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Broncos defender on Tom Brady: 'I tried to rub my nuts on his face'

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January 26, 2016 at 4:37pm

Looking for a quick chuckle, you clicked the right forum topic then but don't blink because it's short and sweet. Here goes:

Sunday was a rough game for Tom Brady. By the time the game ended, he sported bruises, cuts, skinned elbows, burst blisters -- and, oh yeah, a near-miss with an anonymous set of Denver's family jewels.

"I tried to lay on him a few times," an unnamed Broncos rusher said after the game. "I tried to rub my nuts on his face."

Just who that rusher was -- cough cough Von Miller cough cough cough cough -- we may never know.

Here's a link for those that... need a link.

As you were...

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