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Am I Wrong for Being Angry About Last-Minute Plan Changes?

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November 29, 2019 at 4:37pm

Please be respectful to me, my wife, my son, etc., in the comments. No name-calling or anything else, please.

So leading up to The Game this weekend, I've known my son has plans both before and during (he's not into football like I am, so this is normal). He has a school club event for two hours in the morning, and then he goes from there to help with another Scout's Eagle project. At least, that's what I thought the plan was.

So I'm at work now, exchanging texts with my wife, and she reminds me to pull out shovels, etc., so that they're ready to take tomorrow. Now, at this point, I'm confused. He would need a shovel, work gloves, etc. She's speaking in plural terms. I ask for clarification. She reveals that, in fact, after my son's club event, ALL THREE OF US are going to be helping with the Eagle project.

She knows what tomorrow is. She knows what tomorrow means. And she knows what time it starts. Yes, we've been on Thanksgiving weekend vacations before where I've had to follow the game on my phone. But never have I had to outright miss part or all of it.

I am livid. I can't stand it. I was planning on getting yard work done in the morning and then settling in and watching. I feel like maybe this is me being petty, and the kid we're helping has an awesome project and deserves all the help he can get to complete it. But the fact that she knows what's going on, and has made this decision without my input, has me wanting to punch through a wall.

So, keeping in mind to be respectful to me and mine: am I wrong to feel like this?

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