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DJ Byrnes, bloggers favorite whipping boy!

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July 30, 2014 at 11:28am

I'm an avid commentor on this site.(no, no, seriously I tend to visit here often) I haven't been on too much lately because I have a lot going on with family, work and general busy crap.

So I read today's Skull Session and the connected links to yesterday's Skull Session and I'm somewhat taken aback by how some commentors, not just trolls, really lay into DJ for the work he does EVERY MORNING!

I don't always agree with DJ's opinions and statements but I also understand that he is a hard working guy........on a FREEEEEEEEEEEE BLOG SITE!

If you all want Walter Fucking Cronkite, go pay some struggling magazine with overpaid journalists a nice monthly premium fee to read their shit! If you want to read something that has more editing time than a cat's left nut rotating to the right, go to ESPN! You can read their mindless drivel! DJ has less than 12 hours to write the SS so they post in time for you to catch it before your morning self mutilation session! Sometimes I am impressed on what he can find, sometimes I see he had trouble. I just don't come on expecting a Pulitzer winning piece every damn fucking morning!

So I put it to my fellow DoubleOneDoubleU commentors and ask,

Are you willing and able to write the morning Skull Sessions knowing full well that you will get criticize and nit picked everything you say, five days a week for a FREE BLOG SITE? Because I'm sure as hell not!

So here's to DJ for the effort he puts out for us to have at least something to distract us every morning, even if it is "mildly amusing garbage". Some of us understand that we aren't coming on here because of the quality, we come on here because we are a community bound by one awesome love! (trust me, there isn't much quality in the forums either)


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