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Comment 4 hours ago
I might be wrong but SEC teams tend to stop using that 3rd back during their tougher games unless there is an injury issue. They times they do insert that 3rd back is when they play those crappy OOC teams they like to play. Now bama isnt like others, they legitimately have 3 starting caliber RBs and use them because there truly is no difference. I'm good with rotating our 4-6 stud WR right now and getting Wilson, Gill and others involved in passes. OSU tends to do that more than most and it seems to be effective when the talent is there.
Comment 16 hours ago
Would I like having a highly touted stud RB? Yes. Am I perfectly content with 4 of the top 13 WR (incluilding the best in the nation) after a season of setting all the passing records in team history in an ever changing landscaping to passing offenses? Yep! I'd prefer to have the best passing game than best running game. Let's try being really good at throwing the ball for a while.
Comment 19 Aug 2019
Actually Hill asked Day if Fields was actually coming to OSU and when confirmed he chose to stay. It was more about who would be the QB here because at that time Martell was very likely gone. Hill didnt want to catch passes from Chug or a walk on. I dont think Day confirmed Fields would start before Fields was even on the team, although a blind bat would have guessed that one.
Comment 19 Aug 2019
I think you are underestimating what fields has learned at Georgia. Not like they were running a zone read offense there with Jake Fromm. He was studying in a pro style type of offense with Kirby Smart who came from Bamas pro style. Also, Day and Urban had the same coach speak about Haskins last year and we all saw how that ended up.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
He wasn't the first and most likely wont be the last. As many have said, if losing every year for 7 years isnt enough motivation that this is what gets them riled up, then there is a systemic problem with their focus.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
Well the difference between fans on this site vs those up north is that our team does win more often than not. If you feel there is too much positive commenting and slanted talk on here, why even visit and provide pessimistic comments. Just dont comment. I'm confident we have enough hard truth on here with many posters who also like to make positive comments. I dont think there is a need for pure pessimism.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
I have no problem with the ugly truth, you just seem to have a lot to say about "the truth" yet I see little evidence of your love for the program. No excitement towards the good topics or positive stories. Just negative comment after negative comment about the problems in the program or its fanbase. Me personally, voted the most annoying fanbase on an online poll doesn't resonate with me. That has no bearing on me and my fandom. I haven't said anything on here that has been rose colored in anyway. I just prefer not to harp on the BS..all the time.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
We have plenty of evidence of what OSU did to help transfers from the players and coaches saying...OSU helped in every situation. There has also been plenty of evidence that Harbaugh, maybe not Michigan as a whole, has been divisive and unwilling to help players who dont help him with his agenda. I dont know the whole story, that is true but the I do find it funny that Harbaugh seems to have issues backing and helping kids if they dont meet his needs.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
Reading your posts, you definitely have a negative attitude about OSU and what the program does. You say we alot but you dont seem to enjoy anything about the team. Trying to help the kid lie, how about letting the kid move on and helping him without being a jackass about it. It doesn't have to be a lie as much as just move on and stop road blocking kids. And every kid that has transferred from OSU in the past two years outside of Baldwin has been approved for immediate eligibility with help from OSU. William's, Burrow, Tate, etc. Baldwin had help from OSU but NCAA changed its rules. Wasn't OSU doing what Harbaugh and UM did, not help!
Comment 13 Aug 2019
Patrick Mahomes sat one year behind Alex Smith, who KC traded to Washington and now Smith will be replaced by another stud QB who really should sit a year and hopeful gets some help for him. Mclaurin also didnt play so Haskins didnt have his safety blanket.
Comment 07 Aug 2019
This is the most bleeping ignorant comment on this site. Please share with us this "1,000 balls he's dropped" you have seen? Others have shown that your math on "one big one" is also inaccurate. BTW, some had a less than ludicrous take about Parris Cambell years back. He only broke records last year, was drafted in the second round and might be a starter as a rookie for the Colts. So...you know, players do tend to get better.
Comment 06 Aug 2019
I do agree that it should be "gaining" the stripe and not losing the black one, but I dont think starting with no stripe is correct either. The uniform calls for a stripe on the helmet. Not having it would be an incomplete uniform. The equivalent to military stripes would be the buckeye leaf's. But your point of adding instead of losing is spot on. I prefer they said he gained his red stripe.
Comment 04 Aug 2019
IDK, taking down the never defeated 4 time defending champs is pretty impressive. Elite has been the only team to win this tournament, now there will be a new champ. Hopefully it is CC.
Comment 18 Jul 2019
Talking heads refuse to acknowledge that Gainesville is a party college town that has always had trouble for players to get into. Some of the best pot is grown in that area (or was back then) and the police often looked the other way when it came to star players. FSU was a mess while the holier than thou Bowden coached there. Urban was lax on his star players but the SEC powers are all like that, LSU and Bama as well. Harbaugh is just another talking head.