11W Digest: July 7-July 13

By Corey Carpenter on July 13, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Your Friday 11W Digest catches you up on the content you might have missed or need to read again for your own good.

This Week in Skull Sessions

  • Saturday on Stormy Weather, UFM is warming up to the new playoffs, take Urban on your vacation, the up and down pro career of Troy Smith and will Meyer turn OSU QBs into good pros? (Jeff)
  • Sunday on Aaron Craft is indispensable, more from Ohio Hoops Classic, The Openings rumor mill, along with Mike and Mickey Mitchell could be a package deal. (David)
  • Monday on results from The Opening, the Freeh Group results are almost here, GO BUY LINDY'S OHIO STATE PREVIEW MAGAZINE and winning football games equals more money for schools. (Jason)
  • Tuesday on Sullinger doing work in the summer league, watch lists are coming out, ranking the 2012 B1G games, Big Ten on the world stage and where in the world is Jim Heacock? (Danny)
  • Wednesday on more watch lists, Phil Steele's projected stats for the five major conferences, the outlook is still rosy for OSU in 2012, desirable B1G coaching jobs, hoops projections from KenPom.com and the difficulty for women in sports journalism. (Sarah)
  • Thursday on the ESPYs, the Freeh Report drops today, a reminder about the 11W survey, road trips to Minnesota just got cooler, hoop coaches like the new summer rules and the Tip-Off Marathon lineup. (Chris)
  • Friday on a deeper look at the Freeh Report, the year of HankinSimon and a look at the top 12 newcomers for the 2012 B1G season, . (Jeff)
Chris Gamble, the last two way player for Ohio State.
Seven more weeks until we can celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this.

This Week in Editorials

This Week in Recruiting

Best of the Rest

The people's champ for the week of July 7-13, 2012: Thoughts on Michigan vs. Alabama, by RICKB25, a week one dilemma creates differing opinions.