Wow, This Guy Really Hates Alabama

By D.J. Byrnes on October 9, 2013 at 5:25 pm
War Damn Eagle!

There are takedowns, and then there's what the Never Yield Foundation did to Alabama.

'Bama having the whole "cheating" thing down to a science is rather assumed outside of Tuscaloosa. It's not like it's the only program cheating — it's not — but it's definitely reaped the most rewards. Some of it could be attributed to Nick Saban's (probable) deal with Satan, but there's probably some "extra-curricular activities" that largely go unnoticed/unchronicled.

Until now.

It's quite the #longread, and it's coming from an Auburn site (a "control-F" of "Cam Newton" yielded one result: a story tag outside the article), but... yeah. Alabama is probably cheating.

Here's just a glimpse:

Start at the top of the cabal.

The connection between Alabama head coach Nick Saban and NCAA President Mark Emmert is clear and rife with questions. Is it possible that their chummy relationship, and the presence of an Alabama grad at the head of the enforcement staff, causes the NCAA to look the other way?

Emmert was chancellor at LSU when Saban was hired there and the two are considered “good friends.”

In April of 2013, USA Today unearthed systemic academic fraud that occurred on Saban’s watch.  In the same story, Emmert was also tied to scandals at Uconn, Washington and Montana State, other schools he served prior to taking over the NCAA.

Reminder: Alabama is off NCAA probation, but still within the window of "repeat offender" status. They seem to be toeing the line quite effectively though.

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