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Sign of the Apocalypse: Kohler Smart Toilet

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January 6, 2019 at 6:08pm

Kohler has introduced its new internet connected Numi toilet, complete with voice control, mood lighting and music. Static lighting has been replaced with "dynamic and interactive multi-colored ambient and surround lighting" and Amazon's Alexa is built in. All in all, it promises to "create a fully-immersive experience," for a mere $7000 or $9000 in black.

From the press release:

Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet: Numi, Kohler’s most advanced intelligent toilet, offers exceptional water efficiency, personalized cleansing and dryer functions, a heated seat, and high-quality built-in speakers. The lighting features on Kohler’s flagship intelligent toilet have been upgraded from static colors to dynamic and interactive multi-colored ambient and surround lighting. Paired with the new speakers in the Numi toilet, these lighting and audio enhancements create a fully-immersive experience for homeowners. Amazon Alexa built into the product provides simple voice control of Numi’s features and access to tens of thousands of skills, as well as a seamless integration of voice control into the bathroom.

Personally, I prefer my experiences on the toilet not to be fully-immersive.


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