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A question about the evolution of television

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April 4, 2014 at 7:44am

I LOVE Amazon .... really ... I do.  I do the Prime subscriptions and everything.  If I can buy it on Amazon I buy it on Amazon.  My wife uses the Kindle Fire HDX all the time (I don't only because I need something that can get more "work" done too).  In any event, I saw yesterday that Amazon is releasing their new TV product that allows for internet streaming of various show libraries, etc.

My question:  is this something worth buying?  Does it do enough to supplant my ridiculously expensive Time Warner Cable package?  Right now I stream Amazon Prime shows from a Blue Ray player in addition to using cable, but I wondered if I could just scrap cable altogether and go with Amazon or if this new product isn't much different than a BlueRay player with WiFi?

Thoughts anyone?  Thanks in advance.



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