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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching OSU beats the Hurricanes in the NC game while being surrounded by a bunch of Miami fans. I lived in Jacksonville, FL at the time. It was sweet!
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Comment 2 hours ago
Getting those guys is huge but I think Maryland has proven a few top talented players doesn't make a good team. Schiano is going to have to coach his ass off still and even then it is going to be a daunting task to bring that team back to where he had it the first time he was HC there. I look forward to seeing how he does, I just keeping my expectations low for a couple years. Beating ttun would be epic though. lol
Comment 2 hours ago
Their games have gone under the goal total 8 out of the last 10 games and have 30 times this season. One of the easiest wagers in hockey this year. That just means they play great defense because I think they have also score about 3 goals a game.
Comment 08 Jan 2020
Possibly although I can see the class stopping at 4. They had 5 in 2019 and 6 in 2020 just signed, two of the class from 2019 redshirted so that means there are 8 freshmen currently on the team. It is easy to see the line in 2021 being Johnson, Vahimi, Miller, Matt Jones and NPF with a heavy rotation of Wray , Wypler and Big Daddy Jones.
Comment 20 Dec 2019
I've seen several Kentucky games, being here in Louisville and have a ton of UK fan friends. They are talented but I dont agree about their defense. Their bigs are not good at playing the pick and roll and get caught leaving the dribble drive open in the lane. Richards is talented but he is not a high IQ defender. I expect a tough game with UK but I think the basketbucks will be able to score on them.
Comment 19 Dec 2019
No because sports are so specialized that a player has to choose one or the other much like Kyler Murray did. And let's be honest, Bo and Deion were damn good at baseball but when you think of them, they are football players. They are in the NFL HOF, not the baseball HOF right. So even still, they were great athletes moonlighting in baseball. I dont think we will ever see someone be good enough to be elite in both sports at the same time. Lastly, I do think we might see a football player compete in the PGA. That could still happen.
Comment 18 Dec 2019
Why? Still got Fields next year and the next year will be Miller and McCord. I also would be surprised if Day didnt still bring in another QB or two the next two years.
Comment 18 Dec 2019
Correct although I am anticipating seeing all WR and Jack Miller sign. Dont expect any issues but once they sign I'll be very happy.
Comment 18 Dec 2019
I wouldnt say either are small, they are both about 5'11" and 185 lbs. That is about average. And Cavazos is very athletic. Watts being the biggest in the class might be the least athletic but could be a great slot/bullet.
Comment 12 Dec 2019
I've always said 6 team playoff, 5 conference champs and 1 auto bid. Top 2 get byes first week as their advantage for being the best. More then that and now you are watering down the field and also adding too many games in a season for a champ.