Media Day Roundup

By 11W Staff on August 12, 2012 at 7:25p
Ohio State's John Simon speaks with reporters at the team's 2012 Media Day

In less than three weeks, Ohio State will take the field in the season opener against Miami (Ohio). With the taking of the field, a new era of Buckeye football will be underway. But the focus now is crunch time of fall camp. Over the next week, Ohio State will endure 10 practices. 

It is not panic time for head coach Urban Meyer, however. He said the Buckeyes are on par with their preparation for the RedHawks. The confidence has rubbed off on the team. They enter the home stretch with an air of self-assurance. Among those anxious for the season is Ohio State's stellar freshman class.

  • Taylor Decker's strength in pass-blocking goes back to his high school days. Decker's school had a good running back, so they ran consistently. He said it's something he's working hard on improving. 
  • Decker has been working on the playbook and said he's got it down now. 
  • Despite competing against one another, Decker said he and Reid Fragel have a good relationship. 
  • Physically, Decker said he is a late bloomer. Because of that, he's been working to get stronger and gain overall strength. 
  • Decker said he has no previous experience blocking in a spread offense, but he said running the new offense is fun.
  • Decker's big brother on the team is Jack Mewhort. 
  • Johnathan Hankins believes the team has the ability to go 12-0. If not for the postseason ban, he said the Buckeyes would be a national title contender. 
Ohio State's Adolphus Washington at Ohio State's 2012 team media dayAdolphus Washington ponders destruction.
  • Like Meyer, Hankins believes Nathan Williams' return takes the defensive line to the next level. 
  • Because of the past 20 months, Hankins said Ohio State is looking to make a statement this season. 
  • Hankins said he pays no attention to the NFL draft board. His focus is on the coming season. He said defensive line coach Mike Vrabel helps keep him focused on the task at hand. 
  • Evan Spencer said Braxton Miller can be 'ridiculous' in Meyer's offense. Spencer thinks the offense is 100 percent suited to Braxton's strengths.
  • The wide receivers and Miller put in countless hours of work over the summer and Spencer sees it paying off now in fall camp. 
  • Spencer said he and Miller did a lot of film study together over the summer. 
  • Carlos Hyde prides himself on having good hands, going as far as to say that they are the best on the team. Corey Linsley said Hyde's hands are good enough to be a tight end. 
  • Linsley said Hyde worked hard on agility and juke moves during the spring and summer and is now much harder to deal with in space.
  • According to Linsley, Fragel is the starter at right tackle. Linsley said some things holding Fragel back are pass-blocking and moving too fast instead of letting his assignment develop.
  • Linsley said Decker is too good to not play. 
  • During Saturday's scrimmage, Linsley said Bri'onte Dunn had the best play with a 25-yard run that fired up the offense.
  • Linsley believes Guiton has improved so dramatically that he's not surprised to hear Meyer might put him and Miller on field together.
  • Ed Warinner is much more of a "yeller" than Jim Bollman was, Linsley said. He described Bollman as laid back. Warinner is more demonstrative in his efforts to motivate.
  • Linsley said no playmakers have emerged at wide receiver. No one has separated from the pack. 
  • Noah Spence said he is still busy learning the playbook and his assignments. He said he is seeing most of his action on passing downs.
  • Jordan Hall said he should be back by the second or third game of the season.
  • Hall is currently on week seven of a 12-week rehab plan. 

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toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Bollman and "laid back" are synonomous with walruses.

buckeyedude's picture

Yeah, but walruses are really good swimmers.



LouGroza's picture

Walruses like to lay on the rocks in warm sunshine.....As opposed to getting on someone for improperly blocking someone.

MJB15's picture

"Adolphus Washington ponders destruction." Lolz

buckeye76BHop's picture

Like everything I heard besides what Linsley said about the WRs...I hope Smith and/or Brown can be that "playmaker" on offense (I'm not going to say the you know who role until Hall comes back).  Thomas should be a good deep threat with consistently good hands this year for Miller to rely on...hopefully.  

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avail31678's picture

Agreed need a playmaker...but I don't know if I'd go so far yet as to think Thomas could be a deep threat.  Has he shown breakaway speed yet (I'm actually asking)?  I recall from the spring game that YES he has good hands, but my recollection is that the vast majority of his catches were 5-10 yarders.  I'm in no way trying to shoot down your point - in fact I LOVE Thomas so far.  But I'm not sure I've heard or seen anything to indicate deep threat (yet).  Thoughts?

Buckeyejason's picture

Yes, Thomas is primarily a possession receiver right now. He's  not really a burner that will beat you down field like Corey Brown or Devin Smith..He'll still be very effective though.


Silverbuck8's picture

The offense during spring was designed to not throw deep, so we really cant base what Thomas is capable of until the entire playbook is implemented.

Buckeyejason's picture

I'm strictly going  by the scouting  report on him. Not saying he can't be a deep ball guy down the road..but as of now I've heard that's  not his game yet.


Crimson's picture

Is that first bullet right?  I seem to be confused.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

You are correct - that first bullet point is incorrectly written.

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Buckeyejason's picture

I don't see the big need for extreme "playmakers"..I mean isn't this offense predicated on short passes and a lot of running? I think Brown, Spencer and Smith wi be just fine this season and even better in 2013. 


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11-Dub watermarks for the win.

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The pic of Simon strikes fear in me....and he is not looking to take my head off. Imagine what other O-lines are thinking.

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According to national geographic, walruses don't mind their right tackles false starting.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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False start number 76, 5 yard penalty........ :)

Crimson's picture

For all of you OSU and Cleveland Browns fans,
1) you might want to reconsider, and
2) I'm very sorry.  I hope he doesn't see the field, or the 53 man roster.