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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching OSU beats the Hurricanes in the NC game while being surrounded by a bunch of Miami fans. I lived in Jacksonville, FL at the time. It was sweet!
  • NFL TEAM: KC Chiefs
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Comment 02 Jun 2019
Most recruits are Urban's recruits, true, but I think you are discounting Day's impact on the offense and who commits on that side. Day is the reason Fields transferred and is why Jack Miller originally committed and stayed with his commitment after Urban retired. Urban was involved in the recruitment of Harrison and 2021 Sawyer (and LJ is the biggest reason they buckeyes) but the belief is Day as HC is why they are coming too. Many HC taking over for Urban might not have kept this thing going as well as Day has. He has made a lot of good decisions so far (bye Davis, hello Washington). I give him a lot of credit for this team not falling apart.
Comment 25 May 2019
5 star cant miss starter at QB, WR, DE, DT, LB, CB. All the rest are highly ranked recruits as well. Top recruits at QB, WR, OT, LB, CB already committed. Many still highly interested in buckeyes. I think Ohio State will be just fine!
Comment 22 May 2019
I would include the Bosa TwoFerOne against PSU and the JT perfect second half vs PSU in the top 99. Also the victory vs Bama in 2015 sugar bowl. But correct, top games would be NCG and games that make UM fans cry.
Comment 22 May 2019
I dont think the 13 players on the field should have been a penalty. The refs just felt bad for UM and felt they needed 13 PoF to stand a chance.
Comment 20 May 2019
Sadly golf only recently got into the Olympics. But I do wholly agree that Russell and Nicklaus are on the Mt. Rushmore of winning at all levels.
Comment 20 May 2019
Jack Nicklaus...tri-state HS championship, 2 Junior amateur championships, 18 majors on the PGA tour and several majors on the champions tour (senior tour). That right there is the GOAT at winning titles at any level!
Comment 14 May 2019
I dont. Joey was just a mauler and overpowered his opponents through strength and technique. Nick was an absolute technician who did have great athleticism. Chase is a pure athlete that needs to learn the technique the Bosas had. So he is more athletically gifted, but the Bosas were more elite players because they knew how to play the position so well. They had more nurture while Chase has more nature!
Comment 14 May 2019
This also shows that when Alabama is good, they are really good and when they are bad, they are really bad! I still remember how bad they were before Saban came on board. I think many forget how dominant Oklahoma was in the 80s and early 90s. They were almost what Bama is now.
Comment 14 May 2019
Or Antonio Brown. Although he has proven himself that he could be ostentatious if he wanted. But really, I dont fault him for wanting a nice car and for all we know he is a car nut. To me buying a Bentley is better than spending a fortune on a shoe collection of shoes you will never wear. At least he will drive the Bentley. I also remember seeing a basketball player pull up in a Bentley when I was in Houston and he wasn't that good. Bentleys are status symbols but not necessarily that pricey for a millionaire. Now if Haskins bought a Bugati.
Comment 14 May 2019
Maybe I am inaccurate but didnt Tate himself say he was thinking about transferring before the 2018 season when he realized Haskins was going to start? Something like that. I dont know the timeline but I could have sworn he was having these thoughts before he even heard from the coaching staff. Either way I never bashed him for transferring. Hope he gets what he wanted and gets to start.
Comment 13 May 2019
Want Fleming but I'd be fine with Gee Scott and Jaxson Smith as the two current guys. Not a bad haul either way. Plus Jack Miller will get the ball to whomever is on the field.
Comment 10 May 2019
Beanie and Dwayne Haskins, you know cus he is more of a runner than a passer.