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Comment 9 hours ago

I'm sure it had an effect.. but how would they even know this? They set aside like $135M for contact tracing and they are playing tag with who is responsible to do the tracing. Mayors say the State and Governor says the Mayors should be doing it... so it's not getting done AT ALL down there..

Plus Florida wasn't even a big "numbers" protest State/ They never had to call out the Guard etc..

I'm sure the protests played a role but the majority of their spike problems have nothing to do with protests.. and they know it..

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Comment 10 hours ago

I'd guess it's a lot more than $100M. When you start adding up ticket sales, suites, food and bev, parking, slower merchandise sales, president club donations, TV money, Bowl money etc etc.. 

I think in 2019 Athletic revenue was reported at like $215M... and that doesn't take into account all the stuff that sort of gets slid around into other areas or that is brought in from athletics but goes on the book somewhere else..

Quarter of a billion easy if we do no sports for 365 days..  easy..

The "books" make it easier to call off sports. You can write it all off/down in 2020 and start fresh in 2021. I'd imagine that's why so many people are against splitting up the season. Just get all of the ugly money/tax stuff out of the way and keep it on the 2020 books.. 

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Comment 11 hours ago

Accomplishes both sides of the should we play or should we not play. If all goes well they can use this a blueprint/model for the fall. If it doesn't go well they can say "this is on you"... 

A lot of pressure to get this right... rooting for them..

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Comment 12 hours ago

MLS thing is more about Texas I think. They don't trust the State and that carried over to the team so they booted them out. We could see the same thing in other Sports ( basketball and NHL would be different with the bubble).. but MLB could shut down a team and use how poorly the State is doing as the reason.

I think the break point for College football is just going to be cancelling this fall.  No school wants the PR nightmare of being ground zero for some outbreak. But even if we don't have a vaccine just from a numbers standpoint it will be safer to play in 2021 because more people will either have been exposed or died from it.  And a vaccine can only do so much. People won't get it for starters and then it most likely won't even work on everyone who does. 

The break point is going to be money. You postpone college fall sports and then imo everything after the end of 2020 starts to happen because it will be safer and they can't sustain that money hit any longer. If we start to see a widespread vaccine working in early 2021 ( even if it's only effective in 20-30%) that's just gravy imo. 

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Comment 13 hours ago

I love NOTHING about this. It's freaking tiresome to have to fill in older family members ( especially those in Florida) who see people like that ding dong down there in Florida go full Mayor from Jaws yesterday and make it sound like it's all over. He knows very clearly that he's pushing numbers from a holiday weekend to spin it like Florida is good to go so that they can order the schools opens..  I'm terrified for my family down there.

I'm just passing on numbers... when I see someone say we beat this thing.. and I look at see hospitals going up, deaths starting to go back up... I post the numbers... knowledge is power..

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Comment 15 hours ago

I'm making Hoak QB2 should we need him, but when we get up enough skip over Hoak and go to either of these guys for 4 games with the first team offense as much as possible. And repeat with the other guy. Get 4 games and quality first team drives out of both and then redshirt. Gives you a real look at who shines when it counts...

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Comment 16 hours ago

Keep in mind most counties in SC don't report numbers Friday afternoon through Monday. A lot of the South does that. Tuesdays-Friday at noon are the days to watch. Plus we are coming off a Holiday weekend so take every stat from yesterday from all over the country with a grain of salt. Most places were not reporting over the weekend because of the 4th. Entire States didn't report.

And I don't know where you got that 69% for hospitals.  Here's the update from SC... Depending on where you are in the State can be close to 80%..

As of July 7, 2,871 inpatient hospital beds are available and 7,734 are in use, which is a 72.93% statewide hospital bed utilization rate.

Charleston SC for the past decade this time of year is right around 55% occupancy. We are currently as of right now at 76.3%... 1457 total beds in Charleston County with 453 available. 

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Comment 06 Jul 2020

Hopefully none of these guys..

Already decided they aren't playing...

Mike Leake, Diamondbacks
Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals
Joe Ross, Nationals
Ian Desmond, Rockies
Tyson Ross, free agent
Welington Castillo, Nationals
David Price, Dodgers
Felix Hernandez, Braves
Nick Markakis, Braves

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Comment 06 Jul 2020

We didn't get in line early enough with Astro-Zeneca. They have promised the USA 300M doses by the end of 2021 with the first shipment coming late this fall ( hopefully). But those doses with be for health care workers/front line folks and people with DEEP pockets. The bulk of our doses won't come until 2021 and will roll out over the entire year.  UK, Europe and India secured 700M of their initial 1B doses and got in line before we did. 

But someone else could beat them to the punch... like Moderna etc.. although bad news just came from their camp. They were slated to start Phase 3 on July 9th and just today announced they have delayed that starting point.. indefinitely.

Plus, even with all of the positive news coming out most of the research is pointing to people needing two shots 30 days apart.. if that holds true it makes the whole thing even trickier because if for example you get 2000 doses, you can't give it to 2000 people. You have to give it to 1000 people and then the same 1000 30 days later..

Even once we get a working vaccine it's going to be months and months before we can roll the thing out.. just the logistics of it..

I've given up hope for fall football but keeping fingers crossed for Spring football...

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Comment 06 Jul 2020

Just before the Michigan game..

The idea of Championships and Playoffs seems like a pure pipe dream at this point. If we do play I'd bet money "The Game" is the last game of the season... 

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Comment 06 Jul 2020

Only way we are going to get College football at this point is if the powers that be realize you have to treat football players differently. You can't just mix players with 10s of thousands of other students and not expect it to decimate your roster. Professional sports can even contain people from popping positive. It's a fools errand to think you can wear masks and do the right thing in the practice facility and then when these kids leave life is just normal again and not expect them to bring that "normal" back into the practice facility. 

We are less than 8 weeks from kickoff and college sports are SO FAR behind the pro teams. Unless they want to do the bubble thing with football and basketball players I just don't see how we have college sports this year. 

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Comment 06 Jul 2020

It matters in the "dance floor is empty" sort of way. Only takes one person on the dance floor to get more people out there. Doesn't matter imo they aren't really relevant to big 5 conference football.  If any school/conference goes first it just makes it so much easier for the next school/conference thinking about doing the same thing to pull the trigger. 

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Comment 06 Jul 2020

Got to be Harbaugh... National brand with unlimited resources and they've got nada from the hire. 

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Comment 05 Jul 2020

some more of his comments..

"I've been thinking about it and been thinking about it before we put out that statement," he said. "I know in the past, when I've been asked about, whether it's our name or the Chief Wahoo, I think I would usually answer and say I know that we're never trying to be disrespectful.

"And I still feel that way. But I don't think that's a good enough answer today. I think it's time to move forward. It's a very difficult subject. It's also delicate."

"Even at my age, you don't want to be too old to learn or to realize that, maybe I've been ignorant of some things, and to be ashamed of it, and to try to be better." "I'm glad that we're going to be open to listening because I think that's probably the most important thing right now, is being willing to listen, not necessarily just talk."

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