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Comment 21 Oct 2020

It's a failure by the teacher.  Grade your own students' work instead of just outsourcing it to a computer program.

In defense of teachers, they often have no choice; the district says "You will use this" and so they do; even if it does not work for their class.  tech decisions are made and teachers live with the results.

Full disclosure: My wife is a teacher, and she, a special ed teacher, has to use a system designed for regular ed as the platform for virtual instruction. For example, because of zoom bombing early on, the district decided to turn off the ability to break into romms in Zoom. As a result, she cannot do one on one teaching with her students, even though they need it by the IEP.  The districts response? No answer to multiple requests to turn it on for her. BTW, they use Zoom after first outlawing it because the system they bought for virtual classrooms doesn't work properly.

Of course, the district also has a separate special ed system she must also update, and when they switched systems despite saying stuff would transfer it didn't.  training? A few hours of zoom.

teachers often are the victim of technology and of decisions made by head offices with no regard to what will happen in the field; they seem to think it will all be rainbows and ponies. Some of her fellow teachers were in tears just trying to get the system to work, I am tech savvy enough to patch together a solution. 

The district is losing teachers mid year as well as will see a jump in retirement, and of course are upset teachers quit in the middle of the year and will wonder why they retired en mass.

Comment 21 Oct 2020

So you don't think the context of the loss to Clemson last year was important?

Context is important to understand why you lost and what to change; but context is a point in time analysis. If the pattern is that you lose more than you win than clearly you are not an elite team, no matter how close the game. All the context in the world doesn't change the L to a W.

That would be the same if it were a blowout?

It's still an L, just more stuff needs fixing.

I'd guess there were several articles pointing out all the little details that led to the loss because people care about context when it's close.

Of course. It's important to understand what happened, b ut using context to rationalize performance is better than the record is an exercise only designed to make one feel better about losing.  continuing to do that leads to accepting losing and not trying to get better.

There's a difference between saying "Here's why we lost and how we are improving" and "We lost close games so we really are a great team even if our record is a losing one."

Comment 21 Oct 2020

The AI grading article points out the problem with turning over what should be a reasoned analysis to a computer algorithm. I wouldn't call it cheating, rather it's a failure of the system design. The students simply adapted to the situation once they discovered that the correctness of the answer did not matter, only having some key words.  It's not a new tactic, when I was an undergrad I capitalized keywords in long essays, figuring the teacher had limited time to read all the tests and thus if I made it easy to spot key phrases my grade would reflect that, and they results seemed to confirm my hypothesis.

Multiple choice answers are easy to automate and have been even pre-computer scoring.  Essay and short answer questions are not well suited to AI unless you have a very sophisticated algorithm, and in the example the process should have included a review of the results by the teacher to ensure the grades are valid. Instead, it appeared to be used as a time saver and thus problems arrose.

Comment 18 Oct 2020

I'll have to check it out.

The reason I keep my Netflix DVD subscription is they have many of the classic Brit TV on DVD.

I am a fan of Stephen Fry, and recommend:
A Bit of Fry and Laurie (If all you know Hugh Laurie from is House you need to dee him do comedy, start with Jeeves and Wooster)


Stephen Fry in America 

Absolute Power

Comment 18 Oct 2020

Well, if you really want to go old school:

Dark Shadows (Original B&W)

Doctor in the House

Jeeves and Wooster

Black Adder

Aaron Sorkin's stuff - Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Some that never made it here but should have:
Dad's Army

Allo Allo

Comment 16 Oct 2020

I think you are being a bit disingenuous. You start of saying you'll be downvoted, then argue multiple times how you get unfairly singled out and DV'd unreasonably.

We have had fans of other teams visit here, such as VT fans from KeyPlay, and not get DV'd, and I've visited there sites and had the same experience. In one case one of their fans came to my defense when another went after me.

You want to make an impassioned and cogent argument for your team? Great? Passively - aggressively accuse us of stuff? Nah, I'd pass.

Personally, I don't care if someone DV's me; and if someone wants to use DV's to show they disagree or are a serial DV'er when an opinion they don't like is posted, that's their problem.