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The OSU Campus (and Columbus) in 1986

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November 13, 2019 at 5:08pm

Now that the anxiety of the Chase Young saga is over, it's time for some mindless fun. My brother shared the below video with me earlier today. Back before people recorded their every fart (no, I'm not a fan of social please excuse yourself from my lawn), two random dudes decided to take what I'm sure was a massive video camera and just drive around Columbus capturing what it looked like back in 1986. Our intrepid explorers begin their tour by the old Sun TV on Morse Road, eventually make their way to the Northern Lights shopping center, hop on 71 South towards downtown, and end up on campus. The end of the video takes a close up look of what High Street looked like back then.  My favorite moment is at the 42:15 mark with a nice shot of Little Athens, which was right across from the student union.  This was my parents' gyro shop so obviously I'm a bit partial. They closed it in the early 90s and it was replaced with something called the Happy Magic Wok.  No idea what's there now but I would appreciate if someone could clue me in. I grew up on the north side of Columbus so the drive up Morse Road really took me back as well. Not sure how many on this site will relate to this video but I thought it was worth sharing.


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