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Comment 18 Oct 2018

I'm more of an older horror fans. I remember the old double features they'd have on base like "The Crawling Hand" and "Day of the Triffids." B&W, low budget, cheesy and fun. Mom would drop me off and she'd have several hours of peace while I got the crap scared out of me. 

Every time someone mentions the Exorcist I am reminded of Richard Pryor's SNL skit:


Horror, is of course, in the eye of the beholder. Some no doubt consider a Rick Roll to be horror the it intrudes on a comment stream. I do concur on Halloween. My favorite scene is right before the end:


Comment 18 Oct 2018

Albany GA? I did a project a few years back at LOGCOm. Had to double check each flight as my travel agent would often book me to Albany, NY.  

Lived in south for quite some time. Have found if a fan actually went to the school they tend to be decent, it's mostly the others that tend to be idiots.

There are worse paces to be stationed. One guy I served with chose to go to Auburn on his Navy scholarship because of all his choices AU had the prettiest women.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

“America has only three cities,” Tennessee Williams purportedly said. “New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

with better football teams...

TTUN fans are inveterate believers in September Heismans and "this is our year..."

I think Haskins will remove any doubt about his ability to play in the NFL as the season progresses and the overall team play improves. I can't see him deciding to stay.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

Fair enough, but I disagree. In my experience, everyone on a team wants to win a championship and play in rivalry games. Given his injury and recovery time, plus the chance of reinjury or aggravating it if he returned too early,  I can understand why he would chose to protect his future.  I don't see it as a slight to his teammates or a lack of competitive drive.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

I agree they are fixable; some are straight forward: coaching to improve techniques; others may require rethinking game planning, which is a bigger challenge. UFM has won big with what he does, so changing is a challenge; however this is what separates elite from great. I suspect with all the talent on staff the can make some adjustments to play to the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

Given the injuries, I attribute some of the problems to new guys learning.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Perhaps, but it garners publicity for the winning program and probably helps with recruiting. It's like all those bogus JD Powers awards, they mean nothing but companies trumpet them none the less.

Comment 12 Oct 2018

So could a new dual use stadium - Crew Browns Training Camp be in the offing?

Comment 12 Oct 2018

+1 on both. The Hokie site, the Key Play, is very similar to 11W in tone. Good fans, open to a rational discussion.

Comment 12 Oct 2018

He didn't. Yes, Rutgers didn't add much to football but it bolstered the B1G's research focus; which is where the serious dollars flow to schools. Research money attracts top flight faculty and students; raising the school's profile and reputation. It also expands the B1G's political clout to keep that money flowing to member schools. Any east coast media presence is simply an added bonus.

Comment 11 Oct 2018

While I agree with you on Haskins, the numbers indicate areas of strengths and weaknesses. As pointed out, Haskins js a lot less effective when pressured. Ohio State has a great OL but even so knowing pressure is the way to neutralize Haskins gives team a way to game plan; and when we face a really great D we will have problems. Know OSU seems to prefer short passes and rely on receivers to gain yards after a ctach means more focus on that and less on preventing long passes. 

So while numbers don't tell the whole story they  provide a lot of information.

Comment 10 Oct 2018

So to draw people you may find the ceiling for pricing is what the flea market charges for space; can you make a profit at those rates?

As for storage, is the flea market one of those 1 or 2x a month deals? If so, some vendors may do multiple markets so storage is of little value since they have to transport stuff regularly.

Comment 09 Oct 2018

How do you compete with a flea market or the "rent space in a store" concept? Both of those get foot traffic which is key to sales.

Comment 09 Oct 2018

TL;DR They might. Their payout now vs a B1G payout are close in total $$$

Numbers I've found say the get about $50 million per year from all media rights and $11 of it from LN; which is on par with what B1G pays out. If you assume Ut would bring 0$ added value ( a poor assumption) the B1G schools would still get 48 million with UT added to the split. A more reasonable assumption is adding UT would bring in enough marquee matchups to add at least $50 million in value to the network so UT's joining would be a plus for them even with no LN. If UT really wanted to keep the LN but join the B1G, BTN could create a BTN2 stream comprised of UT content and filler from reruns of other content; letting UT focus on popular content without the added costs of filling in 24/7 programing.