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Comment 24 Jul 2017

Seems pretty good. Where I am they have those informational speed signs and I am usually within a mile per hour or so. Fortunately where I live radar is only allowed for 10 over, except for state patrol, at which point you are speeding, and no one will pull you over for that unless you are doing something else stupid as well.

Comment 24 Jul 2017

I agree. Les could get one heck of a payday; if he wins they'll keep him and if not he still cashed the checks. I don't see how Ole Miss has much bargaining power with sanctions coming and an alumni base that will demand a big name versus someone who is not a marqee hire but will take the job. 

Comment 23 Jul 2017

I have several concerns with speed cameras:

1. How do you ensure tehy are properly calibrated so the speed reading is accurate.

2. How do you ensure the strongest signal is indeed the car photographed.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

I would guess who ever goes there will either be a name who can command a ton of money to takeover that dumpster fire; or an up and comer ho can get a good long term deal to take over. For the former, it's a quick way to cash out and the latter a chance to cement a reputation if you can turn things around.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Ole Miss should have simply let Nutt ride off into the sunset and worry about how to handle the NCAA without slandering Nutt. Once they started destroying his reputation they should have been sure tehy were 100% clean or it wasn't't going to end well for them; especially since Nutt knows as much as anyone about what happened when. They don't want him to come clean to the NCAA and drag down others at the same time, so take your butt whipping and go home.

As for Freeze, separate from what I think of what he did, had he been winning I bet he'd still be there. Of course, it is also possible that he wasn't the end client for the ladies, which would point to a much more serious problem; but if that were the case wouldn't he be smart enough to a) have someone else make the calls and b) not do it on a work phone?

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Whose coat of arms is the basis for Maryland's, or Murland's, state flag. 

Trivia point: MD is the only state whose flag guidelines specify the ornament at the top of the flag a gold cross buttony.

Comment 10 Jul 2017

I use the heat gun simply because that way I don't have to setup a chimney each time; but whatever works, eh?

I wish I could convince my wife you don't need a 50/50 smoke wood and charcoal mix. Oh well, pick my battles...

Try marinating the bacon in Makers Mark overnight and then add the spice and sugar.

Comment 09 Jul 2017

Did you get a torch or a heat gun? I've tried torches and they are a pain but the heat gun puts out good heat plus the airflow fans the flames to get a good light. I can light just tech enter of several areas depending on how I want coals to burn.

Comment 08 Jul 2017

Couple of suggestions:

Get a cheap heat gun from HD or Lowes. I bought one for $20 and I can light my BGE in no time. Lot easier than the wax starter blocks and cheaper than the ones sold as charcoal starters. 

Check out the Kamodo Joe rotisserie. If it fits yours it is a great way to do rotisserie on the grill.

Check out the Big Green Egg forums for good tips and recipes.

Ok I said a couple and had three, in my defense I am an Aero and everything about airplanes is an approximation and 2=3 for large enough values of 2. 

Comment 08 Jul 2017

I think a finer point would be to say "coaches who could move up and on...If they want to."   There is nothing wrong Ong with a great coach who could move on staying because he likes what he has got. Not everyone wants to move on, for a variety of reasons. I worked as a plant operator and we had people who could have become supervisors but didn't want the added headaches so stayed put. 

The again, when in the Navy I knew a QMSN, with a technical PhD, who did everything he could short if getting in trouble not to make PO3 simply because his divorce required him to pay some percentage of his base pay to his ex. So he quit his well paying job, enlisted in the Navy and sent a small check to her every month. As he put it, he got a chance to see the world, 3 squares, healthcare and a place to live plus allowances he didn't have to split; while his ex got gas money. He was an outstanding QM and leadership went along.