Ohio State Confirms Klein Arrest; Klein Posts Bond

By 11W Staff on July 7, 2012 at 10:31a

Ohio State has confirmed the arrest of senior linebacker Storm Klein for domestic violence and assault releasing the following statement to Eleven Warriors this morning:

"We are aware of the situation and I can confirm the identity. We are in the process of gathering more information. At this point we won’t have further comment until after we know and understand all the details."

Meanwhile, Klein pleaded not guilty and was ordered to stay away from the unnamed complainant as a condition of bond. He was also was ordered not to consume alcohol/drugs, possess a firearm, no acts of violence while out on bond.

More as this develops.


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Annnnnnnd, /career. 

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Here we go again.
It never ends. Meyer is going to have to get tough before he loses control of the situation.  



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Looks bad for him, though let the trial process play out first before we fans should make any judgments about keeping him or kicking him off the team. Meyer again will have to lay down the law to his team to make them behave right. I'm sick and tired of reading the police blotter and finding OSU football players on it.

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Uff - I'm guessing if this turns out to be true - you're football career at OSU is done!

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I'm just trying to see what Meyer could've done to prevent this from happening? I hate when the coach is being blamed for the stupid choices some of his players are making, not to mention these are players Meyer didn't recruit. A HC can only do so much.

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I agree.  I believe UFM did "lay down the law" with Stoney and Mewhort.  If Storm didn't get the message that's on him.  I don't believe for a second that these recent incidents wouldn't have happened if JT was still HC or under any coach for that matter. 

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Who's blaming Meyer??

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Actually very few people at the moment. I was over on mgoblog, and they seem to be unexpectedly rational about the whole ordeal, likening it to their own players' legal troubles this year. This is encouraging.

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Right? I mean, they're not even allowed to have contact with the players right now, are they?

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Especially in areas of Domestic Relationships, I doubt seriously that Storm had Urban Meyer or football on his mind at all when confronted with whatever caused his situation to escalate. It doesn't matter how tough someone is on you. The passion felt in those situations will trump better judgment every time. The key is not to let yourself be pulled from the human cortex where cognitive thought occurs, into the lower levels of the brain where human emotion operate.

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Here's the deal...It has nothing to do with Urban Meyer or Ohio State football when it comes down to who is to blame.  The fact of the matter is that this isn't a kid, this is a man.  He's not a fresmen or sophmore.  He has watched his share of his team mates and coaches make bad decisions and should know the difference between a good or bad decision that will affect his football career and his life.  Is he guilty?  Time and evidence will tell.  Is UFM or OSU football to blame?  Hell no.  I'm tired of everyone looking for blame inside of the program everytime something like this happens at any school not just OSU.  All UFM and any coach can do is tell their players look...there are consequences for your actions so think before you do something stupid or put your future at risk.  My parents always told me that whenever they weren't around and I was thinking of doing anything....ask myself one question...would this upset my parents.  If the answer was no...or maybe...then don't do it.  The bank is not always worth the risk!(guess the movie!)

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Gray box of FAIL.

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^^^^Agreed Bucksfan...was hoping for recruiting commit(s) but saw this...yuck!
It's not Meyer's fault for off the field stuff so far...it's the choices these guys are making.  I agree with Pam, it would have happened under Tress or anyone.  If what's happened to the other 2 players with off the field issues and another 1 who left before getting the same treatment is any indication.  I'd say Storm is done.  Mewhort and Stoney got LUCKY they're going to be pretty integral pieces to what Meyer wants to do this year.  Otherwise...they'd be gone too. 

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While what they did was dumb (Stoneburner/Mewhort) regardless of their worth to the team wouldn't warrant dismissal from the team. 

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I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would boot someone from the team for a public urination. Pulling their schollies and making them pay for school for a quarter is like the NCAA equivalent to fining someone for "conduct detrimental to the team" and I'd say that's about all it needs.

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Storm is done.  Mewhort and Stoney got LUCKY they're going to be pretty integral pieces to what Meyer wants to do this year.  Otherwise...they'd be gone too.

Mewhort and Stoneburner would be history regardless of being an integral part of the team if they were charged with DV and assault,; Meyer doesn't mess around. What JS and JM did is so petty it's almost laughable.

Long live the southend.

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No time to panic. 125 players, about 4-6% is the average demographic for crime. That could be up to 12 players. Yea, I know they should be held to a higher yada yada.... Throw him off the team, let him earn his way back. Any NFL team worth its salt will see him as high maintenance and low return.

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Any NFL team worth its salt won't even take a look because he never played well, and lost his starting job his senior year to an underclassman.

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Agreed, Klein would have to somehow test unbelievably well to even get a call for a tryout, he has been incredibly average at Ohio State and I do not think he would have played significant time 

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cracking up at the NFL talk.  I hope he gets his shit together, but you gotta think that the NFL isnt an option.  Dude couldnt even play in college

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And, if he's found guilty, he may not even graduate from college...

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I hope the best for the guy, but lets be honest he wasnt really much on the field. I remember Storm coming out of HS and being compared to all of the OSU greats and never lived up to any of it....

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^^^WOW^^^ This was a bit harsh! We don't even know if he did anything or not.

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This isn't necessarily a bad thing for tOSU, we get to get rid of all the underachievers that uderperformed last year. So long Storm, thanks for the, um.. um.. well there are no memories.

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Some of you might be interested in this thread at MGoBlog. In which the posts seem to be running about 2-to-1 in favor of NOT rushing to judgment on Storm Klein.  (The usual smattering of oppo-trashtalking notwithstanding.)
It isn't because we are opening up an Ann Arbor chapter of the Strom Klein/Buckeye Linebackers Fan Club; rather, it is because we just went through a domestic assault trial with redshirt sophomore Josh Furman in which the end result was a not guilty verdict by the judge (in a bench trial, which tells you something about the defense's overall confidence in their case) and an entire city scratching its collective head and wondering why there was a prosecution at all.
I have no idea what the facts may show in Storm Klein's case.  But I'd expect Coach Meyer to (1) suspend Klein from all team activities until the charges are resolved (and it is very bad timing right now, with the season approaching fast in terms of felony-trial scheduling); and (2) do NOTHING else.  It is pretty much accepted at both schools that a felony charge gets you suspended until resolved.  But Storm Klein is innocent until proven guilty just like anybody else.

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Wow, if true, he got more support on a Michigan board than he did on a Buckeye board. I am not proud of this at all fellas. I hope some of you take some accountability for your comments and learn from them. I am not pointing the finger or anything. If the shoe fits, please tie it.

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Aaaand it's official.
Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has dismissed Storm Klein from team, in reaction to LBs arrest for domestic violence/assault Dispatch learns.

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A psycho ex-girlfirend goes to his apartment looking to get him in trouble.  It worked. The girl should be in a mental hospital.  Like Dr. Phil says, every pancake has 2 sides.