Paterno Family: Freeh Report a "total failure"

By Chris Lauderback on February 10, 2013 at 9:17 am

The Paterno report came to 10 conclusions based on its investigation. A sampling:

•  Paterno, "based on a review of all available evidence, including discussions with attorneys representing Curley, Schultz and Spanier made no attempt to hide any information, hinder or impede any investigation or limit the number of people who were informed of" one the key incidents in the Sandusky scandal. In that 2001 incident, then-assistant coach Mike McQueary witnessed the assault of a boy in the shower by Sandusky and told Paterno about it the next day.

•  "Sandusky was an exceptionally effective manipulator and deceiver & One of the most respected child sexual victimization experts in the world has concluded that Joe Paterno, like many others, did not recognize Jerry Sandusky as a child molester after the 2001 incident."

From family attorney Wick Sollers:

"Mr. Freeh irresponsibly blamed Joe Paterno in this scandal, and violated the most basic notions of due process by offering a flawed, one-sided viewpoint without affording any meaningful opportunity for Joe Paterno, his representatives, or any neutral third party to sanity check Mr. Freeh's opinions before he announced them as proven at a national press conference," Sollers writes in the report. "Mr. Freeh generated a rapid domino effect of negative coverage that permanently, immediately and unfairly tainted perceptions of Joe Paterno by the media, the Penn State community, the NCAA and the public."

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