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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching OSU beats the Hurricanes in the NC game while being surrounded by a bunch of Miami fans. I lived in Jacksonville, FL at the time. It was sweet!
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Comment 08 Apr 2020
I say if Washington chooses not to draft Young, they better trade down instead of drafting Okudah. Not that Okudah wouldnt be worth it, but if they trade to Miami for #5 and more picks Okudah would be there. It would very likely go Burrow, Tua, Young, OT/Simmons, Okudah. But I think they get Young. SF proved a dominant DL would carry a defense.
Comment 07 Apr 2020
This is not a good article and really puts a stretch on the comparisons, But you know you wrote this just so you could compare that team up north to Joe Exotic! And for that, it was worth the read. LOL
Comment 06 Apr 2020
Wouldnt the broadcast channel with tv rights have issue with the masters going to PPV? They pay a ton of money to air this tournament and there might be a legal issue. Not to mention the lost revenue for having fans there wouldnt be offset enough as there wouldnt be that many more viewers. Those who arent already viewing the masters most likely would still not watch. Plus many who do watch but would refuse to pay for ppv, which would then get into illegal bootlegs with more lost revenue. They probably looked at all avenues and this was the best option.
Comment 05 Apr 2020
I wouldnt say top ten. Correct this team will score with Towns, Sueing, Liddell and Washington (plus Walker was really pushing on layups late last year) but there are huge questions of ball handling and defense as a whole. Losing Luther alone isnt the biggest blow to defense but throw in losing both Wessons and that is a lot of defensive stalwarts. I expect them to be good because they should be able to score but this team needs depth who can defend and play point badly.
Comment 04 Apr 2020
I would much rather see Dobbins land with a team that has a mobile QB. Recall, Dobbins didnt have a great year playing with Haskins and that might have been due to a varying amount of reasons, but when paired with a mobile QB Dobbins was amazing. I'd like to see Dobbins go to the Ravens with Lamar to be Mark Ingrams replacement. That would be a wicked backfield.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
Yeah, I'd agree there might be a reliance problem if and only if the recruiting isnt up to par. But with the last two classes coming in, there is zero concern. Now basketbucks might have some concerns. The losses of recruits (Carton, Gaffney) with the reliance on transfers (Walker, Towns, Sueing) is starting to handcuff this team.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
You are out of your mind. Ross especially wasnt as good as Kaleb. Ross had a ton of talent but he never carried the team and wasted his talent. And as much as I like Diebler, he never was the focal point of the offense nor did he have to worry about teams constantly double teaming him. I think you need to watch Kaleb again and not the team as a whole. He always had the most attention from other teams on offense and this past year the defense was awful without him.
Comment 26 Mar 2020
If Kaleb leaves, I think we should look at a transfer big man. Sure Liddell and Young could hold their own in the post, and yes we have Diallo who might develop into a 15 min player next year, but Kaleb was extremely necessary on defense vs the B1G bigs. Not just that but Andre was also called upon to fight in the post vs bigger players and he will be missed greatly on defense. With Towns, CJ, Duane and Liddell all being effective on offense, I think a big to man the middle of the defense is much more needed than a ball handler or scorer.
Comment 24 Mar 2020
Speaking as a non Bengal fan but not sure about your assessment of the RB as elite. Really good depth with talent but who in the rotation makes them elite? There are only a few elite RB in the league and I think you need one to have an elite unit (also depth). Maybe I'm being too narrow in what is elite. I dont see a lot of units across the league as elite at one position. Even my Chiefs have a superstar at QB but there is jack shit behind him. Maybe the Saints QB depth and DE for San Fran.
Comment 24 Mar 2020
I was going to say that if this went unnoticed (good luck) the NCAA could claim plausible deniability and they wouldnt have to do this, but the second they know they have to act or it opens up all sorts of issues in the future and/or past events they could be sued for. I agree with everyone its shitty but I bet someone would take advantage of this or cause litigious issues for past punishment. To be honest, just be glad he wont get a suspension for this like Chase Young did for that whole dumb situation. Saw wvbuckeyes post below. Glad they are allowing it.
Comment 13 Mar 2020
Well with H1N1 there was a vaccine that was massively distributed within a month, helping to keep that virus at bay. I worked at UofL during that time and we had cars lined up at the football stadium getting free vaccines. There isnt a known vaccine for Covid-19. That is the difference. But I do agree there is a fair amount of overreaction.
Comment 12 Mar 2020
If he was Amir Williams he wouldn't need tape!
Comment 28 Feb 2020
Still would not be better than passing on Young. You wouldnt get a first rounder high enough to equal Haskins draft position and whatever that would be isnt close enough to equal not taking Young. The big cost of taking Tua would be losing Young for the most part. Wasting draft capital by moving on from Haskins would be the cherry on top. Me personally, Skins are such a mess I wouldnt hate seeing Young and Haskins go elsewhere. Might be better for them. Sorry to skins fans.
Comment 21 Feb 2020
We know. Buctor kind of took it there on your behalf. I will say this, the "happiest country" in the world pays about 50% tax. They also trust their environment (volunteering is very high as a community) and they trust their government to spend the tax money on what is needed. US is ranked 19th mostly due to the lack of trust. So the big issue isnt how much we pay, it is we dont know where it goes and can we trust it is going to what will make our country better. Sorry, that was too political. I'll creep back into the darkness again.