulled Dylan the following Monday after the incident. Would explain why the transition from McCaffery getting the first team reps in practice and then just transferring abruptly. 

Comment 10 Nov 2020

Considering he’s put up Top 10 recruiting classes in nearly every season he’s been there including 2021 and 2022 so far, yes. His contract expiring and playing a lame duck season with no announcement of his replacement would definitely hurt TTUN more than an extension would. He may not be able to develop players for shit, but his staff seemingly has a way to at least get them in the door. 

Comment 10 Nov 2020

Campbell seems like the most likely pick and I love that because I think we will continue to beat the brakes off a Matt Campbell TTUN  team. Fickell isn’t going to TTUN. Venables isn’t either. If TTUN was smart they’d be looking like a young, charismatic offensive wunderkind like Anthony Tucker at UCF, but they are not smart and they are pinioned to this Michigan Man bullshit because some coach from the 70s/80s that never won anything on a national level in his life said it was the way to do it. The train rolls on. We flip the rivalry record this decade. 

Comment 10 Nov 2020

Not a chance. Letting his contract run out would destroy recruiting. His fate will be sealed this off-season. He will either get an extension or be fired/resign. Guaranteed. 

Comment 09 Nov 2020

The Sir Yacht of Ohio State recruiting, takes posts from Ohio State sites and pretends to have sources.

* secretly runs the @osu_buckeyes account on IG that most of our players follow and he presses them for info via DM. Players know very surface level info on most subjects, especially the inner workings of conference presidents and chancellors, thus his info is fairly worthless 90% of the time. 


Comment 09 Nov 2020

Trey Sermon is sliding and tumbling all over the field like the Wet Bandits trying to climb Kevin McCallister's steps. Teague can't break one, but is fairly reliable. Chambers has a spark but is careless with the ball. It's good, not great at the RB spot right now. If this was '98 I think we'd be perfectly content with the run game, but we have been spoiled by a run of Clarett, Beanie, Hyde, Zeke, and Dobbins. This group ain't it. Doesn't make you less of a fan to call a spade a spade. We're still winning a Natty. Nothing stops this train. 

Comment 01 Nov 2020

THIS is why you don’t make emotional former player hires in college football. Nebraska will be in the same boat with Frost in a few years. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome effect of hiring rah rah program heroes. Your brain gets clouded by the emotion and you stop thinking logically or critically. There are plenty of people over there still singing that old classic “Who can we get thats better than Harbaugh?” The best analogy I can think of is that think of the Michigan fanbase as card counting Blackjack players. Ohio State is the dealer and Michigan’s hand is Harbaugh. Now the fanbase are card counters so they know the dealer has a 20. Michigan is holding a 19 in Harbaugh and they know that a 1 or 2 is not the next draw card. The hand is lost. However, they are sitting there stupidly staring at their losing 19 hand like “I can’t fold. What if I get a 17 next hand? Even worse what if I get a 15?!” It doesn’t fucking matter. The dealer has 20 every deal. You need a 21 and the only chance you have is to fold and see if your next hand is a 21. Cooper had bowl wins, Heisman winner and far more accomplishments than Harbaugh. In the end, OSU had enough of the rivalry losses. said “See ya later!” and took a swing on a little known Youngstown State coach that had a ton of upside. That’s what you need to do to compete again. In the words of Kenny Rogers, know when to hold em and know when to fold em. BUT I’m perfectly happy beating the fucking brakes off that clown college program every year so by all means, keep paying Jimmy! 

Comment 29 Oct 2020

I tried cutting the cord. I made it 3 years. This season, I caved and they got me back (Mostly because I turned my guest house into a full wet bar with a huge TV for sports. Sick brag I know) Stream was too unreliable so many times. I have the fastest internet money can buy and fiber at that, and still it would get choppy at times. Also digging through dodgy Russian spyware websites to find NFL games became tedious. Also, during Buckeye games My phone would be going off like "Wow!" or "Fuck!" and I'd be 2 mins behind the action. I hate giving the cable company my money, but I just want to turn the TV on and boom, there's the game. Zero issues. They could literally take away 99% of my channels and I wouldn't notice. I have it solely for sports. 

Comment 29 Oct 2020

Ohio State is in amazing shape. Our coaches are the best recruiters. The sky is not falling. But I wholeheartedly think we will miss on JTT, Egbuka, Leigh. and Davis. If Covid never happened I think we would have landed at least 2 of them. I'm just posting this here so I can come back if it happens and say I called it, or even better, if I'm wrong, any time I doubt the staff I can look at this post like "Brohio. Shut up idiot. You don't know what you're talking about" Also, Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice for the thread count