11W Digest: May 5-11

By Corey Carpenter on May 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Your Friday 11W Digest catches you up on the content you might have missed or need to read again for your own good.

This Week in Skull Sessions

  • Saturday's Skull Session on Alex Anzalone, momemtum shift in The Game?, Shugarts uphill battle for a roster spot, more scandal finger pointing at PSU and Sammy Watkins caught with the sticky-icky. (Jeff)
  • Sunday's Skull Session on The Villian's huge role in Game 2, BTN's Tom Dienhart builds a staff using BIG assistants, Jalin Marshall is going to be fresh, Art Schlichter blames concussions and new PSU Trustee, Adam Taliaferro. (Chris)
  • Monday's Skull Session on the continuing Anzalone drama, Buzz Bissingeris still a dope, UM recruit Shane Morris's now famous photobomb, UK basketball and the White House, along with the introduction of Walt Keys, 11W Art Director. (Jason)
  • Tuesday's Skull  Session on Thor John Simon making the Lott IMPACT Award watch list, Fickell using last year to become a better coach and looking at NBA mick drafts. (Danny)
  • Wednesday's Skull Session on Tressel's first interview in an Akron sweatervest, more vitirol on banning college football, Will Muschamp on Urban and a Michigan Man stands up for Ohio State. (Chad)
  • Thursday's Skull Session on Florida fans staying classy, even in international waters, Chris Carter's bounties, Buck-ID > gold, Tressel on Urban, Oden on Oden and Mike Adams is now rich.  (David)
  • Friday's Skull Session on rooting for UM or 'Bama, Delaney's statement about a playoff, Sparty gets a much needed boost to their WR's and Devier Posey also speaks out. (Jeff)
A similar scene will transpire with a win over Michigan.16 Fridays until Gameday Eve.

This Week in Editorials

This Week in Recruiting

Best of the Rest

  • Buckeye baseball sweeps Northwestern to stay alive for B1G Tourney. (Kyle)
  • Middletown's Pigskin Roundball Spectacular, a front row look at one of Ohio's best fund raisers. (Johnny)
  • Stat Session: Importance of Elite Defense vs. Offense, I (Chad)
  • Charles Waugh arrested, the creeper behind the Anzalone saga violates his parole.
  • The Graduate, a profile on Ohio State's first Heisman winner, Les Horvath. (Joe)
  • OSU and Cover 4, your summer learning series continues, this time with a focus on the defense. (Ross)
  • Buckshot: Jordan Sibert decides on Dayton.
  • Buckshot: Worst Damn Fans in the Land.
  • Buckshot: Terrelle Pryor looking for a fresh start.

The people's champ for the week of May 5-11, 2012: Tressel's Legacy, by PCON258, sparks the debate that will go on for years.


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