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Comment 12 hours ago

Other interesting tidbit regarding F Bombs: HBO's former president attributed the huge success of the big boom in HBO original programming in the late 90's early 2000's to the simple fact that the characters in the shows could curse and therefore seemed more real. Also actress Julia Louis Dreyfus and even Larry David said they took their respective shows (Veep, Curb) to HBO so they could say "Fuck". Joe Rogan has also said the reason podcasts such as his are blowing out traditional long form interview and late night TV shows is because you can say whatever you want. 

And just a sidebar, have you ever thought about how weird it is that society decides certain words are "bad"? I mean there's no turning back now, but just think about how stupid of a concept that is. 1 combination of sounds and syllables is ok to use, but we all just decided that these specific combinations of sounds are not. It's probably the dumbest thing I can think of to be honest. Lol. Humans created words that we socially punish ourselves when used. So stupid

Comment 18 Jul 2019

FWIW, DJ Uiagalelei said yesterday that Ricks was flipping to Clemson. Ricks liked the post. I don't put much stock in this so I'm not saying it's true, but it clearly shows that Ricks likes the troll game. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

What city are you in? If you're anywhere near NW Ohio, my old man is the manager for an auto group that has Chevy, GMC, Acura, and Nissan I believe. He takes very good care of fellow Buckeyes. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

This post kicked ass. Great writing. Remember in Shawshank when the guards gave them the beer on the hot day and you could literally taste that beer just from watching on screen? The hay fields part of this felt the same. I could smell that smell through the laptop screen. Amazing job man. Awesome story

Comment 15 Jul 2019

3 - For pulled pork. Only pull what you're going to eat at the time. I haven't had good luck reheating pulled pork that was pulled a day or two before. Its always dry for me

2 ways to fight this.

1. This is the best method by far. Since you wrap, after you pull your shoulder off the smoker, make sure to place your shoulder in a walled pan when you're resting it. When you open the aluminum foil up, there should be quite a bit of liquid rendered fat within the wrap. The walled pan will catch all this rendered fat as you open it. Store your excess meat in the rendered fat. It will turn semi gelatinous in the fridge. This process is similar to confit in French cuisine. When you're ready to reheat, scoop out some into a bowl and put it in the microwave. When it's finished, use a slotted spoon to serve the pork to remove excess fat. In some cases, your meat will be even better this time around

2. Make sure you're using the reheat setting of your microwave and not the full blast of high heat. Put a ceramic coffee mug 3/4 full of water in the microwave while you reheat. Be patient. Probably takes 3 times as long as the regular cook setting of the microwave but the results are exponentially better

Comment 15 Jul 2019

1. "Ohio State Penn State 2017 full game"
2. Click 'Video' tab in the Google header to narrow results to just videos
3. Click 'Tools' in the Google header
4. Click the 'Any Duration' drop down and select 'Long'

Comment 14 Jul 2019

Let me say this for probably the tenth time on 11W, Zeke is an asshole. I don't mean that subjectively like "Oh his actions that I view from miles away on the internet lead me to believe he is an asshole". I mean it like I've interacted with Zeke more than a handful of times backstage at various shows/festivals where artists I work with were performing. He is decently cool to me because the situation I interact with him demands that everyone act cool. But he is a generally kind of a dick to people, he's a loudmouth and a bad drunk. I don't mean he has a drinking problem, everyone drinks at concerts and festivals. But he gets very loud and we all know people like this. All that said, this security guard is a loser trying to catch a payday for sure, but this will not be the last time you see Zeke's name come across your screen due to his drunk antics. Ironically he's one of my favorite Buckeye players of all time, solely because I'm able to separate the dude that put up 3 back to back 200+ games in 2014 and the drunk dude talking out of his ass in the artist trailer in 2019. If you're expecting some sort of miraculous turnaround in his behavior, nothing I've seen in albeit the limited interactions I have with him, leads me to believe he will get his shit together. 

Comment 12 Jul 2019

I was in Prague before all the currency insanity that came with them joining the EU. It was like playing with monopoly money. It was so awesome. I remember being pulled out of line at a nightclub and ushered straight in and to a table because they overheard me speaking English with my friends. Everything was so insanely cheap. Sadly the Krona has flattened out and prices are pretty similar to any major tourist heavy European city.

Comment 11 Jul 2019 about covering up their kicker's rape case for 4 years and kicking him off the team after the university is notified that there would be an FBI probe into Michigan's handling of the matter. People don't mention this enough. It's extremely fucked up and if this would have happened in the MeToo/Twitter age, the entire staff would have been fired top to bottom with a scholarship deduction and a bowl ban. 

USA Today article about the probe

REALLY in depth analysis of the incident with all the police documents. Some Highlights from the report include that 2 of Gibbons teammates gave statements to the police the night of the incident corroborating the victim's story. Taylor Lewan (yes current Pro Bowl lineman Lewan told the victim he would rape her again if she told. This is a doozy.

So anytime your TTUN buddies hop up on their high horses, make sure to remind them about Brendan Gibbons. 

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Just gonna leave this here. Yes its a real tweet. Yes from the same witch hunt cheerleader Paul Finebaum.  

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Feel free to downvote, but if you can't accept the reality that Zach Smith is 100% responsible for the culture shift in our WR room, then you're living in a fantasy land. The whole Zone 6 thing changed our program for the foreseeable future. You see recruits tweeting #Zone6 before they even get here, you see former players bonding with recruits over Zone6, and you never saw any of that before ZS. It's become a brotherhood of sorts within the brotherhood of BuckeyeNation. Hartline is the recruiter of the year no question and he's busting his ass, but would our WR classes look the same over the last 2 seasons without the culture shift of Zone6? It's subjective, but I say no. It has been an awesome thing to watch, and Hartline is doing a great job of moving it forward. 

Comment 11 Jul 2019

I would be highly suspect of any .net website in 2019 lol

Comment 10 Jul 2019

By the way, this is why you don't make emotional coaching hires of former star players. The dude can't win his division, has never won a championship at any level of football, cant develop a recruited QB at Michigan, alienates his own players, has a below mediocre record in big games....and the fanbase thinks there is no one better that would take the Michigan job? It's too perfect. I hope they ride the hype and marketing of the Harbaugh last name until their program is in ashes, fighting MAC schools for recruits.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

The media turned on Harbaugh last year. That kind of thing is hard to ignore once the snowball starts rolling down the mountain. If it starts to flare up again in 2019, he will be in trouble. My thought is if he loses to ND again and the overrated narrative fires up again, he will be coaching for his job against Ohio State in November. If he beats ND early on, I think he is safe regardless of what happens against OSU. 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

A little tidbit I found out the hard way....People in Barcelona don't speak Spanish. They speak Catalan and there are some strong similarities to Spanish but there are quite a few differences and the pronunciation is totally unique...and buddy, let me tell you, they do not like when Americans speak to them in Spanish lol. Barcelona is awesome though. I spent a month there. Probably in my top 3 European cities. The biggest tip I can give you for Europe is look into airlines like Ryan Air and Easyjet. They are budget airlines. No frills whatsoever. Pay for your luggage, pay for water etc, but the fares are criminally cheap. I liived in Europe for about a year and was getting flights for under $25 US every other week to fly all over from country to country. It seriously cost me less to get to the airport in a cab sometimes than it did to fly across the continent.