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Buck-I-Guy does it again!

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January 17, 2015 at 5:57pm

So this idiot did it again today. My folks, my little brother who is 8 but will be 9 on Monday, and myself traveled to Granview today to see the National Championship Trophy at Krogers. We got there at about 9am or so and saw that there was a long line outside the store. We proceed to the end of the line and waited. We slowly moved forward as people began to huddle together to stay warm. The pictures/viewing of the hardware was from 10A-2P. At about 9:30 duh duh dunnnnnn in rolls Buck-I-Guy in his buckeye mobile blasting music. He pulls the car up to the front of the store in the fire lane mind you and jumps out yelling and high fiving people. Little do most people know that he is a skeez. After a few photos and high fives my dad leans over and says I bet he jumps the line. Sure enough I looked ahead a few minutes later he was gone. At 10 the line really started moving and once we got in he was leaving all proud! Did mention when you looked in his car he had a full stake of photos ready to sign and charge people money. I wish stores and people would not let this guy have his moment in the spotlight. Im glad he was barely visible during the playoffs. Some guy behind us even had the cahonas to tell these old lady's beside him that Neutron Man passed his torch to him!! Anyways the trophy was just as beautiful in person as it was in HD. Sorry for the rant. I saw a fellow 11W reader there rocking his dry goods hat though! Still can't believe the team did it! Go Bucks! 

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