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Comment 15 hours ago

From one Buckeye to another I think you're too focused on Courtney and Zach. Most of that information you know has ZERO to do with this. All that he said she said the Mom said stuff is just a nothing burger to most of what the committee is doing. There's some overlap as it pertains to Zach on campus and the DV stuff but that's just a small part of this..

This is about Zach an OSU employee and what he did on OSU campus or at OSU sponsored events and wether Urban did everything he was supposed to do to protect the students around Zach and the University. All the way back to the initial hire and through him being fired..

A GIANT chunk of this is going to be about the OSU compliance department. We literally know ZERO about what happened in 2015. 

We literally no zero about 2012 when Zach was initially hired..

We literally do not know what Gene knew and when he knew it..

We don't know if anyone else submitted anything about Zach in addition to the 2015 DV accusations..

We don't know if Gene and the compliance department knew about the 2009 incident..

List goes on and on...

People are too dialed into all the Facebook junk that's just a giant sideshow imo..

You don't form a committee because a dude has a bad marriage.. People don't want to hear it but the committee was formed to make sure OSU is protected moving forward and to make sure nothing bad happened over the last 6 years. Finding guilt or innocence with Urban is secondary to that investigation..

Too many people want to say.. she's nuts, which makes Zach look better so Urban should be back Coaching TODAY.. and this is about so much more than football. This is about the school.. the protocols of the school... did anyone damage the school reputation.. big picture stuff..

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Comment 16 hours ago

If this does turn out to be the case ( we don't know yet) let's hope it's because he turned a blind eye because of the Earle relationship..  that probably gets you suspended ( again if they find that it happened).. the alternative is he protected a bad guy for football reasons ( recruiting, wins and loses) and that probably gets your fired...

Still hoping Urban raised his concerns along the way and it's all documented and he couldn't fire Zach for some reason.

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Comment 17 hours ago

Just agree to disagree I guess. Most of that has NOTHING to do with OSU...  Courtney's story about Zach does... Again could be false, lies whatever but it's first hand as it relates to OSU..

And credibility? I'm not sure I believe much of what I read on either side... You;ve got a daughter and mother who CLEARLY hate each other and other family members saying the apple doesn't fall from the tree with regards to their relationship.. Neither of them seems to have any concern how this is basically tossing their kids/grandkids under the bus... keep family stuff private.. and that applies to ALL OF THEM..

Tp me ALL of it is reality tv sideshow stuff..... but it comes into being "newsworthy" adjacent  when it directly connects to OSU..

I'd stop coming to this site if all they wanted to do is rehash speculation to get clicks... no interest in that stuff..

and it's worth repeating... 11w knows more than we do.. it's basically insider trading... they can sift through a lot of the noise and post the most relevant stuff to OSU and this story..

Comment 18 hours ago

11W has posted ( from what I can tell) the stuff relevant to OSU....  I see no reason they would post about Courtney and her Mom/Grandma that has no ties to OSU...

As far as her own texts she supposedly sent to Zach Smith in 2015, which McMurphy published, she said she doesn’t remember sending them. “If they are real, and they do exist, I cannot honestly remember it,” she said. “If I did it, and I am not sure I did it, I think I told (Zach) not to touch her and the arguing has got to stop … something just so those two would stop fighting and stop arguing. 

I mean this section you pasted is right here..

Comment 18 hours ago

Agree to disagree... OSU will want the WORLD to know this is what we did.. how we did it.. and what we are going to do moving forward.. There will be no hiding.. You'll want EVERYONE in that room...

Straight up terrible idea to limit who's in the room.. You try and do some sort of quick presser and not get national press there and you'll just give them another reason to continue to dig into every inch of OSU football..

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Comment 19 hours ago

I'm going to guess it's because most of Snook's stuff would be considered hearsay. You can argue wether she's trustworthy but McMurphy is reporting from the source.  Most of Snook's stuff is heard from someone else and not witnessed... again fair to argue who's lying and telling the truth in all of this but anybody reporting on anything is going to be WAY more willing to post/write something when it's from the original source..

Two cents..

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Comment 19 hours ago

Stil don't buy it... they want to make money..  If Bama was in the same mess you'd see the exact same thing. They would have positive coverage and negative coverage hedging bets on both sides for more clicks..

I have posted on here before. I work in media... almost EVERYTHING these days is driven by computer algorithms...  Wether it's sports, news, entertainment etc etc.. some computer is telling ESPN you'll get more clicks with negative articles on OSU right now... so an editor says bring me your negative articles... 

It's ALL about money.

Comment 20 hours ago

If with you... Makes more sense for Monday. We'll know about one minute after they let press know there's a scheduled press conference. You'll have national press that will want to be there to cover. Makes much more sense that they'll alert the media/press tomorrow that the presser is on Monday.

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Comment 21 hours ago

You left off C).... 15 minutes of fame.... last I heard he's still Zach's lawyer so why on earth is he speculating at all? 

And whatever the outcome is this is going to be a BIG DEAL. Can't imagine you alert the press day of... still think we are heading for the committee submitting findings tomorrow and a presser on Monday.

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Comment 23 hours ago

Because that's not how it works... compliance has a set of protocols... you really think this ends well if some paper pusher never sent it up the chain of command because a powell cop basically said that lady is nuts?  

And why shouldn't he have been coaching.. ..he's sleeping in his freaking office because his home-life is a mess.. that's enough right there... something is wrong in that dudes world and he shouldn't be around players/students.. and it spilled over into the school.. you add on that she showed up at the school and they argued at the school.. and it just keeps getting worse... not to mention I have no reason to not believe the media folks and 11W folks in an around the program that have either suggested or flat out said Zach having a drinking problem wasn't exactly a secret..

The national implications is BLINDINGLY obvious... Urban either turned a blind eye so the dude could keep his gig or turned a blind eye because winning was more important... 

The reason you do something in 2015 is so you don't get un a MUCH worse situation 3 years later.. at the very freaking least Urban should have given Zach time away from the program... he didn't do that.. 

And I continue to believe the 2009 stuff is going to be what causes all the problems.... No one said it was a false police report. Zach agreed that it happened just that it was a misunderstanding... you really think if it was just a lie by Courtney Urban and Shelley are meeting with them to counsel them?? 2009 happened.. Zach didn't tell Marshall about it and didn't tell Temple about it... assuming that trend continued at OSU that problem becomes Urbans problem because he knew.. I just can't imagine Gene signs off on a Zach hire right after the Tress fiasco if he knows about 2009...

We'll know Monday at the presser... glad it's almost over..

Comment 16 Aug 2018

It's about Zach on campus... The implication would be if he truly was beating on his wife ( not title ix but a legal matter) it could veer into the title ix lane because Zach could have been viewed as a dangerous person in general and therefore should not have been around students/players. 

The coaches would have an obligation to report it to compliance...  The same thing would apply to Urban.. there's nothing to title ix with regards to Zach and Courtney off campus. It would be potentially allowing a dangerous person to stay on staff... Basically a guy who hits his wife is not title ix but that same guy could be title ix if he shouldn't be around say.. a female student assisting the team.. 

That seems to be where a big portion of this is headed... that the Coaches did their part ( including Urban) and then it got futzed up once it went to compliance. Compliance probably made one call to the cops in Powell and thought "Courtney is nuts" and that's where it ended... which of course is a problem..

Then it will be about 2009 and did Gene and OSU know about that incident and did the compliance department know about it when they got the 2015 file from Urban.... that's where it could get tricky for the compliance department and Urban or Gene or both of them.

I tend to think that the 2009 stuff is what's going to futz up the whole thing. That Zach and Urban didn't disclose that during the hire and that OSU only became aware of it here recently. Compliance will say if they knew about 2009 it would have changed 2015. Gene will say the same thing.. 

Still think we are headed for a LONG press conference where the University will take blame for not doing a better job of investigating the 2015 incident and announce they have a new set of protocols to make sure this never happens again. Urban will get a 3 game suspension for not revealing what he knew about the 2009 incident in the original hire and for not doing a better job of realizing Zach should not have been coaching. Urban will say he made some mistakes and as a plan in place so that doesn't happen moving forward. And last but not least Gene will deliver most of this press conference and then announce he's stepping down..

Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Aug 2018

That's fair...I just don't think both things can be right. Courtney can't be a giant liar and then we are suppose to give weight to Tina saying Courtney told her she was going to bring down Zach and Urban and Ohio State...

I BELIEVE Tina heard that but how on earth can we believe it's true if Tina herself says all my daughter does is lie... 

Comment 15 Aug 2018

NOT EVEN CLOSE.... Baker made more correct reads in one freaking pre-season game then Manziel made in his entire history with the Browns.

Manziel should have never been drafted by anyone... he can not read the field at all.. he got by in College on being able to scramble and having WRs more talented then the DBs that were chasing them..

Pro football is about walking up to the line and knowing which guy is going to be open -pre-snap because of the read... Manziel football has always been about run around long enough until someone is open... that was NEVER going to work at any paid level in football.. 

Comment 15 Aug 2018

Again, NOT doubting Tina...... same way I don't doubt Snook or McMurphy. Those dudes are typing what they hear... just as Tina is saying what her daughter told her..... again, I don't trust the original source.. so it's hard to trust the reporting..