Schutt Loses His Stripe

By Alex on August 14, 2012 at 2:11p
DT Tommy Schutt becomes the third freshman to lose his black stripe. (
Source: @BuckeyeNotes

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Good sign

vacuuming sucks

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that's three defensive players I am hoping for an offensive guy soon. Dunn would have been most likely but his legal issues may have postponed that.  What about Michael Thomas does he count since he has been here since spring?

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Way to go Tommy!

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Diggin this new tradition.   ("new tradition" is that an oxymoron?) i think it is.   so be it.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Kid is too big and athletic to not be good, way to go Tommy!


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Yeah, if nothing else, Schutt might help out on goal line packages. In addition to Hankins, the other NT-types they have are, what, C. Carter and Joel Hale? Adam Bellamy is gone, apparently. Plus, under the Marotti program it looks like Hale might be back in the 280s range?  

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I'd be suprised if Hale would get down that low..especially if he's  going to play nose tackle..he doesn't even look heavy in the 290's..especially since hes 6'4"-6'5". I could see him playing at 300-305 as a senior.


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What people should note is that the guys losing their stripes are not necessarily the guys the coaches are raving about to the media and the ones making moves up the depth charts.  Expect this trend to contiune.  It's not about being the most talented, it's about humility and hard work in becoming part of the team.

Cause I couldn't go for three

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Excellent point, @Rampage.

Class of 2008

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As a military member, it is hard to grasp the concept of losing a stripe as a good thing.

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Imagine having a cheap sticker of a stripe put on your uniform at the beginning of boot camp, that reads "Panzy.  Sally."  Once you are ready for combat, they take it off.  (No disrespect for the military, I understand that stripes are a good thing.  I'm just trying to give an example.)
It's similar to making players wear pink/purple if they got in trouble over the summer, which the LGBTQ community rallied against.  All a psychological ploy to get the players to work harder.

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I was wondering if someone could explain this stripe thing to me.

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All freshmen have black stripes on their helmets. They must "earn" their way onto the team which is signified by having the stripe removed from their helmets. Its an initiation thing that Meyer has used since his days at Bowling Green. 

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Oh okay, thanks for the clarification.