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Comment 29 Dec 2019

I love you guys. This jackoff posts that the refs screwed us like every sad sack from MGoBlog and everyone jumping to the thread to take accountability like we should because despite a few soft calls we blew the game. This is why we are and will always be superior to Michigan. We lose and eat it like men. They lose by fucking 35 points and blame it on 2 holding calls in the 2nd quarter. Go bucks. Fuck Michigan 

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Mods, I'm having a site issue. Anyone else getting linked to "2020 Completely Off-Topic 30 Comment mini-thread Pissing Match about JK Dobbins Draft Status" when they click on the recruiting thread? Must be some kind of bug.... ;)

Comment 24 Dec 2019

1. A minor, but extremely vocal, subset of a generation of people that walked their high school diploma or GED into well paying middle class jobs with benefits so they could buy muscle car car collections and 4 bedroom homes by the age of 19 telling me that my generation doesn't have the same luxuries afforded to us because "we don't work hard enough" 

2. A minor, but extremely vocal, subset of my own generation that thinks everything should be handed to them out of pure entitlement. 

3. We really couldn't get a single 4 or 5 star RB to come play in Columbus this cycle?!

Comment 21 Dec 2019

I’ll say it since no one else is going to...Zach Smith was our key to Florida. Sure Urban kisses the babies but Zach was the foot soldier in the streets. He had the relationships that we are “lacking” if you can even call it that since we are gonna pull in a top 5 class with only 1 Florida kid. As long as we are getting top 5 classes, the kids could come from Antarctica for all I care, but the honest answer to your question is Zach Smith’s scandal and subsequent termination has changed things for us in Florida.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

His mom has spurts where she turns her Twitter page public and posts tons of shit about Tate's coaches (Ohio State coaches) being "liars", she badmouths Tate's girlfriend, posts that he hasn't spoken to the family in months. Tate himself, well I think everyone knows the kind of shit that Tate posts. Not to mention Tate drinking on camera for his Netflix show as a recruit and having family members lie about him Tweeting during halftime of high school games and having meetings with his coach solely about being allowed to wear a different color sock than his teammates for a game. His sister posts a billion bare-assed pics across the internet which isn't all that big of a deal, but she also joins in the family drama on Twitter and Al Martell pops up from time to time in articles to drop sage advice like "team losses aren't your fault when you dont play"

Comment 11 Dec 2019

This dude and his entire family are egomaniacal sociopaths and it’s tearing them apart. I know I’m supposed to feel some sort of empathy because he wore my favorite team’s jersey, but I don’t. It’s actually refreshing to see a group of cocky self righteous assholes catch a dose of karma. I don’t feel any worse for Tate than I do for the 4 little shits from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that all succumbed to their shortcomings while the Oompa Loompas sang jaunty little tunes about them. Tate is Veruca Salt and I’m the Oompa Loompa shuffling his parents to the exit. And before you say “You don’t know them”, you’re wrong. We all know them because they post their entire lives to the internet begging for me to pay attention which I oblige out of a twisted morbid curiosity. 

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Wme are going to lose. I am certain. I’m calm, I’m not angry, but I am sure. This game is over

Comment 05 Dec 2019

I need the Citrus Bowl committee to select TTUN so they have to face Alabama like I need air to breathe. Jerry Jeudy hopscotching past Matellus and the rest of Brown’s inept lackeys and going for 60pt on the day would be divine. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I guess I’ll be the one to just say it and take the downvotes: Personal preferences, team loyalties, and circumstance aside....Urban got cooked here. Thought he caught McAfee off guard with a cross court volley and Pat just ripped it It right between Urbans legs on the return

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Hello. For the love of everything holy, please use this thread. Singular MGoBlog comments do not need their own fucking thread lol

Comment 04 Dec 2019

And DC, Hawaiii and NY have a higher rate of homelessness than Cali last year. I don’t think either of us are printing T-Shirts that say “At least we’re only 4th!” My god this is truly the internet in 2019. Digging up arbitrary stats to prove a stranger is a tiny bit mistaken. We should honestly be ashamed of ourselves. 

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Unless you're a QB considering Alabama, in which they just hand you your 5th star for no fucking reason the day you verbally commit. 


Excuse me. Damn, it's dusty in here. 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

WTF is up with this dude. Sidenote: His mom is back to liking Ohio State tweets which is even stranger. Yes this is her actual account 

Comment 01 Dec 2019

I mean Ohio is the human trafficking and opioid overdose capital of the United States if I'm just sitting on my ass in LA reading headlines without ever actually going to Ohio. Open your mind a bit. Tons of great things here.