11W Digest: August 11-17

By Corey Carpenter on August 17, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Your Friday 11W Digest catches you up on the content you might have missed or need to read again for your own good.

This Week in Skull Sessions

  • Saturday: The Buckeyes move their afternoon practice session, Devan Bogard loses his black stripe, CollegeFootballNews.com ranks the 20 toughest stadiums, Ryan Damn Shazier added 25 pounds, Tim May highlights changes in Tressel camp vs. Meyer camp and CBS Sports previews the 2012 Buckeyes. (Jeff)
  • Sunday: A losing season hurts revenue in merchandise sales, the black helmet stripes replace hazing for Urban and John Calipari is a cheater and his fellow coaches know it. (David)
  • Monday: Notes coming out of camp from Sunday's media day, Steve Spurrier on the evolution of college football, Jim Mora inserts foot into mouth, UM players drop the beat and the Honey Badger don't play on TV. (Jason)
  • Tuesday: Pryor gets his first extended NFL action, Denard vs. Usian Bolt, Stewart Mandel's comparative study of the past six BCS winners and debating Ohio State's possible two QB package. (Chad)
  • Wednesday: A Nathan Williams update, Reid Fragel gets advice from his grandfather, examining Jim Delany's role in the playoff discussion, Mike Brewster continues to fight for a Jaguar roster spot and Bob Baptist pieces together the OSU hoops schedule thus far. (Sarah)
  • Thursday: Breaking down ESPN's All-Access, UCF's dance with the devil, the best RBs in the five years of the BTN and the great comeback of Nevada WR Brandon Wimberly. (Chris)
  • Friday: The last day of two-a-days, Storm Klein was denied the dismissal of his criminal charges, Boom gets some PT with the Bengals last night, best case/worst case for UM this year and Montee's big adventure. (Johnny)
Last day of two-adays means two weeks left til kickoff.Last day of two-a-days means kickoff is just two weeks away.

This Week in Editorials

This Week in Recruiting

Best of the Rest

THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP for the WEEK of AUGUST 11-17, 2012: scUM - Alabama, by FACTOR11. With this game just two weeks away, the hype has begun and the debate rages on.