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Potential Unpopular Opinion: Menace2Society Podcast is Pretty Good

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June 28, 2019 at 12:43pm

I know there are already a couple of threads about the podcast floating about, but one is from like May and the other is pushing a month old now.  Seems like since there are 2 new shows a week, maybe an updated thread should be created.

So I'll put it out there.. I'm a fan of the podcast.  I started listening with the first episode and found it interesting. I like the stories, I like the insight. I think that ZS is still working out his style and ultimately what form this podcast will take (no more "twitter tough guy" call outs, etc..), but its interesting to see it evolve in real time. I look forward to new episodes and think that some of his topics would make for great discussion on this board. I get that he's controversial and that many folks have made up their mind about him as a person already, but his content is actually pretty good and no-one is giving the same kind of insight that he's putting out there. 

For instance, we've seen so much speculation about what happened to Torrance Gibson. Something happened at school, he was suspended and Urban did not agree with the school on the suspension. ZS gave the full story on his last episode and highlighted how someone that wants to get revenge on someone can "weaponize" the #metoo outcry to completely ruin someone's life. Now there's room for discussion about TG's personal accountability also, but if what ZS says is true (I don't have any reason to believe its not), then my take is there is a 20-something ex-OSU tutor out there that should be eternally ashamed of herself and OSU compliance dept. really needs to have some common sense injected into their investigations. 

Is there a possibility that a weekly open thread could work, with voting deactivated?

TL;DR: I like Menace2Society podcast and would like to read other people's takes on the topics he discusses on a regular basis.

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