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Comment 19 Sep 2019

Fair enough, but I don't mind celebrating a Michigan Man being an idiot.  If Taco keeps his mouth shut and works hard, he's still a Cowboy making $1 million + this year.  

As far as UM guys in the league, I don't harbor any ill will toward them (well, not most of them).  I rooted for Braylon in Cleveland, even though he predictably let me down repeatedly.  Leroy Hoard was one of my favorite Browns of that era.  Steve Everitt, too.  Aaron Shea.  All good guys who were a credit to their university.

Plus (and perhaps more importantly), I'm a sucker for wordplay, and I just fold like a fresh tortilla when a pun opportunity presents itself.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Sucks for him, to be sure, but Taco bought his own ticket out of town.  Sure, he has underperformed, but teams don't cut loose 1st rounders after 2 years just for underperforming.  Word is that he did not show effort, asked for a trade in the offseason, and demanded to be "freed" on social media recently.  Pretty much hit the trifecta for a trip to the waiver wire.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

That’s not an entirely unfair take. The last two recruiting guys were not well connected and didn’t last long. I don’t think Lind was very well liked by anyone except maybe his dogs. Maybe.