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Comment 23 Sep 2019

UFM would never coach at TTUN, reason # 241

TTUN football players do not have the ability to take whatever classes they want or select any major they want to pursue.  They are limited in their academic choices which is why most of them major in "general studies".  UFM would not work at a program that does not adequately prepare its players for life after football.. at least not after experiencing working for a university which encourages academics and supports the aspirations of its athletes.  

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Lots of comments that I'm not going to take time to read through.  My parents didn't teach me sh*t about personal finance either, so everything I know was learned through experience or research and should be taken as "just some schmuck's opinion on the interwebs".

First off, start saving for retirement.  Pay yourself first!  401K, IRA, whatever you choose or have access to. Structure a budget so that the first bit of money that comes out (before taxes, before bills, before debts) is for you.  Then figure out how much you can spend towards debt.  Invest in some sort of index fund and forget about it.  You'll be glad you did in 25 years.

Save up a few months of expenses also in a savings account.  There are multiple online savings accounts that are paying north of 2% interest.  This could come in handy if you need it.

Take out the higher interest rate debt first.  Usually this would be revolving credit facilities like credit cards.  You should never carry a balance on your credit cards, but that doesn't mean you should have them.  Having ready access to credit does good for your score, as does a history of on-time payments.  Get a card that gives you cash back (with no annual fee) and use that for your expenses each month, then pay it off in one lump sum.  Do this for a year and you'll see your credit score skyrocket.

Student Loans.. if they are gov't loans, you have flexibility to change the repayment terms if you need to which could be important in a financial pinch.  If they are private.. pay those bitches off.  Just my opinion.

If your goal is to dig yourself out of a hole, then don't go running up CC bills or getting new installment loans for cars, bikes, boats or whatever.  Pay yourself first, put money away for expenses, pay your CC off each month, focus on higher interest or lowest flexibility debt first.  Keep your eyes on the prize and don't do silly things with your money. 

Comment 21 Aug 2019

I cringe every time I see this pic posted.  I mean.. he's just a kid after all.  It's not his fault his Dad is a tool and has probably downloaded all this weird shit into his head about fear of chickens, thinking you have the best circumstances of anyone you are aware of, and a strange affinity for steak, milk and Michigan. Like yea, let's absolutely take shots at his Dad, but we should leave the kids out of it.  Just my unsolicited two cents on a completely unrelated topic.  I beg your pardon and thanks for reading. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

There are a lot of interesting tidbits of data in here.  Start with the osu email addresses (isn't this their "BuckID" names or something?) of the coaching staff (those that remain), Gene Smith, Michael Drake and tons of other folks in the athletic departments.  If my info was put out there like that, I'd try to get the university to give me a new one.

Saw an email containing a spreadsheet which indicated Kerry Coombs resigned in 2015.  I don't remember hearing about this.  Did I miss something 4 years ago?

Haven't gone through everything yet.. but I'm willing to bet there are some other nice little nuggets of info hidden in there.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

It's still confounds me how a team can have so many turnovers against 2 elite teams and still managed to not only win the games, but do so with exclamation points.  When we're all krusty old and gray, we'll still talk about that 2014 team, with all their grit and fire, overcoming the naysayers, distractions and injuries to win the first ever college football playoff.  Although the 2002 team still mystifies me (down to the wire games against Purdue and IL --> beat the invincible Hurricanes), I think 2014 will be remembered as the greatest OSU team in our lifetime (wasn't around for '68).  Here's to hoping Day has some rabbits to pull out over the next few years so I can eat those words!

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Fair points, I guess.  But, just judging by the downvotes in this thread alone, it stands to reason that this is an unpopular opinion with some for probably the reasons you stated.  

I personally don't think this is a repetitive thread compared to the May thread, simply because the May thread is dated and has too much commentary on BS that isn't relevant to what is being put out today.  It could have been a throwaway comment buried in a 2 month old post, sure.. if the main point of the post was to say "I like it".  The main takeaway is that I'm reaching out to other like-minded members that would enjoy a running post of the content in real-time and wanted to get thoughts on that.  I stand by the appropriateness of making this a stand alone thread.

+1 for your post