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2/3/19 CalPoppy Update!

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February 3, 2019 at 6:28pm

Hello 11W family,

I’m back with a CalPoppy update! CP is continuing to fight and prepare for a bone marrow transplant. A 10-for10 marrow match was found for CalPoppy and that saint-of-a-person agreed to donate. His transplant will be later this month and we are all so excited and grateful to this donor. 

The transplant will take place at Stanford University and he will be in the hospital for a bit. Once released, he will be required to live near the hospital for about two months and will need someone with him 24/7. During that time family and friends will be helping in rotations. 

I cannot tell you how much all of your prayers, well-wishes, texts, replies, etc mean to our family and to CP. These last few months have been a struggle for sure but we always know the 11W fam is on our side. 

I am not trying to shamelessly plug for donations for CP and his family but some 11W members have asked about it. There is a gofundme site if you feel so inclined. Many people from here already have and we are so grateful.

I will keep you posted on transplant updates! 

Much love,

#poppystrong #stillstrong



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