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Your Jim Harbaugh Open Thread

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February 23, 2016 at 9:22am

You know you want a Harbaugh Open Thread.  You need a Harbaugh Open Thread.  No reason to scour the Forum to see if someone else has posted the latest news on what Jimmy is doing.  They have.  Multiple times.

Give the MODs a break.  Post your breaking Harbaugh news here.  Where is Jimmy?  What's he doing?  Who's he with?  What's he wearing?  What kind of dog's butt does Jimmy's breath smell like today?  All your answers, including those to questions you didn't even think to ask, can be found here.

I'm putting this in the Anything Else Forum because we don't have a dedicated Harbaugh Forum (maybe for the next update, Jason??).  Plus we don't want to limit our Harbaugh talk to just College Football, as Jimmy's daily doings transcend so much of what is going on in the small world of College Football, or even in the Sporting World as we know it.

It's all Harbaugh all the time in here.  You're welcome!

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