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Comment 4 hours ago

It's the ability to collaborate across all academic areas that makes the B1G a research powerhouse, to the tune of $9.8 billion in funded research. That's not to say other schools don't do well also, but the BTAA gives a lot of advantages to being part of the B1G. Uchicago, btw, was a member of the alliance (then the CIC) for years and still collaborates with it even though it is no longer a member.

Comment 4 hours ago

The B1G athletic conference is a group of research institutes?

Yes. All B1G schools, except UN, are AAU members. Even UChicago retained membership as an affiliate for years after leaving, and still collaborates with the BTAA. Sports are the most visible part of the B1G but sports money is peanuts compared to research dollars. UN was an AAU member but left after Nebraska separated the medical school and it no longer met the requirements for membership.

Ohio State will not fit into the ACC because of its major research? 

Yes. It would be a very stupid idea to risk the benefits of the B1G's research consortiums and billions of dollars for a few million in sports.

Is this why Notre Dame football is not a good fit? 

Yes. While ND is a fine school and its undergraduate academics would be a good fit, with some areas near the top, others mid pack. It is not, however, the type of research university that comprises B1G membership. My ND friends get upset when I point out that is why ND is not a good fit; even though ND is very good at its mission.

While we all focus on sports, it is really a sideshow when it comes to serious money.

Comment 19 hours ago

In defense of boomers and the Rose Bowl preoccupation, it's the result of how boomers grew up. We grew up in an era where there was only one bowl, wether it was in your house or football. As a result, it was the preferred location when you got to go; and that was imprinted on boomers at an early age.

Now, with the proliferation of bowls in homes and football, one bowl is not necessarily the only location to go. While you still may have a preferred one, but others will do when the preferred one is unattainable. CF Bowl games are the same, you have many choices, even the football equivalent of a port-a potty.  As a result, later generations, having grown up with the luxury of many bowls to chose from, don't have the same nostalgia for one, whether to is porcelain or Rose.

Comment 19 hours ago

Never going to happen. Football, and sports in generl, while a very visbile part of the B1G, is not the the main revnue driver, or even a significant portion of it. Research is, which is why the B1G is first and foremst. consortium of major research universities. That is also why Notre Dame is not a good fit.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

To me, the most important line in the article is:

The Miller’s knew the news was coming as Meyer called them on Monday, Dec. 3 to let them know where things were likely headed.

I assume the same held true for other commitments and possibly targets so they weren't blindsided. That shows how much Meyer cares about the program as well as the recruits; and goes a long way to build trust in the coaches that they will be straight with them even if the news isn't what they may want to hear.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

Winovich clearly was hoping the eleemosynary instincts of recruits would result in them taking pity on TTUN and sign in the forlorn hope they can make a difference in TTUN's future. He was correct, however in saying OSU's victory was a mirage, he saw a bright and shiny W on the horizon but as he got closer to it it disappeared into yet another L.

Comment 09 Dec 2018

Liberty requires a pledge by employees not to drink on or off campus; so to me do they hold him to the same satndard as otehr employees or will winning paper over any transgressions?

Comment 09 Dec 2018

YSU to OSU is like getting called up to the majors.

I would agree but maybe not as you meant it. Instead of an individual standout being brought up and suddenly facing blue chip talent every time vs. occasionally; it's more like a coach who was very successful with the talent he had against other coaches with similar talent. He knew how to manage a game to take advantage of his team's strengths, the opponent's weaknesses and counter their strengths while minimizing the impact of his team's. As such, JT was a lot less of a gamble.

I am also not so convinced that we need an Ohio guy. A great coach will understand the rivalry because they have played in such games before. He may not have the connections in Ohio as deep as an Ohio guy, but he's been recruiting well enough to get talent and build relationships; otherwise he wouldn't be considered. The Ohio talent is not as deep as it was in the past either, so national recruiting is much more important; you just need to get the top few Ohio guys each year; scholarship limits also mean you can't stockpile talent from Ohio like Woody could.

Comment 08 Dec 2018

The real test will come if he violates their code, such as having a drink. Will they subject him to the same punishment as they do students and faculty, especially if he is winning?

My guess he is looking for a good season or two and then bolt.

Comment 08 Dec 2018

It all depends on the personality of the person who is in such a position. Some can let go and standby while the new person does things their way, even if it isn't how they would have done it. Others can't let go and will keep sticking their nose in to "fix" things. It can be especially problematic since the old boss can tap into old relationships to undermine the new one. I'm not saying that's going to happen but I am sure it is something that all involved talked about.

Comment 07 Dec 2018

You don't. I found it humorous; especially since growing up some friends wrote the coach of our MLB team and carefully explain how many games he needed to win to make the playoffs and telling him exactly which ones to win.

Comment 07 Dec 2018

My late dad was a WWII and Korea vet; and i grew up in an Army town where most of the dads and many teachers were WWII vets as well. If they talked about it is was about the fun stuff or crazy things that happened. 

One teacher flew B-24s out of Italy and regularly bombed my war bride mom's home town.

My late god father landed at Normandy and earned a Bronze Star; something I never knew until years after he died.

Met a sailor who was on the Reuben James. He was surprised when I asked him about it as most people have no idea who she was.

My dad once told me the first time he shaved was on the banks of the Rhine River "after they captured a bridge" I later found his DD214 and a map of where he fought, which include the Battle of the Bulge and through Germany to the end of the war.

Greatest Generation indeed. They helped save the world but you wouldn't know it from talking with them.