Eleven Dubcast: All Good Things...

By Johnny Ginter on March 28, 2012 at 1:00 pm
Data's countin cards, Troi is readin minds, but Riker never loses

"So, five-card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit."

Today Luke and Johhny tackle the upcoming Final Four game against Kansas with the amazing Steve Fetch from RockChalkTalk.com, but we also have some other business to address.

It's been a weird, awesome, hilarious year and half, which unfortunately is coming to an end as Luke Zimmermann is moving on from Eleven Warriors to his next epic hustle in life. Luke and I started this podcast with the intention of becoming award-winning superstars, loved by the old and young alike and invited to the most exclusive line dancing clubs Columbus has to offer.

We never really did make it past the bouncers, and I'm still an O and a T away from my EGOT, but who cares? I've even more fun doing this thing with Luke than I ever thought I would back in December of 2010. Along the way we've interviewed guys like Mo Clarett, Doug "The Thug" Lesmerises, Ken Gordon, Jim Jackson, and a ton of other writers, bloggers, and players that otherwise I know I never would've gotten the chance to speak to if it weren't for the Dubcast.

And Luke made it happen. By recording, editing, getting guests, and generally being way more witty and informative than me, he pretty much made the Eleven Dubcast what it is today: an occasionally listened-to slice of kickass. Rest assured, the Dubcast will continue on, but it won't be quite the same. Luke's got a great farewell blog post you should definitely check out (especially all you long-time readers), and it's a pretty classy way for him to peace out.

So, from myself and everyone else who listened and read his excellent writing over the years, thanks man, and happy trails.

The rundown:

  • 0:21- Luke and I talk about Ohio State and the Final Four, potential matchups, and despite our bests efforts find ourselves taking a hard look at UK, the prohibitive favorite at this point. They're just so dreamy!
  • 15:06- Steve comes on to talk Kansas shooty hoops; we discover that he's about as confident in their ability to score points as we sometimes are with OSU's ability to coax William Buford out from his burrow, that Jayhawk fans unconsciously associate largesse with success (who doesn't?!), and that Jeff Withey could give Sully fits, given the right day and temperament.
  • 29:54- We go into flashback mode, and talk about the origins of the Dubcast. Later, I ask Luke about some of his personal favorite things that the Dubcast hath wrought, and we wrap up the Zimmermann dynasty with some good ol' fashioned pats on the back.
  • 56:01- REAL TALK

This week's music was Rudie Can't Fail by the Clash, Mary Had A Little Lamb by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I'm Bound To Pack It Up by The White Stripes. A little on the nose, but it works.

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