Columbus is the Only Midwest City in U.S. Census List of the Top-15 Fastest Growing Cities

By D.J. Byrnes on May 24, 2018 at 8:24 pm
Columbus, Ohio is booming.

Columbus stays winning.

The city's growth last year helped maintain its position as the 14th-largest city in the nation, holding off Fort Worth, Texas for the honors.

Columbus had a growth rate of 1.8% — the fastest growth since 2000 — and added the most people of any city in Ohio with 15,429 people relocating to the Discovery City between the summers of 2016 and 2017. The census estimates the total population at 879,170.

WBUR spoke to Derek Thompson, senior editor at the Atlantic about the country's fast growing cities and what, if anything, surprised him.

“I mean there's not a lot of surprises to me at the top of the list, except for two things: You've got Seattle, which is by far the fastest-growing dense urban area in the United States,” Thompson said. 

“And then second, Columbus, Ohio, I think is going to surprise a lot of people. A lot of people don't realize that Columbus, Ohio, is secretly becoming the second Chicago of the Midwest. It has been growing really quickly for the last few years. And so those are really the two exceptions to this general rule of hot [weather] cities crowing quickly – it's Seattle, and it's Columbus.”

Thompson's insight is no surprise to anyone who's driven down High Street in the last year or found themselves wondering where all of the traffic was coming from all of a sudden.

The 15 Cities with the Largest Numeric Increase in Population (July 2016–July 2017)
Rank City State Increase 2017 Population
1 SAN ANTONIO TEXAS 24,208 1,511,946
2 PHONEIX ARIZONA 24,036 1,626,078
3 DALLAS TEXAS 18,935 1,341,075
4 FORT WORTH TEXAS 18,664 874,168
5 LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 18,643 3,999,759
6 SEATLLE WASHINGTON 17,490 724,745
8 COLUMBUS OHIO 15,429 879,170
9 FRISCO CITY TEXAS 13,470 177,286
10 ATLANTA GEORGIA 13,323 486,290
11 SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA 12,834 1,419,516
12 AUSTIN TEXAS 12,515 950,715
13 JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 11,169 892,062
14 IRVINE CITY CALIFORNIA 11,068 277,453
15 HENDERSON CITY NEVADA 10,534 302,539

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