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Comment 22 Jan 2018

Being a boon and thinking it will be one is two different things. There is no assurances the estimated jobs or economic impact is realized; but the incentives get paid anyway. Politicians like to tout jobs and getting a company to move but rarely tout what was actually acheived a few years down the road and what it cost taxpayers. 

Comment 22 Jan 2018

If the 2400 student ticket number is correct, at $150 that's only 360K revenue per season. I do not know if OSU sells out each game to corporate buyers who do not use them but I doubt it. 

If I ran the show I'd do you one better. I'd look at sales and offer students some of the unsold good seats at student prices. That way students who are into BB can go and see games in good seats, or even resell them which still gets cheeks in seats. I'd then give away upper deck tickets to students for free on a first come first served basis for all games. Let them request tickets online and send them an eTicket. Let them request blocks for groups. Giving up 360k is a small price, and a drop in the bucket for the athletic department, to pay to boost attendence. Heck, at the half let them move to empty seats closer to the court. 

I'd also work with local schools and charities to boost attendence by getting school groups to attend and others who might not be able to afford to come a chance to see a game.

Of course, when the next LeBron gets in for free as a 5th grader the NCAA will be all over that recruiting violation...

Comment 21 Jan 2018

Hate auto correct. Sink = zinc 

Comment 21 Jan 2018

Hungarian is an interesting language. My uncle in Vienna spoke enough to conduct business in it when he went to Hungary. Viennese german also adapted some Hungarian into its dialect.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

You did, I was referring to home inspection companies, which may or may not employ actual engineers who are PEs. I think we are on the same page anyway.

It's all good, anyway...

Comment 20 Jan 2018

Be sure to get a real engineer, with a PE who specializes in that sort of work. To many "inspectors" are ex real estate agents or contractors and not necessarily qualified to deal with a specialized issue like that.

Comment 20 Jan 2018

Interestingly the Portuguese find it easier to understand Spanish than vice versa. 

Comment 20 Jan 2018

TL;DR Apple makes great tech with some maddening quirks

The new 4K ATV is very picky. I got one and it was real wonky when I connected it to my TV through an older A/V receiver. After replacing one the tech asked how mine was setup,, once I explained it he explained the HDMI incompatibility and recommended the switch or replacing teh receiver. I did have a compatible one I had just custom fit into a Grundig cabinet to replace an old non-working one and did not want to rip it out and redo all that work. Plus, I did not want to replace a perfectly good receiver I put my older ATV through it and hooked the new one to a different TV using a direct hookup and it works fine.

That's part of my love/hate relationship with Apple over the last 20 years. By and large their stuff just works but they make some decisions that I find maddening. I guess they assume anyone buying a 4K ATV will have the latest receiver as well or just go direct to a TV. The Siri remote is neat but so touch sensitive I just us emu iPone to control the ATV instead.

Nice to have 2 (Got 2cd in DirectvNow deal) since my TV doesn't have PIP so I can setup a second to watch 2 games at once.

Comment 20 Jan 2018

German and English. Was born in Germany while dad stationed there and spoke it at home with Mom and when visiting her family. 

As a consultant am also fluent in BS.

Would like to learn Arabic and Portuguese.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

If statements are conditionals, not loops

Not if you use it (im)properly. I once got a printer to endlessly spit out paper until the system operator decided to kill my program. Almost as much fun as swapping the parity error and run lights 1130.

No I don't, there's a reason that nearly all gaming mice come with a cord. But to be fair they generally include an optional wireless receiver for the cord-adverse.

Real gaming is done in ASCII. On a line printer. Don't need no new fangled mouse...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Only Apple and Apple fanbois would consider a reduction in functionality to be a feature

Only a programmer would consider a kludge from the MSDos days a feature and want to shackle thousands of users with a kludge taht is a useful as an appendix in a human. What's next, demanding the return of  Prnt Scrn and If Then loops?

Hard-core gamers (along w/ anyone else concerned about the response time of a wireless mouse) would strongly object to that assertion

Common, QCB, you've gotta have a better comeback than that...

After some Mac vs Win back and forth we can move on to Dvorak vs QWERTY. It's a slow Friday even though I am on a deadline...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

As a programmer, if you take away my Function keys I will come after you.

Taking away the function keys is a new feature, not a bug...

I have a wired mouse too, you want to fight over that?

Sure, that's half the fun. Haptic touchpads are the wave of the future, wired mice went out with MSDOS...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

I read it as he cannot get the BIOS screen to show up, but that he is getting the audio boot prompts correctly. I could have misunderstood, as that is known to happen; just ask Mrs78...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

The Mac > Windows argument is outdated and misunderstood and people need to stop with it.

It started with Ogg and Thag in their caveman lair arguing over obsidian vs flint for spear heads, evolved into cars, stereo equipment, tools and any other toys. We will argue over which toy is better until the end of time. 

Headphone jacks are for losers and function keys are overrated. Your serve...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

So it sounds like a PC issue. If you think it is the power supply I'd pickup a tester before shelling out coin for a new one. The only reason I don't think I'd go there first is you appear to have no other PS related issues. Do you have a VGA or DVI output on the PC? If so I'd try those and see what you get. Amazon has them for 5$ and up.

Can you boot from an external HD into a different OS version? That would help rule out HW vs SW issues.

Also, when you reboot do you let the computer sit for a minute or so? Sounds weird, but I have had problems disappear by simply letting any residual capacitive charge die off.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Its not the display, the pc is hooked to the tv and the cable works fine on every hdmi input.

Not sure what you mean by this. Does it work with other devices just not the PC? Is it possible MS update dates DRM on the video signal to higher HDMI standard and your tv or cable is not compatible? Based on your description I doubt it because you should still see the splash screen. I had that problem putting PC output through an older AV receiver that was not complaint with the newer standards and would cause wonky video issues with the newer device.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

I will never own a mac, honestly macs are the computers people get when they know nothing about computers.

Or are sick and tired of troubleshooting Windows / PC issues and incompatibilities and want something that just works and doesn't fall apart when it is on the road every week. Too each his own ...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

However, buying other cryptocurrencies only reduces bitcoin specific risks, not systemic risk with cryptocurrencies.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

​First you must reboot system, reformat the hard drive and reinstall the OS - Dell tech Support (Sarcasm for some reason /I is not working)

When you say refresh, did you change anything such as a video driver? I would first look at anything that changed from the previous good operation. Then I would try a different display and the exiting display on a different computer. If they work then you've isolated the problem to the PC. At that point I would look at a software issue. Do you have an older HD with an OS you can drop in to see if it works. You could even put Linux Mint on a flash drive and boot from it to isolate any Windows issues.

Maybe you could borrow a PS tester to see if it is bad before shelling out for a new one.

After you get it working, go out and buy a Mac (RDG)...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

If you do decide to apply to a Federal job drop me a note. I spent 3 years running a coaching service that helped Feds update resumes for Fed jobs as well as interview prep. A federal resume is a unique beast and I'm glad to help if you go that route.