Catching Up With TJ Logan

By Jeremy Birmingham on January 30, 2012 at 9:00 pm
You score 38 touchdowns in one season and you'd be tired, too.

When you think of Urban Meyer's offense, what do you think about? 

Ok, what do you think about besides Tim Tebow and jump passes and 41-14?

If you're anything like me (and by that I mean in your recollections, not anything else, because let's be honest, no one is like me, anywhere.) you think of Jeff Demps, Percy Harvin or Chris Rainey. Some little dude with serious quicks who is significantly stronger than he should be, and remarkably quicker than any of the guys on your favorite team.

In the brief time that Urban Meyer has had to recruit for 2012, he's focused primarily on the defensive side of the ball, with the occasional respite from all-world defensive linemen to nab an ex-Penn State commit or something. One area he has been unsuccessful securing a verbal from (in the 2012 class, anyway) is the game-changing, play-making running back/slot receiver.

During the Buckeyes' junior day this past weekend, one player who fits that bill made his way to Columbus from Greensboro, North Carolina, his name is TJ Logan and he's one of the most explosive and productive players on the Atlantic coast. I got the chance to talk to TJ upon his return home and got to know a bit about what makes him tick on the football field. While he doesn't yet sport an Ohio State offer, this is one athlete that Buckeyes will be tracking throughout the coming months, and so will we.

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You just won your second consecutive state title, you scored 38 times as a junior and had almost 3000 yards from scrimmage, what is left for you and your high school team to do? How do you get better going into your senior year?

To improve on that we’re going to have to continue to be a good defensive team so that our offense can get on the field. For my (senior) year to be a success? We have to get another ring, it’s the only right way to go out.

What are your current measurables?

My height is 5’9” and my weight is 170. My 40 time is a 4.3

How is recruiting going for you personally? Are you enjoying the process so far? How many current offers do you hold and which teams are you feeling the most right now? Any schools you want to hear from?

Recruiting has been going good for me, and I enjoy it a lot. Right now I have five schools, but South Carolina is a school I’ve been interested in.  I am good with hearing from just the schools I am hearing from.

How was your trip to Ohio to visit the campus at Ohio State? Are the Buckeyes on your list?

That was my first time going to Ohio, and I will be communicating with them more. After what I have seen today (yesterday) I am interested.

Where they on your list before Urban Meyer took over as the head man at OSU, or did you have a pre-existing relationship with Coach Withers?

It was after he took over at Ohio State, and no (Withers) was not recruiting me.

What was your lasting impression of seeing things there? The staff, the facilities, the players? Certainly it wasn’t the weather…

Hahaha, just seeing how they would push their players to be the best was the thing that I liked to see.

Those guys are intense, huh?

Yes! But I think that’s what I need.

Will Ohio State be considered for one of your five offical visits?

I really don’t know yet, but as soon as I find out I will let you know.

How are your grades? Do you know what you want to major in when you get to school?

My grades are good, but there’s always room for improvement. I have no clue about my major yet.

When do you hope to make your decision on a school? What is the most important factor in your choice?

I don’t know yet, I want to wait it out and view all my options. The most important factor is a place where we could contend for a national championship.

Anything you want Buckeye fans to know about you?

Tell them that I LOVE to score touchdowns!

I really enjoyed the chance to talk with TJ. He's a great kid and obviously talented as you'll see by watching his sophomore year highlight tape.


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