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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching OSU beats the Hurricanes in the NC game while being surrounded by a bunch of Miami fans. I lived in Jacksonville, FL at the time. It was sweet!
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Comment 18 Oct 2019
They could create their own development program and pay the kids out of HS. Or the kids can go to college but once it is evident they can play, let them go. If a kid wants to try for the draft and doesn't get drafted, let them come back to college. Dont see why that is so hard. Works for baseball. And have you seen some of these kids? They dont need 3 years to develop. Fournette was physically ready after his freshman year.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
Yeah because getting a free education is the income we all dream of when we have the potential to earn more. We should all be happy to just get that, why would we want more income. I never ask for a pay raise or try to increase my earnings. I'm happy making what my employer limits me to make. Come on. Someone told you you can make millions on your likeness and a career but the one path to get that is blocked by a system that wont allow you for 3 years. You would accept that? This is not an internship, Chase Young can play in the NFL. Tua should be in the NFL. I dont care how much NCAA makes or if players should make money, if a player can go play in the NFL and make more then it should be a crime to not allow them. 3 year rule negates your pie in the sky "everyone should be happy to get a free education" trope. NCAA is robbing these kids and the states know it. Hence why they are making it a law to allow players to make money on their likeness.
Comment 03 Oct 2019
On a positive note he doesn't have to go to Wisconsin, Minnesota or any out door field guaranteed to be covered in snow late November.
Comment 21 Sep 2019
LOL, you think 35 is old. I eat 5am for breakfast and spit it out before I have to go for the bluebird special for dinner! I walk up hill both ways before my mandatory bedtime at 7:30pm after I watch wheel.
Comment 30 Aug 2019
Most of them were already known but I'm sure this is be cause they announced they were officially out due to the game is tomorrow. Not because they were withholding the info. Vincent to me is the only real surprise there. Berry didnt know about either but I didnt hear anything about Vincent having an injury. Not even a rumor. Wanted to see him play.
Comment 23 Aug 2019
Silverman was awesome! His hype videos made the season practically start early August instead of game one. We would see amazing plays by Michael Thomas in 2014 that made us know he was going to be a stud. I so miss Sammy!
Comment 23 Aug 2019
I wasn't expecting everything in one article. I'm more talking about total coverage all fall. When Urban first came on board in 2012, every fall camp we had highlight videos and posts about players looking good on the field. Who to watch out for because they were making plays during practice. Dontre Wilson became a big story because every practice he was electric. We knew about Zeke being a gem before any games because we saw what he could do in practices. It just has changed alot last few years.
Comment 23 Aug 2019
When we thought we were going to get info on a practice I thought it would have been actually info on plays and how they look on the field. Not just a depth chart. This is pretty disappointing. I miss the times when we got actual plays discussed and even some videos. I miss the camp videos and hype videos we used to have only just a few years ago. Why the change?
Comment 22 Aug 2019
I might be wrong but SEC teams tend to stop using that 3rd back during their tougher games unless there is an injury issue. They times they do insert that 3rd back is when they play those crappy OOC teams they like to play. Now bama isnt like others, they legitimately have 3 starting caliber RBs and use them because there truly is no difference. I'm good with rotating our 4-6 stud WR right now and getting Wilson, Gill and others involved in passes. OSU tends to do that more than most and it seems to be effective when the talent is there.