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Comment 5 hours ago

10000000% skip the 40/40. It is a piece of shit. There are way way way cooler experiences. Angel's Share, Please Don't Tell, The Aviary, Featherweight, Employees Only, and Mother of Pearl all much better high end cocktail bars. 

Comment 06 Mar 2018

I think people have had a pretty good idea that repeated head trauma could cause serious long lasting problems for some time now. There have been helmet regulations, kickoff rules, quarterback protection rules since well before Chris Wells even picked up a football. Do you think there are more concussions per game now then let’s say 1990? I would recommend watching some of the interviews that have surfaced from players of that era talking about the current state of football. The amount of concussions hasn’t changed, but our appetite for sensationalized media has definitely changed. These stories get clicks. Imagine yourself being 14 years old. I say “Hey go out there and run full speed into that guy while he’s running full speed at you” Would you have needed 20 articles about CTE research to know that this was a dangerous idea? I doubt it. 

Comment 06 Mar 2018

For those that are keeping their kids out of football, I totally respect that. Completely your right as a parent. For the kids that are forced to play football due to psychopath parents trying to live vicariously through the kids, I feel sorry for them...but for grown adult males that make a free will decision to play this sport, especially in a time where literally everyone is hyper aware of the risks involved, my sympathy level for the consequences of that decision to play are about the same as it is for smokers who develop lung cancer. It's tragic, and it's sad, but you sign a daily contract with yourself that you are responsible for all the consequences of that day's actions. Playing football isn't a court mandated sentence. You can stop any time you want. No one is trying to eliminate deep sea crab fishing and literally 1 out of every 3000 deckhands dies every single season. But for some reason football is the number one morality, political, child developmental, social behavior lightning rod in America and I'm fed up with this shit. It's a game. You don't want to get hurt? Don't play. I haven't had a good down vote beat down in a while, so bring your worst. I won't be in the forums bellyaching about the consequences of me posting this by my own free will if you catch my drift. 

Comment 23 Feb 2018

See this is my problem. I don't think its 2 concrete choices. All season it was "Do you want Barrett or Haskins?" And we know nothing of Haskins, unless you have access to OSU practice, other than he can come in during scrub time and throw some out routes and get tackled by the first hand that makes contact with him the majority of the time. We barely know more about who Haskins is as a player than we know about Martell or Burrow. I think a better question to ask would have been "Is Barrett so inconsistent that we just take the mystery box and see what happens?" rather than "Barrett or Haskins?" That's my whole point. I'm not gonna railroad the best statistical QB in Ohio State history for some guy that can pop in with 3 mins left in the 4th and hit Cole Saunders for a 2 yd gain to the sideline. To me Haskins has much more to prove before I'm sold, and to some he's the surefire 2018 starter. I keep asking to see some examples of why people think that and so far there hasnt been anything. I'm a Buckeye die hard. Of course I want all that to be true. But I need more evidence and less speculation. 

Comment 22 Feb 2018

I'm not seeing a lot of decision making. I'm seeing him throw to his first progression to the out route in roughly 60% of these plays. And I'm all in on pro style QBs, but in a pro style system, you gotta be able to shake off contact and at least what is on this tape, Haskins gets dropped by first contact in the majority of these. The important thing I want to mention is that it's not that I think Haskins is bad or anything.I'm not at practice.  I'm just saying we've all seen the same plays and I'm not seeing the superstar hype that is seemingly running rampant on the boards. 

Comment 22 Feb 2018

Oh boy. Well let's pull the pin and rip it. I've watched the below video probably 50 times all the way through and I don't see anything but extremely pedestrian execution of absolute lowest common denominator plays. He is probably the best option we have right now and I completely respect the intangibles that it takes to come in cold and best Michigan on the road, but I am still waiting for someone to show me something that makes me buy into the hype around Haskins. I haven't been this worried about the QB position going into a season since pre-Pryor. Will gleefully sprint back to my keyboard in November to log on to 11W and shovel swimming pools full of crow into my mouth if I'm hopefully proven to be a poor judge of raw talent. 

Comment 24 Jan 2018

No shame in not knowing how it works. So Spotify is a mobile app. You can stream in the car. If you don't have an unlimited data plan and you are worried about using all your data, you can "download" the songs you choose inside the app for offline listening without using any data. It's definitely worth investing 30 minutes to learn. Downloading songs, moving them over to a secondary device is archaic as it gets. This will save you tons of time, give you a bigger selection of music, eliminate an unnecessary secondary device and also give you tons of new features that you never expected. Trust me it's the way to go. My mom who is about the most tech illiterate woman in history figured it out. I know you can too

Comment 23 Jan 2018

I am floored that Spotify hasn't been mentioned. Downloading music free or paid is absolutely dead in the US. Spotify is beyond worth it. It has single handedly changed the music industry. 

Comment 18 Jan 2018

Food for thought here. Have you ever thought maybe this could be an opportunity to get out of Dayton? I don't mean Dayton is a hell hole or anything. Some parts are pretty nice actually. But there are endless medical jobs in warm weather states that have identical or better cost of living and probably much safer for your kids than Dayton. Getting out of the midwest remains one of the best decisions I've ever made and it actually made me appreciate Ohio so much more now that I get to visit in short doses, and a very sudden job change was the catalyst that got me to make the leap. It's not for everyone though, but just thought I'd offer some words of encouragement if you had ever toyed with the idea of making a leap to a more economically stable area. Best of luck to you whatever you decide to pursue. 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

1st: Lollapalooza '94. I had EXTREMELY cool parents. I was just old enough to appreciate it thank god and I'm forever grateful for it. Lineup was Green Day, L7, Nick Cave, the Breeders, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Tribe Called Quest, The Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins and also Flaming Lips on the 2nd stage. 

Favorites: All of Coachella 2013, Radiohead in Rotterdam during the Kid A era, Yeezus tour at Staples Center, Justin Timberlake & Jay Z at the Rose Bowl, Tame Impala at Hollywood Forever Cemetary, Steely Dan at Coachella 2015, Sia at Coachella 

Most Recent (I go to shows for my job all the time so this is the last one I went to as a fan): Willie Nelson at the Shrine. Loved every second of it and bought like $150 of merch lol

Comment 06 Jan 2018

Headliners are amazing but the meat of the lineup is probably the least impressive out of the 5 I’ve been to. I’m actually proud of Goldenvoice for taking a stand and deciding not to book all the SoundCloud rappers that are mega hot right now. I actually like Lil Pump, Famous Dex, etc but Coachella is not the place for it. And all those guys do numbers so for GV to take a less financially favorable stance out of principle is pretty rare and refreshing. 

Comment 22 Dec 2017

I think the position has changed so much in the last 20 years that the play we’ve seen in the past 4-5 years has been the best in Buckeye history. Not that guys like Vrabel and Big Daddy weren’t capable. The skill set and body type for rushmen (DE’s in particular) is so different now that it isn’t even fair to compare the guys from the 80s and 90’s. 

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Well for one, if Carman was worried about Meyer’s longevity at the program which is what he said was a major factor in his decision to go to Clemson, Meyer could have given Carman the reassurances he needed to stay home and play for the good guys.