Charles Eric Waugh Arrested

By 11W Staff on May 7, 2012 at 5:52p

It appears as if the sad saga of convicted sex offender/Buckeye motivational tweeter/old man that likes to hang with recruits Charles Eric Waugh is coming to an end as the Boyd County (KY) man was arrested for failing to meet the terms of the Kentucky Sexual Offender registry.

Troopers arrested 31-year-old Charles Eric Waugh of Ashland at the Boyd County Detention Center on one count of failure to comply with the sexual offender registry.

State Police say Probation and Parole contacted them Monday to report Waugh being non-compliant with the terms of the Sexual Offender Registry. More specifically, Waugh allegedly failed to disclose to Probation and Parole the Internet communication name identities he was utilizing. Troopers say Waugh had Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts under an alias name.

Mugshot linked below.



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Have been waiting for this news. Assumed it would be coming and glad it has. Putting my Buckeyes aside, regardless of a team or situation ... good to see this. Was a clear violation on multiple fronts and the DA will have no problem whatsoever with evidence.

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So freaking glad I helped tip this off. Never knew he was a sex offender, just thought it could be a compliance issue. Glad to get another creep off the streets (and Twitterverse ;))

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All that I can say is that I am extremely proud of, and honored to be part of Buckeye Nation. A job well done to all of those who pointed out this creep to OSU compliance, and my hats off to OSU compliance for handling the situation the way they did, which was fast and effective.

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PSU would've made him a paid intern

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surprised he was arrested for failure to inform them of the web based alias and not the fact that he was obviously in contact with underage kids. I would have thought that would have been violation #1! Send him to Siberia!

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Grey box heart attack #37

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Who knew when ramzy and other alerted compliance about his behavior on twitter they were not only doing the university a favor, they were doing on even bigger favor to society. To thos who had a hand in bringing down this obviously sick individual I say thank you. Who knows how much farther it could have gone?

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I'm not big on celebrating or being happy in the downfall, arrest (or death, in other cases), etc. etc., but instead see it as a sad necessity in cases like this.

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Keeping a pedophile off the streets is a sad necessity?  Wut?

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I think he means kind of like loiyas(lawyers). Sad. But necessary.



JakeBuckeye's picture

Yeah, I don't know about you, but its pretty damn sad that he had to be arrested. In other words, its pretty damn sad that people commit crimes like this.
I'm just not exactly fond of the celebrating we (at least a good 70-80%) as people of this world do when criminals or enemies are arrested/killed/whatever. Its just gives me a very bad feeling in my stomach whenever I see something like that going on. Obviously, justice should be sought after in this world, but it shouldn't be celebrated because honestly justice shouldn't be neccessary if we all acted the way we should.

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In a perfect world, we wouldn't need justice, but we don't live in a perfect world (obviously).  I was also happy to see this news about this creep's arrest.  Good on those who were proactive about reporting him!

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"celebrating or being happy" is the part you missed I think.  Nothing wrong with what went down but celebrating the situation?  I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, just helping you interpret the written word.

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toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Glad to see he's in police custody. I hope they took away his cell phone, computer, etc., so he won't communicate to any of OSU's athletes any more. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Anzalone,you can come back now !

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This douche cost us an awesome recruit. Hope he gets butt raped in jail.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

This is what he should have received as punishment

Steve Earle Bruce Springsteen's picture

Prepare to be bitched at for OMG spoilers. For those who haven't seen the movie: nothing is spoiled in this scene, other than Loki getting his ass kicked. 

The North remembers.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Edit button isn't showing up so I couldn't remove it anyhow.

JozyMozy's picture

You can't even tell who's on the recieving end of that monser beatdown unless you've seen the movie. Jerk. 

703Buckeye's picture

I haven't seen the movie, but can tell that it's Loki getting whipped.

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johnblairgobucks's picture

if you had to rate Avengers 1-10, 10 being the best, what would you give it?

Steve Earle Bruce Springsteen's picture

As someone who doesn't read comic books or particularly like comic book movies (outside of Nolan's Batman stuff), I'd still rate it at least a 9 or something. The first 30 minutes drag. A lot of  "WE NEED TO RECALIBRATE THE QUANTUM GOOGOLPLEX TESSERACT TO SAVE THE EARTH" expository garbage. Then it gets really, really good. 

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Jeremy91's picture

I'd give it a 12

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johnblairgobucks's picture

Robert Downey Jr.  has played an an awesome Tony Stark.  Pretty excited to go to the theater and watch it. 

Brutus's picture

Yep, 12. I haven't particularly liked the individual Avenger hero movies. Iron Man was good and I liked Thor better. Iron Man 2 was not so good, Captain America less so, and both Hulk movies were nearly unwatchable in my opinion. But holy hell, the Avengers was a home run. The Hulk stole every scene he was in, even as Bruce Banner. Go see this movie.

flipbuckeye's picture

6.5 carried by Hulk and Ironman. The entire first half was slow and dull, especially towards the middle.
Also, wow. Spoiler much.

Jdadams01's picture

It was good as they possibly could have made it. Humor throughout, entertaining action scenes, and very good acting (for a super hero movie).

Bucks43201's picture

arrested for what....being awesome ?

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If a sexual predator violating his parole is your defenition of "being awesome", then sure

Poison nuts's picture

It's a line from a movie... Still, I don't see how even as a joke it's relevant here.

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@Poison Nuts .... you got it!
It's from the movie the Break-Up, (w/ Vince Vaughn):

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Wheeeew, Now Sal Anzalone will be able to sleep better!!