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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant, unblocked, slamming Ken Dorsey to the turf as the Canes' last gasp falls incomplete.
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Comment 10 Apr 2019

A lot of entitlement in these comments today. The coaches are going to do what's in the best interest of the team. You don't want to spend $5 to go to a "glorified practice"? Don't spend the money. Sit at home. I live in Florida and would gladly attend a "glorified practice" in Ohio Stadium if I could make the trip. "Oh, they better put on a show!" They're going to do what they need to do to evaluate the talent on the team, your expectations and demands be damned. Get over yourselves.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

The Sports Illustrated article on the game showed LaValliere making the tag; Bream's foot was not yet touching the plate. That's my basis.

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Top 5 worst calls I've ever seen, in any sport, but mostly football:

2000 NFC title game, Bucs-Rams. The Bert Emanuel catch that got overturned and called incomplete because God forbid Tony Dungy's boring offense get into the Super Bowl over "the Greatest Show on Turf". One of only two sports conspiracy theories that I believe in to this day. (The other involves why the Patriots are the dynasty that they are, but that's another post.)

The Denzel Ward targeting/ejection call.

1992 NLCS, Pirates-Braves. Game 7. Sid Bream was out at the plate. I'll believe that until the day I die.

Chris Gamble's catch-that-wasn't against the Canes that would have put the game on ice.

That travesty no-call in the Superdome on Sunday.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Yeah, Tate's woofing has gotten a bit hard to hear. It's not like he can't win the job, I just think he thinks he's owed something, and that's not how it works at this level.

Of course, Fields responding to Tate's Tweet-storm by not responding and instead liking Tate's sister's bikini pics... savage.

Good luck, young man, in whatever you do. Except if it's against us. Until then...

Comment 07 Jan 2019

From the Mgo thread on the topic:


January 7th, 2019 at 1:29 PM ^

Maybe this is what we need to shake up our offense. "Oh snap, Coach Matty knows this offense too well after defending against it every practice for 4 years. I guess we'll have to pass on first down every once in a while!"

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Anyway, I'll wait until I see the results on the field to form an opinion.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

I'll reserve judgment until I see the results on the field. The staff isn't even rounded out yet. If we get both Mattison and Washington, perhaps there's a DC-in-waiting arrangement or some such. But again, until we see how everything comes out on the field in September, I'm going to wait to throw Day under the proverbial bus.