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Need Advice On Updating My Yard Sprinkler System

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October 17, 2019 at 4:57pm

11W seems to have an abundance of very knowledgeable folks so figured there might be a guru or two with some sound advice.

I had to swap out sprinkler heads and obviously a big part of the problem is soft soil. Whole neighborhood has a lot of soft sandy type soil. I had the rain bird maxi-paws and they were just filling up with water and dirt and they were pretty much overkill for the lawn size anyway. Downgraded to some rotor ones that are more than enough to cover the lawn..

The problem is the soil is so loose they keep wanting to pop up ( had the same problem with the max-paws. When it rains really hard the whole thing is just worse. 

Guessing pouring some concrete isn't a good idea :) but any 11Ws with tips to get those suckers really stuck in there despite the surrounding sandy soil? 

BIG THANKS in advance!

Go Bucks!

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