Penn State's Accreditation in Jeopardy

By Ramzy Nasrallah on August 13, 2012 at 9:31p

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Wow, that is huge. Not sure they can do much to Penn St considering they're concerned with the academic side of things, but I also thought the NCAA would have nothing to do with the Sandusky mess. This would pretty much relugate PSU degrees to rubbish.

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The stink keeps getting worse in PA if this is true. This is per BSD, albeit from The Daily Mail in the UK who sources Radar Online: Lolz, how does I journalism?  I hate this whole sick saga. Can we swap out PSU for Louisville? They seem to be on the up in CFB and are good at hoopety-ball. How are their academics? ND is too busy  basking in their own flatulence to entertain such a notion.  

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I'd be down for UofL.  I know they aren't academically what the B1G is looking for, but it's not as if they are a horrible school either. A kind of dark horse team, for me would be Georgia Tech.  I know they are the 2nd most popular team in their own city, but it would get the BTN in Atlanta and crack that market, plus give a nice foot in the door for recruiting in talent rich Georgia. 

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I like that idea too. Always kind of liked GT, my aunt had a administrative role there many moons ago and really liked it (she's a tOSU grad). Plus, adding more Engineering student body is a total a B1G thing to do. And that market. Okay, yeah, good idea.  

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The implications are huge...........But i think this is way overblown. Its stated in the article that a letter wouldn't be issued unless the committee believed that it was likely that PennState could take care of business.

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I think we should have went after Pitt or Syracuse. Go with tradition.  Pitt would need a stadium on campus. Both solid in hoops.  I know many on here don't want Notre Dame, but they already play Meatchicken, Sparty and Purdue every year, they can still keep their annual ass beating from USC on the schedule. I would love to beat them every year just so we can laugh at their dilusional fanbase. 
I want no part in Rutgers. They have NO tradition before Ray Rice and Brian Leonard arrived... OK maybe Mike McMahon. They have a history of losing football, I don't care where they are located, they would still be a doormat team in the B1G. 
I think the ACC made a smart move in getting Cuse and Pitt. 

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I'd like Pitt if we're going regional/traditional. Now that PSU is clobbered they ought to be able to soak up more of that in-state talent. Plus the trollishness of said maneuver would make PSU so RAGE/SAD.  

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Remember when someone said Penn State had bigger things to worry abotu than NCAA sanctions?  Wow.

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This is the least of their problems. The real problem will be the Clery Act. There is a much better chance they lose all federal funding for student aid then there is that they lose their accreditation.

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Sounds like this has more to do with finances than the scandal itself.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education is requiring the university to submit a report on issues like governance and financial stability by Sept. 30.

The school is also confident it can fully cover the costs of all civil lawsuits and pending financial burdens associated with the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal using unrestricted resources and insurance and without tapping into tuition, state or philanthropic money.

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Yeah, I agree.  This has to do with how their finances stack up after the fallout.

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I thought I read somewhere (perhaps on 11W) that the insurance company is suing to not have to cover damages awarded to victims who sue PSU and win- ithat could be beeeeg bucks, and could definitely undermine the financial integrity of the school along with all the other financial issues. Yikes.

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You're right. I think their general theory is that they are there to cover screw ups, general negligence, what have you, but there is probably something in the insurance agreement that says they don't have to cover wilful and wanton misconduct. In light of the Freeh report, the cover-up could be characterized as wilful and wanton.

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Big gulps, eh?


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All right, see ya later!!

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Ruh roh Shaggy, there's trouble in Happy Valley. 

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I've always thought Louisville would make a solid B1G addition. They have a great football & basketball program, great facilites & I'd love to go there for an away game, most importantly.

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Also I'm guessing there's less of a likelihood of getting beat-up if you show up in a Buckeye's jersey at Louisville's stadium.
/Maybe BT can confirm that's the case though. Big assumption on my part.

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I have really not had much experience with football and UofL, but I have been to and sat next to or around UofL fans with Buddies that were decked out in UK gear at basketball games and wasn't hostile.  Maybe kind of like Ohio State/Michigan a lot of yelling insults and razzing, but nothing that ever made anyone fear for their safety or anything like that.
Pappa Johns Stadium isn't a giant venue, but it's a nice stadium, and I doubt that any college basketball team plays in a better arena than the YUM center in Louisville.  It would be a good addition.  I don't know that they meet the B1G academic standards, but as I said earlier, it's not like it's a horrible school either. 

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Wow!  If they do this to PS, what in the heck is the accreditation board going to do to North Carolina for giving good grades to 'student/ athelete' classes that rarely meet?  Oh wait, does the South have accreditation boards?  jk

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Louisville doesn't have Big Ten academics, FWTW. Pitt does. Syracuse kind of does.

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According to some PSU fans, for the last 9 months --- "this wasn't a football scandal".
Well, now that PSU received an accreditation warning --- "this was a football scandal, not an academic scandal". PSU fans crack me up.

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