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Comment 20 Apr 2019
Actually JT started it only be cause Burrow had the same first name as him, so he called Burrow John (which I believe Joe and John are used as nicknames for many kids with the name Joseph). Burrow was the one who gave Haskins the nickname of Ross and Haskins continued it with Baldwin. Not all JTs fault, he just didnt want another Joe on the team even though he preferred JT. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/college/ohio-state/Article/JT-Barretts-Ohio-State-Buckeyes-quarterback-nickname-tradition-lives-on-115233018/Amp/
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Earning what you get? You assume he isnt working as hard as he possibly can and just may (not really saying he cant) not be able to compete with a better talent. There are certain limitations in life that hard work wont overcome. Might as well Chugonov he should work harder and maybe he will be good enough to compete to start. You do think Chugonov can start with more effort right?
Comment 17 Apr 2019
You really should follow recruiting more.
Comment 03 Apr 2019
I'm more concerned about what are we going to do when the next millennium comes around. Who is going to be our QB then? Why isnt Day recruiting for 3020??!!!!
Comment 03 Apr 2019
I love that people forget that Weber DID win the starting tailback job over JK and JK was only supposed to get backup Carrie's originally, but it was when Weber started having injury issues that JK took over and yet still Weber made sure he at the very least split carried with JK. Weber is underrated absolutely and all knocks on him have nothing to do with legitimate concerns. They are all these ancillary things like the offense changing to passing oriented and being on a team with a lot of weapons. Weber cant help that no matter how good he is. Could easily say the same about the Alabama backs.
Comment 07 Mar 2019
Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt Ruckert still a redshirt freshman? I expect him to push for some PT in the two deep as well. I'm curious if there is anyone on the DL that could transition to the OL if depth is really going to be an issue on that side. Maybe someone like Cage would benefit leaving a deep position group and fight for PT on offense. Halabi did so and he has had a decent amount of time on the field vs what he would have seen on the DL.
Comment 01 Mar 2019
Not sure it matters, he would have played the same position as Jones as the DT. I dont see him starting in front of Nick and I also think if he ended up as DE with the Buckeyes it would have pushed Chase Young elsewhere. I'm good with how thinks worked out. I'd prefer to do the what if we had Dexter Lawrence from Clemson.
Comment 20 Feb 2019
With Fields skillset, I would actually love it if Day put in the little inside pitch to the crashing TE that the Chiefs used with Mahomes and Kelce. Not sure if I'm describing that play well but it was amazing with a good pass catching and running TE that I think Ruckert could be.
Comment 20 Feb 2019
I think you are recalling several years ago in 2012-2013 when there was no true HB talent and Urban was trying to use RB like Jordan Hall or pure WR like Philly in that role and they didn't have the mix. Once he started to get guys like Curtis Samuel and Parris Campbell (granted Parris had to learn how to become a better catcher), the development didnt take as long. Samuel was a perfect fit from the start as a true freshman. I think the plays that utilize a true HB should still stay in the play book and it shouldnt take a whole lot to use someone like McCall or Gill in that role this year. Especially when they play more of a spread offense and might give Dobbins a break, they can move around someone like McCall or Gill much easier than someone like Hill, who I really dont recall him doing anything out of the backfield well. Hill was better at the short crosses really, with blockers in front like McLauren and Dixon (man those guys could block).
Comment 18 Feb 2019
The Clemson game was fine starting, Buckeyes had the lead. It wasn't till after Braxton hurt his shoulder and couldn't throw in the second half that KG should have come in. Also, the Clemson game was doing fine until Philly muffed that punt. Then it all fell apart. But Kenny should have come in the second it was obvious to all Braxton couldn't throw with his shoulder. The MSU game, can't argue either way. Was a bad game all around.
Comment 24 Jan 2019
I'm partial to Mahomes but I will say I hope he isn't a flash in the pan and defensive coaches figure him out. I really want to see him play like he does with a defense that will help him instead of make things harder.
Comment 24 Jan 2019
Your answer was fired Monday. Horrible playcalling by Sutton. Also, KC did have some key injuries. Berry all season was an issue, LDT as guard and the loss of Hunt was big. He was a great player, but I am glad he is gone. I hope KC drafts a good RB early after they spend a few picks on secondary.
Comment 21 Jan 2019
Lead recruiters are assign areas. Case in point, Coombs was lead recruiter for Ohio and Michigan. He brought in great offensive players like Weber and Munford. He didn't have a huge hand in bringing DBs like Wade and Okudah, at least as the lead contact. Stud recruits the south and probably is working on some targets down there. With that said, Stud has not been a top recruiter. I'm just pointing out his recruiting area is not Ohio.